~Actual Date: January 28, 2004~
~Actual Day: 17/89~

~Drake - Day 8~

LogoLarson has entered the room.
ecukid1983 has entered the room.
PlumNutzzz has entered the room.
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: jo
YoshMan4: hi
YoshMan4: bold whoops
PlumNutzzz: hey boys!
ecukid1983: hi there
LogoLarson: hello
ecukid1983: ok get it blue
CuJoe34 has entered the room.
PlumNutzzz: bold was pretty, yosh
ecukid1983: so i can be ready
LogoLarson: get what blue?
LogoLarson: oh
YoshMan4: lol i dont like bold though
LogoLarson: I forgot today was a meeting
CuJoe34: hey
CuJoe34: everyone
LogoLarson: I was just getting on to check on my stocks
PlumNutzzz: hi cujoe
LogoLarson: which went down, by the way
PlumNutzzz: hi logo
LogoLarson: hi plum
LogoLarson: if that's even your real name
YoshMan4: lol
LogoLarson: bwa hahahaha
YoshMan4: debi
YoshMan4: i think
PlumNutzzz: yep, debi
LogoLarson: Oh sure, like you know
YoshMan4: lol
LogoLarson: lol
ecukid1983: guess what everyone
YoshMan4: what
LogoLarson: anyway, anyone else noticing a downward trend in attendance?
YoshMan4: yeah lol sadly
ecukid1983: i get to be in a musical at my college
LogoLarson: I think I'm hovering at about sixty percent right now
LogoLarson: kewl
YoshMan4: oh awesome staton!
YoshMan4: that is cool
LogoLarson: I didn't know you went to college
ecukid1983: i wont miss any meetings tho
PlumNutzzz: way to go staton!
LogoLarson: wow.. that's really great for you stanton
LogoLarson: staton
LogoLarson: *
ecukid1983: have any of you heard of the musical Rent
LogoLarson: *
LogoLarson: yeah
YoshMan4: yeah i have
CuJoe34: yep
LogoLarson: what about it?
PlumNutzzz: yeah!
LogoLarson: your in it?
LogoLarson: shut up! I love that musical
ecukid1983: thats the one im in
PlumNutzzz: I want to see it on Broadway!
LogoLarson: what's your part?
CuJoe34: who are you playing?
ecukid1983: Roger
YoshMan4: hmm neat neat
LogoLarson: oooh, that's neat
LogoLarson: are you a theater major?
ecukid1983: minor
LogoLarson: ah, good choice
LogoLarson: what's your major?
LogoLarson: /roll
ecukid1983: its almost a double major
*OnlineHost*: LogoLarson rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 4
LogoLarson: I see
ecukid1983: physical ed is my major
*OnlineHost*: LogoLarson rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 6
ecukid1983: nothign related to theather
ecukid1983: lol
YoshMan4: lol thats fun though
*OnlineHost*: LogoLarson rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 3
*OnlineHost*: LogoLarson rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 1
ecukid1983: im gonna be a PE teacher in a movie
LogoLarson: interesting
ecukid1983: lol
PlumNutzzz: lol
LogoLarson: hey mmmasterX, you know that thing that we were talking about yesterday? Well you were wrong
LogoLarson: She was a guy
YoshMan4: egads, him wrong? dun dun dun lol
LogoLarson: ah, so wonder what's on the agenda for today
LogoLarson: immunity perhaps?
LogoLarson: or perhaps...
LogoLarson: not
ecukid1983: probably
CyberN 666 has entered the room.
ecukid1983: hi dale
YoshMan4: prob inside cahllenge
PlumNutzzz: hi cybern!
LogoLarson: Hey Cybern, why don't you ever call me any more?
YoshMan4: i bet sp challenge
ecukid1983: nathan or cyber
ecukid1983: i think its immunity
CyberN 666: hey guys, thanks for reminding me to switch screen names, Yosh
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: i think immunity will be on fri but thats just my opinion
LogoLarson: sleeyness
YoshMan4: lol welcome
LogoLarson: the sleepyness, it overwhelms
LogoLarson: I've got some much work to do tonight
PlumNutzzz: hey, we could call cybern, "bernie"... lol
LogoLarson: it's crazy
YoshMan4: im tired lol
PlumNutzzz: what's one more name?
LogoLarson: hmm
LogoLarson: Bert
LogoLarson: Bob
LogoLarson: Bea
ecukid1983: we need to ration our food
ecukid1983: the rice is about out
LogoLarson: Bruce
ecukid1983: lol
LogoLarson: Brick
CyberN 666: I'm not going to talk too much cause I am watching a movie right now
CyberN 666: so..yeah
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: what mocvie
LogoLarson: I'm only up to b's in the baby name book
PlumNutzzz: what movie?
YoshMan4: movcie
YoshMan4: movie
LogoLarson: indeed
YoshMan4: lol
LogoLarson: what movie
CyberN 666: Once apon a time in Mexico
LogoLarson: more important then... us?
LogoLarson: oh, I want to see that
YoshMan4: oh neat
CyberN 666: lol
LogoLarson: It was between that and underworld though, so I flipped a coin and wound up at underworld
LogoLarson: By the way, Underworld sucked
CyberN 666: LogoLarson: Hey Cybern, why don't you ever call me any more?
CyberN 666: huh?
CyberN 666: lol
PlumNutzzz: we're running out of rice, staton? ya'll need to get to fishing!
YoshMan4: aww you never call anymore? thats mean dale
LogoLarson: oh I think you know that of which I speak
YoshMan4: poor logo
LogoLarson: sometimes...
LogoLarson: late at night...
LogoLarson: me cry...
YoshMan4: awww :-(
PlumNutzzz: poor logo :'(
LogoLarson: yes
LogoLarson: I've once again not been asked to the pep club dance (it's girls ask guys)
ecukid1983: im sorry
LogoLarson: I'd feel like a loser if I weren't going to go out partying with my friends that night anyway
LogoLarson: all they ever do is drink and smoke pot though
LogoLarson: How's everybody's week been?
YoshMan4: aww thats sad that you werent asked im sure someonme will ask you soon though
ecukid1983: pretty good and urs
LogoLarson: lol
LogoLarson: It's... sucked actually
LogoLarson: because I was sick
LogoLarson: and now I've got make up work
PlumNutzzz: are you feeling better logo?
LogoLarson: yes, c'est la vie
ecukid1983: any one got tree mail
LogoLarson: nope
PlumNutzzz: nope
LogoLarson: he im's it now, so it's kinda obvious
LogoLarson: want to use one of our items?
LogoLarson: what items do we have left anyway?
YoshMan4: i dunno
ecukid1983: um sp tracker
CyberN 666: They have to take something from us today...huh?
ecukid1983: challenge review
LogoLarson: oh do they?
YoshMan4: yeah i doubt we are havin immunity today if someones comin
LogoLarson: how come mmmasterX never talks when we have our meetings
CyberN 666: make it more like the show
LogoLarson: I bet he's having a great time, talking in some other meetings
LogoLarson: ahhh
CyberN 666: since the host isn't around all the time
YoshMan4: lol he has a secret life
CyberN 666: lol
PlumNutzzz: we had 2 sp trackers, a morgan sp tracker, and a challenge
preview, I think
LogoLarson: it's hardly secret
PlumNutzzz: they took the challenge preview
LogoLarson: so now we just have sp trackers
YoshMan4: fun
LogoLarson: who's keeping track of our sp anyway?
LogoLarson: you know what I haven't had in a while?
YoshMan4: tuna?
LogoLarson: Funyons
LogoLarson: Funions
YoshMan4: ah yum
LogoLarson: I'm hungry
LogoLarson: brb
ecukid1983: im getting impatient
YoshMan4: ok
Clearwater88 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: hi
CyberN 666: bonjour clear
YoshMan4: how are you?
ecukid1983: hi clear
YoshMan4: come to join drake?
Clearwater88: no.
PlumNutzzz: hi clear!
YoshMan4: aww
Clearwater88: Hi all.
Clearwater88: ^_^
YoshMan4: wed like it if you joined us
CyberN 666: lol
Clearwater88: I'm sure
LogoLarson: ::has grabbed the coffee hagan dazs
PlumNutzzz: we just want him for his computer
LogoLarson: iback
Clearwater88: I would love to join my hubby:-*
YoshMan4: so we can sing [email protected]
CyberN 666: clear, you could always just steal nothing:-)
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: or dance to it
Clearwater88: yeaaaaa
Clearwater88: omg
YoshMan4: lol
Clearwater88: :P
Clearwater88: my tribe fights over who gets to come here
Clearwater88: i won the dice roll xD
YoshMan4: and you won goodj ob
LogoLarson: hey clear
CyberN 666: lol
PlumNutzzz: that's cuz we're so nice
LogoLarson: HEY CLEAR!!!
Clearwater88: Ok we are stealing an item
Clearwater88: hey Logo
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: aww clear dont take anything be nice :-)
PlumNutzzz: *hides the tarp*
Clearwater88: We are taking Opposite Tribe SP tracker
CyberN 666: -_-
Clearwater88: cuz if you find out how much SP I have
Clearwater88: you will vote me out
CyberN 666: BOO MORGAN!!!
LogoLarson: lol
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: lol
LogoLarson: bye
Clearwater88: cuz i have like a bajagillions
LogoLarson: we'll steal it back
CyberN 666: lol
Clearwater88: dont hate me cuz i win challenges;-)
YoshMan4: lol
CyberN 666: (Lets all vote Clear out)
CyberN 666: lol
Clearwater88: :O
LogoLarson: hey clear, give my love to your tribe
PlumNutzzz: lol
Clearwater88: Ok
Clearwater88: My tribe is all guys
YoshMan4: clear go dance to toxic at your tribe
Clearwater88: I think buffy and ju are like... liking each other
Clearwater88: anyways
Clearwater88: bye;-)
Clearwater88 has left the room.
LogoLarson: ewww
YoshMan4: lol
CyberN 666: lol
PlumNutzzz: lol
LogoLarson: like... like liking each other
LogoLarson: he can just leave on a note like that
ecukid1983: haha
LogoLarson: he can't just leave on a note like that
YoshMan4: lol he left with some fun gossip
LogoLarson: that's what I meant to say
CyberN 666: lol
PlumNutzzz: yeah, and not even give us the rest of the story!
YoshMan4: lol yeah
PlumNutzzz: what a brat! sheeesh!
ecukid1983: who u calling a brat
ecukid1983: lol
ecukid1983: j/k
PlumNutzzz: you! lol
PlumNutzzz: j/k
ecukid1983: shake what your momma gave ya
YoshMan4: kik
ecukid1983: ;-)

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