~Actual Date: February 5, 2004~
~Actual Day: 25/89~

~Drake - Day 12~

CyberN 666 has entered the room.
ecukid1983 has entered the room.
PlumNutzzz has entered the room.
LogoLarson has entered the room.
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
hillbillybaluga has entered the room.
hillbillybaluga: YAY
LogoLarson: hello all
LogoLarson: way to go!
CyberN 666: letters!
hillbillybaluga: we rule
PlumNutzzz: I am sooooooooo happy!
YoshMan4: yay
LogoLarson: me too
YoshMan4: parrot
hillbillybaluga: lets go ahead and start deciding now..
CyberN 666: I thnk E and N
hillbillybaluga: what laetters do we want?
YoshMan4: t
ecukid1983: great job guys!
LogoLarson: ahh, I no longer need that wretched blue
LogoLarson: hmm... what now
CyberN 666: since What I think that the first two words are "SEND ONE"
LogoLarson: should we use our TC spy?
CyberN 666: E and N are in both
PlumNutzzz: yeah, and I get my pretty pink back
hillbillybaluga: brb...
YoshMan4: yeah i think there send one and room and parrot
YoshMan4: parrot :-)
LogoLarson: we should guess s
LogoLarson: and o
YoshMan4: we have s
YoshMan4: and o
LogoLarson: oh..
YoshMan4: lol
CyberN 666: lol
LogoLarson: well then we should guess r
LogoLarson: and a
YoshMan4: those too
CyberN 666: I still think E and N
CyberN 666: or at least E
YoshMan4: e and n sounds good
LogoLarson: sure
LogoLarson: we'll go with that
YoshMan4: e and n or e and t
LogoLarson: e and n
YoshMan4: ok
LogoLarson: but are we going to use our tc spy?
LogoLarson: cause if we don't then we might get it taken
LogoLarson: why guy?
YoshMan4: first letter we want is E guy
LogoLarson: got somewhere to be?
CyberN 666: Lets do E first and see what we get
LogoLarson: lol
YoshMan4: yeah
Survivor Guy 886: S---/O--/-O/ROO-/-RA---R-AS-R-/A--/-AS--/A/----/-O/A/-ARRO-
LogoLarson: yes, e please
CyberN 666: we probably won't have to do N
Survivor Guy 886: 5TH LETTER
YoshMan4: E
LogoLarson: hmm
Survivor Guy 886: AGREE ON E?
CyberN 666: yep
PlumNutzzz: yes
LogoLarson: yeah
Survivor Guy 886: SE--/O-E/-O/ROO-/-RA-E-REAS-RE/A--/-AS-E/A/----/-O/A/-ARRO-
LogoLarson: we should pick t
YoshMan4: send one to room
LogoLarson: there are definitely some t's
YoshMan4: what is tht long one hm
CyberN 666: lets do T
YoshMan4: yeah t
YoshMan4: see if last one is parrot
LogoLarson: t
YoshMan4: lol
LogoLarson: I bet it is
PlumNutzzz: send one to room draketreasure and paste a link to a
Survivor Guy 886: EVERYONE AGREE ON T?
YoshMan4: parrot
PlumNutzzz: yes
ecukid1983: sure
CyberN 666: yeah
LogoLarson: yeah
LogoLarson: wait... is plum right
Survivor Guy 886: SE--/O-E/TO/ROO-/-RA-ETREAS-RE/A--/-ASTE/A/----/TO/A/-ARROT
LogoLarson: cause that was pretty good
YoshMan4: yeah shes right i believe
LogoLarson: well, plum go to the room
LogoLarson: and paste a link to a parrot
CyberN 666: Who wants to go?
LogoLarson: I will
LogoLarson: if I knew how to get there
PlumNutzzz: you can go
YoshMan4: i dont care who goes
CyberN 666: I can go and send an invite to Logo then leave
CyberN 666: lol
ecukid1983: lol
LogoLarson has left the room.
CyberN 666: and he's off
ecukid1983: heh
PlumNutzzz: I can't believe I got that... lol
ecukid1983: lol

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