~Actual Date: March 25, 2004~
~Actual Day: 74/89~

~Balboa - Day 33~

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CuJoe34: congrats again yosh
YoshMan4: thank you
ecukid1983: u did very well yosh
ecukid1983: i have an ulcer does anyone know how to get rid of them
YoshMan4: no idea
CuJoe34: no sorry
CuJoe34: maybe malanta, cause my doctor says it
ecukid1983: thats for heartburn right
CuJoe34: i don't know maybe
ecukid1983: we got 20 minutes before the chat is over w/
CuJoe34: so yeah
YoshMan4: me need to study but dont want too
BuffyBoy83: i kno the feeling
BuffyBoy83: lol
Clearwater88: me need to do 6 hours of math
Clearwater88: but me no want 2
YoshMan4: wow
YoshMan4: thats a lot
CuJoe34: 6 hours?
CuJoe34: thats crazy
Clearwater88: yup
Clearwater88: i did 3 hours 2 days ago
CuJoe34: have fun with that
Clearwater88: 6 more todai
Clearwater88: AIAIA
YoshMan4: wow
YoshMan4: i could never do that
Clearwater88: I can't either
Clearwater88: my freinds won't even sell me the anwsers:/
ecukid1983: the anwers for what clear
Clearwater88: 8 humougous math problems
ecukid1983: oh wow
Clearwater88: of like........... parabolas?
Clearwater88: but like complex w00
Clearwater88: lol
YoshMan4: parabolas fun times
ecukid1983: oh ok im confused
ecukid1983: lol
Clearwater88: the only thing i hate is completing the scare.
Clearwater88: square*
YoshMan4: oh thats not that bad you half the b and square it!
CuJoe34: so....
BuffyBoy83: quiet room
BuffyBoy83: lol
Clearwater88: so..
Clearwater88: lol
YoshMan4: lol
Clearwater88: 7:55
YoshMan4: im tired
ecukid1983: i forgot i was still in here
ecukid1983: lol
YoshMan4: lol hi
Clearwater88: lol
ecukid1983: 5 mo minutes
Clearwater88: welcome bracket
Clearwater88 has left the room.
YoshMan4: bracket []
BuffyBoy83: wow clear ran out
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: theres like no survivor today cause it was yesterday right
ecukid1983: was it
ecukid1983: i didnt know

YoshMan4: im thinkin maybe ecu though i dunno though
CuJoe34: ecu?
CuJoe34: why ecu?
YoshMan4: elec and clear prefer ecu this week
CuJoe34: i don't know if i can vote out ecu
CuJoe34: why do you want him to go?
CuJoe34: he sucks at challanges
YoshMan4: thats true hmm im not sure now
CuJoe34: well think about it
YoshMan4: i will
CuJoe34: does clear really not trust me?
CuJoe34: im really dissapointed
YoshMan4: about what?
CuJoe34: how you guys suddenly have no interest in my opinion
YoshMan4: who said i have no interest at all in your opinion?
CuJoe34: not you really
CuJoe34: its more clear, he suddenly thinks that im going to turn on you guys
YoshMan4: oh okay
YoshMan4: oh i dunno why im confused now
CuJoe34: thats why he wants to vote ecu, cause he apparently doesn't trust me
CuJoe34: it just hurts
CuJoe34: i mean, i gave up alot to side with you guys and this is how im treated
YoshMan4: oh i know but last week he did too but we voted case
CuJoe34: he gave up alot?
CuJoe34: i could have coasted easily to the final 5
CuJoe34: without doing anything
CuJoe34: but i gave you guys a chance cause i like you, personally i think i gave up more
YoshMan4: i know i know i udnerstand this i do
CuJoe34: i just don't understand it
CuJoe34: why would you not trust me, i gave up an easy chance to the finals for you
CuJoe34: what else do you want
YoshMan4: ecu and clear want me to vote ecu so thats 2 people so i dunno
CuJoe34: remember what i said when we first agreed?
CuJoe34: that ecu would go last
YoshMan4: yes i do but that order didnt go as planned already though
CuJoe34: cause buffy won immunity
CuJoe34: so now we get rid of him as planned
CuJoe34: this really pisses me off
YoshMan4: yes i know true
CuJoe34: i feel so cheated
YoshMan4: if i voted buffy nothing would happen it would be only 2 votes though
CuJoe34: i can get ecu to vote for buffy
CuJoe34: easily
CuJoe34: do you want someone in this game who will lie and manipulate?
CuJoe34: get elec to vote for buffy
CuJoe34: he'll listen
YoshMan4: i dont know i dont want buffy to win i dont think he will win though
CuJoe34: does he have a chance?
CuJoe34: no one would vote for buffy in the end
CuJoe34: yosh i trust you
CuJoe34: please, do this for me
CuJoe34: i gave you a chance in this game
CuJoe34: if it wasn't for me you would have been gone two weeks ago
YoshMan4: i dont know i know buffy wont make it, ifi voted ecu id vote buffy next week
CuJoe34: why can't it be the other way around?
CuJoe34: i don't see why it isn't better to eliminate the threat first
CuJoe34: he won immunity last week, who knows if he will next
CuJoe34: you know what the smart thing is
CuJoe34: clear votes by his heart, not his brain
YoshMan4: yeah i see the logic in that idea i do which is making me wonder what to do
CuJoe34: talk to elec
CuJoe34: clear wants ecu gone
CuJoe34: ecu himself is the least threatening
CuJoe34: so you have a choice
CuJoe34: vote against the person the 30 sp and sucks at challanges
CuJoe34: or the person who will do anything to win
CuJoe34: your call
YoshMan4: yeah i know i know
CuJoe34: so whats it going to be?
CuJoe34: does what i did for you mean enough to do one small favor?
CuJoe34: or is that it, i was just a way for you to get farther
CuJoe34: cause thats what i feel like right now
YoshMan4: no you werent just a way for me to get farther, i consider you a friend and it wasnt for me to get farther, that wasnt my intent and still isnt it
CuJoe34: then whats it going to be?
CuJoe34: you have the power to take out one of the biggest threats in this game
CuJoe34: or take out the smallest
YoshMan4: yes but i dont think buffy is that big of threat, he won immunity once yes, but everyone has won something before though
CuJoe34: so do what clear wants you to
CuJoe34: just follow his lead
CuJoe34: but i have no respect for that
YoshMan4: yeah i know thats what it looks liek and i know your pissed off at me
CuJoe34: and even though i really like you a s a preson
CuJoe34: i can't agree with that
CuJoe34: im so dissapointed in you right now, you wouldn't believe it
YoshMan4: i am sorry that you cant agree with it and i understand why oyou wouldnt
CuJoe34: last time i ever try to help someone
CuJoe34: thanks yosh
CuJoe34: glad i could count on you
YoshMan4: i'd say sorry for doing this but that doesn't do anything i still did what i did but i do feel bad for how my actions are making you feel i know it wasnt good for what i did to you today
CuJoe34: yeah
CuJoe34: thanks
CuJoe34: but you still can change it
CuJoe34: not that you would cause apparently clear is right, cause somehow ecu is a threat
CuJoe34: and somehow im not trustworthy
CuJoe34: even though he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me
CuJoe34: do you know how that makes me feel?
CuJoe34: like ****, like you guys don't care at all
YoshMan4: no i may not be voting buffy when you want me too but i never said or do i think right now that you are untrustworthy
CuJoe34: well i can't vote for ecu
YoshMan4: i wouldnt expect you too, so don't worry whoever you vote i will have to respect bc of what i did to you
CuJoe34: it really hurts me that you are doing this to me
YoshMan4: yeah i know

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