~ReidGre's Last Words~

The vote doesn't surprise me. I solicited it. I told the group that I felt that my job was done and I learned what I wanted to know about myself. I enjoyed being with all of these people very much and all of them respected my wishes. I am happy to be voted out and I think they needed for me to be gone. If I stayed any longer, I'd be bringing them down in terms of morale. to host: Ummm... My name is Greg. Please call me Greg or Mr Reid, but not Reid. thanks. The game wasn't bad, but it wasn't my cup of tea. I felt like all of the challenges were like 80-90% based on speed, and went to the people with high-speed internet. To me, it seemed like there was little point in my participation. But I understand why you run your game that way, and I know it isn't easy running a game or trying to please everyone. Also, I knew I was going to be incredibly busy this week and next week. I barely managed to give you these final words. I knew that I'd miss the meetings this week, and so I figured it would be better for the tribe if they voted me out -- that in combination with the matter that I wasn't completely enjoying the game.

Name Voted For: Comment
Clearwater88 ReidGre Hi viewers, love ya;) I am voting reidgre, I don't want to do this, I really hate voting anyone... but Reid wanted to go so I guess he won't care I'm voting him, this TC was easy but the next 1 is going to be stressful..... sorry Reid, I wish you could have wanted to play the game longer:/
JUAirborne13 ReidGre Reid you said to vote you and here is your wish for you to leave the game. Cya
Michael Fred 333 ReidGre ReidGre, just so you know, its kinda sad to see you go
BuffyBoy83 ReidGre Well, this vote is really really easy. Reid has been a negative part of the tribe. He did help me the last challenge, but his rude comments trying to stop us just having fun are really not needed in a game. He are trying to have fun. Then Reid voleenterred to go which he thinks is a big deal I guess since he didnt know he was going. Either way I guess it was still nice of him. Thanks for playing and for helping me with some of the questions but... REID
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 ReidGre My vote tonight is for Reid, he asked to be voted out, so I am adhearing to that. Sorry Reid, you were an asset and I wish you wouldn't have asked to have been voted out.
Caseboy6 ReidGre I'm voting for Reid tonight because he wanted to get voted off. If he wants to walk the plank then by all means go right ahead.
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