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hillbillybaluga Kucha4Life Kucha -- Sorry dude! Its not ONLY the fact that you don't bother to show up, but this is for telling me to "(censored) off!!"...
CyberN 666 Kucha4Life alrighty...lots of different things are being considered today, and it is scaring me. I have had a rumor arise that I am a target of a three-person alliance, but right now, I think it may be safe to just play it out making them think they are fooling me...But say I weren't to do that...WHAT WOULD YOU DO? A dead lock 4-4 tie of two no-shows? WHAT WOULD YOU DO!!!??? YOU DON'T KNOW!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ah, true...sp...good ol' sp...ya know what, it wouldn't work if I tried, so screw it, Kucha, go burn in **** (I can't say that word due to a 1 SP penelty I got in OS5...or 6...or something...lol)~666
Kucha4Life Himself (Absent) -
LogoLarson ecukid1983 I'm voting for ecukid, he's nice and all, but the guy almost lost us quite a few challenges and the last immunity was very bad.
CuJoe34 Himself (Absent) -
ecukid1983 Kucha4Life my vote is for kucha sorry it was either me or you and i couldnt vote for myself and i had shown up more than you
YoshMan4 Kucha4Life I am voting for KUCHA, I really don't want too, he doesnt do anythign i could get him later. I'd wanna use this to get someone i hate out, I want PLum out soon, shes gonna win this darn game, I want to get cu out since he isnt here, but it would be a tie, i wanted to do many thingsb ut i guess ill get rid of the useless waste of space that is kucha
PlumNutzzz Kucha4Life My vote is for Kucha. I found out yesterday that you're having computer problems and can't get on AIM, but even before that you weren't really in the game.