~Actual Date: January 26, 2004~
~Actual Day: 15/89~

~Drake - Day 7~

CuJoe34 has entered the room.
PlumNutzzz has entered the room.
CyberN 666 has entered the room.
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
CuJoe34: well i have to go
CyberN 666: BOO MORGAN!!!
CuJoe34: sorry about the challange
YoshMan4: bye bye ttyl
CyberN 666: SPY ON THIS!!!
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: nah you did good
YoshMan4: lol
PlumNutzzz: you did great cujoe!
YoshMan4: not like our convos are that exciting lol
CuJoe34: haha
CuJoe34: bye everyone
YoshMan4: there gonna be dissapointed lol
CuJoe34 has left the room.
ecukid1983 has left the room.
YoshMan4: ecu left?
PlumNutzzz: yay staton!
YoshMan4: was he ever here
YoshMan4: lol
PlumNutzzz: ohhhhh, nm
YoshMan4: how'd he leave withotu entering lol
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: lol gah i have so much hw
YoshMan4: i have chemistry, calc, german
PlumNutzzz: it was magic
LogoLarson has entered the room.
CyberN 666: lol
ecukid1983 has left the room.
YoshMan4: hi
YoshMan4: and ecu left again
CyberN 666: hey Logo
YoshMan4: hm
YoshMan4: lol
CyberN 666: lol
LogoLarson: hey guys
YoshMan4: hello
CyberN 666: whats up?
LogoLarson: sorry I missed it
CyberN 666: thats ok
LogoLarson: I'm sick
CyberN 666: ah
YoshMan4: s'alright
LogoLarson: that's what's up
LogoLarson: and I hate it
YoshMan4: feel better!
LogoLarson: but that's beside the point
PlumNutzzz: I hope you feel better Logan
YoshMan4: hmm nothings on mondays
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: but i guess thats good makes me do hw lol
LogoLarson: thanks
PlumNutzzz: lol yosh!
LogoLarson: well, I'm going to go... sorry about that guys, I should be here on wednesday
LogoLarson has left the room.
YoshMan4: alright i bet immunity wont be til friday this week
CyberN 666: lol
CyberN 666: don't matter, we will win it:-)
YoshMan4: lol yup
CyberN 666: so we can get more letters
CyberN 666: cause we want letters
CyberN 666: letters are good
CyberN 666: *putt*
YoshMan4: yup letters are fun
YoshMan4: we need letters...
CyberN 666: *putt*
YoshMan4: to type!
CyberN 666: *putt*
CyberN 666: *putt*
PlumNutzzz: yeah, give us mo' letters!
CyberN 666: *putt*
YoshMan4: having fun lol
CyberN 666: GOT IT IN!
CyberN 666: lol
CyberN 666: YES!
YoshMan4: get any holes in ones?
CyberN 666: ...um...5
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: good job!
CyberN 666: lol
CyberN 666: on a par 2
YoshMan4: nice nice lol
YoshMan4: was it just a straight line putt lol
YoshMan4: i love those lol
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: its 8 say end of day 4
YoshMan4: or day 7
YoshMan4: lol
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: ::end of day 7::
CyberN 666: yay
YoshMan4: lol
CyberN 666: *putt*
YoshMan4: there ya go
CyberN 666: YAY!
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: lol
CyberN 666: alright, I'll see ya'll later
YoshMan4: ttyl
YoshMan4: i gotta go do hw
PlumNutzzz: yeah, I gotta go do an interview
YoshMan4: so ill be going as well
YoshMan4: ok good luck plum
PlumNutzzz: see ya'll later !
YoshMan4: bye

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