~Actual Date: January 20, 2004~
~Actual Day: 9/89~

~Morgan - Day 4~

BuffyBoy83: Well at TC we voted off Kira.... not really a shock. She wasnt really an active member of the tribe and didnt really bring a positive attitude, more negative by causing drama so its actually good we got a chance to get rid of someone like that early and didnt have to drag along someone who was just going to hurt us. This part is easy while its just an obvious choice of who to vote off, who isnt helping the tribe. However, by knowing the game, you know that wont last for long, especially closer to the merge.
ReidGre: My thoughts on the game so far... The first challenge: not only was it terrible, but the host knew it was terrible. He was "SICK OF IT" and said "I HATE TO SUBJECT YOU TO IT" -- but nonetheless, he did. If that's the quality control this game has, I don't know what to expect of the rest of the game. The challenge had nothing to do with the players whatsoever, but was essentially a test of their internet connection speed. So the challenge went to those paying for the fastest high-speed internet.
Michael Fred 333 has entered the room.
Michael Fred 333: FIRST
Michael Fred 333: ...
Michael Fred 333: Is this the right chat?
BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
BuffyBoy83: hi!
Michael Fred 333: hello buffy
Michael Fred 333: whats
Michael Fred 333: up?
Clearwater88 has entered the room.
Clearwater88: wow 4 people...
BuffyBoy83: nm how r u?
Michael Fred 333: Just 3, and host
Clearwater88: good..
Michael Fred 333: Soon 4
BuffyBoy83: yea good amount! Lol
ReidGre: Correction: most of the players are teenagers, so the challenge went to the kids whose mommy and daddy have the fastest high-speed. (While I'm on a budget trying to pay off my mortgage, and **** people for saying I should get a new computer.) The challenge rewarded priviledge, not merit, which scores a zero on the fairness scale. Not that Survivor is known for fairness.
ReidGre has entered the room.
Michael Fred 333: Hello Reid
Michael Fred 333: Ad hello Clear
ReidGre: thanks
BuffyBoy83: i tried to invite ju but it doesnt work
BuffyBoy83: hm....
ReidGre: The second challenge, though calling itself a trivia contest, scored points for first correct answer and so high-speeders had a distinct advantage. Additionally, the host allowed multiple answers which let the high-speeders get in several guesses before others even saw the question.
Michael Fred 333: Hey, are you named after Andy Reid?
ReidGre: God no.
ReidGre: The trivia showed that my tribemates are dumb as dirt. And worse, having to sit in a chat room with them is agony. I tried chatting but couldn't get a decent conversation out of them. So it's a huge waste of time.
BuffyBoy83: so who r we missing? ju, electric
BuffyBoy83 has left the room.
BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
Michael Fred 333: And Caseboy
BuffyBoy83: ooo caseboy
JUAirborne13 has entered the room.
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 has entered the room.
Michael Fred 333: Hello guys
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: hi folks
BuffyBoy83: yay woohoo just missing caseboy
ReidGre: hey
JUAirborne13: Hey all
BuffyBoy83 has left the room.
BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
Caseboy6 has entered the room.
BuffyBoy83: yay! full tribe
JUAirborne13: lol
BuffyBoy83: everyones awake lol
BuffyBoy83: trying to make it more realistic lol
BuffyBoy83: Well I think the unanimous vote really united the tribe closer since there were no small alliances voting different ways therefore causing fights and arguments. However, I do think alliances exist within the tribe, I myself am in one. Me and Clear were talking a few days ago and we decided that we would make a good final 2 alliance, I think Ju and I have an alliance where we can trust each other, and the same goes with Case, but as of now I do plan on staying true to the clear alliance, even though I am nervous about his relationships with other players like Yosh and Cybern coming in the way later at the merge.
ReidGre: Alliance-wise, I'm already behind. The two top candidates I thought would be voted out were shunted aside and everyone had already agreed to vote Kira when I asked about them. So I'm behind, I'm out of the loop, and Kira was probably my best chance at an alliance out of all my tribemates.
Michael Fred 333: So how about those damn Panthers
Michael Fred 333: May they burn
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: Florida Panthers?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: haha
Michael Fred 333: No, Carolina Panthers
JUAirborne13: Oh
BuffyBoy83: i guess were second again?
JUAirborne13: Yep
JUAirborne13: Were the later tribe
BuffyBoy83: i have a chem midterm and a painting project due tom. :-(
BuffyBoy83: too bad were not first
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: its so much fun being later
JUAirborne13: I was thinking Today was Tribe against Tribe Reward but I could be wrong
ReidGre: Probably the only good thing going for me right now is that there's no way that I appear to be any kind of a threat. Although at this stage of the game I might stand out as a weak (ie: slow) person to vote off, an outsider, or due to my undisguised contempt for the game. I would give myself a 30-50% chance of being voted out if there was another TC right now.
BuffyBoy83: The one player that I really think should and will go next is Reid. He is way too serious and doesnt really want to joke around and have fun with the rest of us. Hopefully his attitude will change or he'll be sent packing.
JUAirborne13: Guys
JUAirborne13: I got something to tell you
Michael Fred 333: Tell us JU
BuffyBoy83: yes?
JUAirborne13: Its really bad
JUAirborne13: Jk lol I got Tree Mail
JUAirborne13: Tribe against Tribe Reward Guys
BuffyBoy83: woohoo treemail
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: fun times
JUAirborne13: Yea lol
JUAirborne13: Oh I think I figured it out lol
JUAirborne13: Each of us will have to do a different thing that were best at
JUAirborne13: And whichever tribe finishes all of the things first wins
JUAirborne13: Example
JUAirborne13: Someone gets Trivia
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I don't google search well
JUAirborne13: Someone gets finding a picture
JUAirborne13: Something like that
JUAirborne13: Just a guess
JUAirborne13: lol
BuffyBoy83: ok
BuffyBoy83: was there any other info?
JUAirborne13: Yea I get a special reward
JUAirborne13: J/k
BuffyBoy83: o lol
JUAirborne13: There was nothing else lol
BuffyBoy83: i wonder when well find out the rest
JUAirborne13: I'm not good at google either
BuffyBoy83: i can google i guess lol
JUAirborne13: Whoever has the fastest computer should do that
ReidGre: How can you not be good at google?
ReidGre: For strategy, all I'm going to bother to do is show up when I feel like it, lie low and coast. If the game becomes too unbearable, I can always sabotage an immunity and ask to be voted out. I may pay more attention to the other tribe, and see who is worth allying with if I stick around for the merge.

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