~Actual Date: March 25, 2004~
~Actual Day: 74/89~

~Balboa - Day 33~

Clearwater88: BuffyBoy83: would u be interested in voting off cujoe?
Clearwater88: no
Clearwater88: LOL
CuJoe34: haha
Clearwater88: hes trying to stay in it still
CuJoe34: of course he is
CuJoe34: thats why we should vote him out tonight
CuJoe34: cause ecu doesn't try anything, he is just waiting to go
Clearwater88: really?
CuJoe34: yeah
Clearwater88: but..
CuJoe34: would you rather have someone who fights or just plays dead
Clearwater88: fights is interesting
Clearwater88: BuffyBoy83: but u think hes turning on u
Clearwater88: he might
Clearwater88: i trust him
Clearwater88: buffy trying hard
Clearwater88: see this is how me and yosh see it
Clearwater88: if we vote buffy tonight
Clearwater88: and you turn on us
Clearwater88: then buff has no past votes while i have 4
CuJoe34: why would i turn on you
Clearwater88: to take ecu and buffy to final 3
CuJoe34: i thought it was you, me elec?
CuJoe34: outcastz for lyfe??
Clearwater88: yeaa
Clearwater88: but theres always a chance
Clearwater88: right? I trused buffy and you to vote ecu first time and logo left and we were screwed luckily you came to us:-)
CuJoe34: that really hurts that you wouldn't trust me
Clearwater88: I do trust you
Clearwater88: I'm not voting you outtt
Clearwater88: you really want ecu 2 stay then?
CuJoe34: i'd perfer safety
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
ecukid1983 has entered the room.
ecukid1983: hi yosh
YoshMan4: hi
YoshMan4: lots of people
ecukid1983: haha yeah
YoshMan4: interesting lol
YoshMan4: cu and buffy be away
ecukid1983: yeah but they are online
ecukid1983: u know how they usually eat before they come
YoshMan4: true true lets do the IC now :-P 50/50 chances are nice
ecukid1983: haha yeah
ecukid1983: come on guy
ecukid1983: clear is here
YoshMan4: clear be here
YoshMan4: lol
ecukid1983: haha
Clearwater88 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: clearly he is here
ecukid1983: lol
Clearwater88: wow no one on
ecukid1983: hi clear
YoshMan4: am i no one ?
YoshMan4: lol
ecukid1983: they are on just away
CuJoe34 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: hi cu
CuJoe34: hey everyone
ecukid1983: hey
CuJoe34: sorry my dad wanted me to watch american idol with him again
CuJoe34: since he was in florida
YoshMan4: hm again?
YoshMan4: oooh
CuJoe34: yeah
YoshMan4: fun stuff
CuJoe34: i still love latoya
YoshMan4: latoya was awesome
ecukid1983: shes my gf
ecukid1983: lol
Clearwater88: mat left
Clearwater88: :/
YoshMan4: lol riight
YoshMan4: oh
CuJoe34: eh
Clearwater88: camile should have
CuJoe34: meatt was annoying
CuJoe34: i like camile!
YoshMan4: matt annoyed me
CuJoe34: matt*
ecukid1983: i should be the next AI
CuJoe34: he seemed fake
YoshMan4: he did
CuJoe34: so does jasmine
CuJoe34: i hate her
CuJoe34: sooooo much
YoshMan4: eh jasmines alright
YoshMan4: i dont fancy her that much
YoshMan4: but dont dislike her
CuJoe34: yeah
CuJoe34: thats why i like american idol, everyone can support who they want
YoshMan4: indeed!
YoshMan4: agree times two
CuJoe34: haha
CuJoe34: you know what i think?
YoshMan4: what
CuJoe34: ye who farts will die of gumes
YoshMan4: lol
YoshMan4: good times
Clearwater88: lol
CuJoe34: good times
YoshMan4: clear shall never live that down
CuJoe34: he better not!
YoshMan4: lol
Clearwater88: I don't even remember saying that
CuJoe34: yeah when did you say it?
CuJoe34: mr. host?
ecukid1983: i think i will just play w/ myself
YoshMan4: lol
CuJoe34: haha okay ecu
CuJoe34: thats always a good time
YoshMan4: lol
ecukid1983: haha oh yeah
CuJoe34: so anything interesting happen today?
YoshMan4: no i have two tests tomorrow i shall die on them both
YoshMan4: if that made sense
YoshMan4: lol
CuJoe34: me too
CuJoe34: i have a calc test and a genetics test
YoshMan4: they will kill us both!
CuJoe34: haha
YoshMan4: i have a calc test and chem
CuJoe34: i had nightmares about chem
YoshMan4: you should chem is frightening lol
BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
ecukid1983: yeah im not a chem person
CuJoe34: that i had to take a chem exam to graduate
CuJoe34: and i didn't remmeber anything
CuJoe34: hey buffy
BuffyBoy83: hi everyone
BuffyBoy83: sup??
YoshMan4: bloody electron configuration, frequency, wave lengthing, some huns rule, photoelectric and all this crap i dont remember
CuJoe34: is that like wave particle duality?
YoshMan4: i honestly dont know lol
ecukid1983: hi buffy
YoshMan4: i havent been paying attentioon
YoshMan4: hi
CuJoe34: haha, i went in for extra help everyday
Clearwater88: Chemistry..........
CuJoe34: cause i got none of it
BuffyBoy83: the challenge didnt start yet did it????
YoshMan4: it did
YoshMan4: its over
CuJoe34: yeah
Clearwater88: yea
Clearwater88: i won
CuJoe34: elec won
YoshMan4: yeah
CuJoe34: i mean clear did
CuJoe34: i mean the host did
YoshMan4: yep
CuJoe34: i mean, i like stuff
CuJoe34: ahh
YoshMan4: egads you found my baby
CuJoe34: ye who farts will die of gumes
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: -mother penguin
CuJoe34: so today i got beaten by an 80 year old lady at scrabble
YoshMan4: they are smart with vocab!
CuJoe34: yeah they are
CuJoe34: crazy old people
YoshMan4: no
CuJoe34: no?
CuJoe34: so?
CuJoe34: ko?
YoshMan4: i dont wanna
CuJoe34: lo?
CuJoe34: to?
YoshMan4: foe
CuJoe34: toe*?
YoshMan4: ho
YoshMan4: moe
CuJoe34: yousa
YoshMan4: sto
ecukid1983: omg
Clearwater88: You know what else rhymes with luck?:P
YoshMan4: pluck
YoshMan4: :-P
ecukid1983: duck
CuJoe34: kajunk
ecukid1983: yuck
YoshMan4: puck
YoshMan4: huck
CuJoe34: its a me mario!
YoshMan4: yay
CuJoe34: does that rhyme with luck?
YoshMan4: yes
YoshMan4: it does
CuJoe34: thats what i thought
YoshMan4: you be correct my man
CuJoe34: were jammin
Clearwater88: fart and ye shall die of gumes
CuJoe34: i hope you like jammin too
ecukid1983: i do
CuJoe34: thats the quote?
Clearwater88: i dunno
ecukid1983: it is
Clearwater88: i forgot
CuJoe34: haha me too
CuJoe34: all i remember is it had ye, fart, and gumes
ecukid1983: ok im confused ill just hush now
YoshMan4: hmmm
Clearwater88: and shall
CuJoe34: yeah
ecukid1983: buffy are u alive
YoshMan4: very pekenese ish, think big, banging on the trashcans
CuJoe34: children, children, future, future
YoshMan4: true
ecukid1983: play w/ self
YoshMan4: buffy, do you like buffy?
YoshMan4: www.tvguide.com click main article
YoshMan4: no buffy on finale
ecukid1983: yes as a matter of fact i do
ecukid1983: my feet stank
ecukid1983: lol
ecukid1983: j/k
CuJoe34: hoobastank?
ecukid1983: huh
ecukid1983: come on host
YoshMan4: music
CuJoe34: yeah lets get this started
ecukid1983: what about music
CuJoe34: i have, absolutly nothing to do
YoshMan4: of the heart
ecukid1983: aww isnt that sweet
YoshMan4: it is
ecukid1983: i have nothing to do either
YoshMan4: i have a lot
YoshMan4: studying for two tests :-P
CuJoe34: of heart?
ecukid1983: alot of homework yosh
CuJoe34: oh
CuJoe34: yeah i think i wont study for either
YoshMan4: lol
CuJoe34: who cares about school
YoshMan4: i need to as i dont understand any of it
CuJoe34: cause peeing in your pants is cool!!!
YoshMan4: it is it is
ecukid1983: yeah looks like im gonna get suspended from college again
CuJoe34: if peeing in your pants is cool, consider me miles davis
CuJoe34: whys that?
ecukid1983: cuz ive lost motivation and direction in life
ecukid1983: its a long story
Clearwater88: I'm in the mood for a story
YoshMan4: be motivated you can do anything you set your mind too, well not anything
Clearwater88: Once upon a time the end never came. The end.
YoshMan4: tell us a story papa beaver
CuJoe34: great story
ecukid1983: yeah and it doesnt seem like school is that thing either
Clearwater88: I just realized I'm a guy with an "Angel" avatar, LOL!
YoshMan4: yay
Clearwater88: on Neopets
YoshMan4: lol
Clearwater88: I just realized I'm a guy... playing Neopets?
CuJoe34: neoets?
ecukid1983: haha thats awesome i have a neopet too
CuJoe34: whats neopets?
YoshMan4: aw you play neopets lol
CuJoe34: "new pets"
CuJoe34: ?
ecukid1983: www.neopets.com
Clearwater88: I revisisted after about 9 monthes
YoshMan4: its a place that has disturbing online animals that gives me nightmares
Clearwater88: and now i r play for 2 days
YoshMan4: but thats just me
CuJoe34: you play with them?
CuJoe34: how?
ecukid1983: yeah i try to stop playing but i keep going back
YoshMan4: i dunno
YoshMan4: i never had one
YoshMan4: it confused me
ecukid1983: haha yosh im sorry
CuJoe34: how do you play with it?
CuJoe34: ecu you can tell us alot about playing with stuff

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