~Actual Date: February 12, 2004~
~Actual Day: 32/89~

~Drake - Day 15~

ecukid1983 has entered the room.
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
CyberN 666 has entered the room.
PlumNutzzz has entered the room.
YoshMan4: hmm hello
ecukid1983: hi all
CyberN 666: hello
PlumNutzzz: Hi guys!
LogoLarson has entered the room.
ecukid1983: how was everyones day
ecukid1983: hi logo
YoshMan4: it was fine fine
LogoLarson: it's good
PlumNutzzz: great great
LogoLarson: I'm playing zero mission still
CyberN 666: same here:-)
YoshMan4: oh lol
ecukid1983: haha logo
LogoLarson: I was playing chrystal Chronicles, but that's too involved
CyberN 666: so I won't be talking much
CyberN 666: lol
PlumNutzzz: lol Logo... I get like that when I get a new game
YoshMan4: im not playing anything
LogoLarson: heh
YoshMan4: lol me too but havent had an ew game in a while
YoshMan4: new
ecukid1983: i was playing
ecukid1983: nothing
ecukid1983: lol
YoshMan4: lol
PlumNutzzz: me either.
ecukid1983: unless u consider um
ecukid1983: ok cant say that its dirty
YoshMan4: ha lol nice
ecukid1983: :-X
PlumNutzzz: LOL
ecukid1983: O:-)
PlumNutzzz: they need a smiley with devil horns
ecukid1983: well it does get lonely on this island
YoshMan4: lol
ecukid1983: i gotta take care of myself
ecukid1983: ok sorry
YoshMan4: so you self indulge a bit
YoshMan4: lol
ecukid1983: :-[
CyberN 666: wow
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: lol
PlumNutzzz: brb... potty break
LogoLarson: sigh, I'm already stuck
YoshMan4: hmmm it would be fun if morgan lost to make them down to 2 people lol
LogoLarson: yeah
LogoLarson: they'd really be outnumbered then
YoshMan4: lol and we'd have to have a twist
CyberN 666: yay, charge beam and energy tank
CyberN 666: lol
ecukid1983: hey i saw ur butt plum
LogoLarson: lol
LogoLarson: watch out
LogoLarson: for the boss
ecukid1983: lol
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: lol metroid seems fun but never played one besides at target
LogoLarson: giant worm thingie
LogoLarson: he shows up again
LogoLarson: it's a lot of fun
CyberN 666: yep, jsut beat it
YoshMan4: yay
LogoLarson: ahh, saving
LogoLarson: good
YoshMan4: saving is nice
YoshMan4: saving and pause button are 2 best things to me :-)
ecukid1983: i got bit by a spider today
LogoLarson: I hate people who use strategy guides
LogoLarson: what?
LogoLarson: how"?
LogoLarson: on metroid games
YoshMan4: ya strategy guide people take the fun out of games
LogoLarson: there are some instances when I've been stuck for days and forced to resort to a guide
ecukid1983: theres a red mark and it itches
YoshMan4: although i admit i used one for water temple in zelda :-[
LogoLarson: but generally I advise against them
ecukid1983: will i turn into spider man
ecukid1983: lol
CyberN 666: ok, I'm done playing metroid for now
LogoLarson: who didn't? the water temple was impossible
YoshMan4: lol water temple was evil
PlumNutzzz: lol ecu
PlumNutzzz: hey, has anyone seen the new ORG board that Fiona started?
LogoLarson: yeah, but the funny thing is, now I can beat the water temple for anyone in like half an hour
ecukid1983: fiona apple
YoshMan4: i never saw the ORG board
LogoLarson: because after I learned it, I retained it forever
LogoLarson: org?
CyberN 666: lol
CyberN 666: None of you have seen the site?
YoshMan4: i sorta can do the water temple like better than i used too but still get stuck
CyberN 666: Guy has a link on his site
PlumNutzzz: it's a board for ORG references... hosts can rate players and players can rate hosts
YoshMan4: what is it
CyberN 666: Online Reailty Gaming
LogoLarson: it was soooo difficult
YoshMan4: is org a disease?
CyberN 666: lol
ecukid1983: haha yosh
PlumNutzzz: well, the board I'm talking about is new
YoshMan4: oh
LogoLarson: ack, I'm still stuck
PlumNutzzz: ORG Personal References - Home
YoshMan4: you can do it logo
PlumNutzzz: http://orgpr.proboards18.com/index.cgi
YoshMan4: hm
LogoLarson: thanks for the moral support
PlumNutzzz: it's pretty cool
CyberN 666: Stuck at what, Logo?
YoshMan4: heh how far are you
CyberN 666: me? Or Logo?
LogoLarson: I just beat the worm a second time
PlumNutzzz: looks like cujoe and clear are the only ones online for the outcasts
LogoLarson: and I've got the ice beam
CyberN 666: I am where Logo was yesterday
LogoLarson: lol
YoshMan4: brb for a min
LogoLarson: that's prolly why they're the outcasts
YoshMan4: oh is that far
CyberN 666: lol
CyberN 666: no, not really
CyberN 666: lol
LogoLarson: stopped playing
LogoLarson: it was just too frustrating
LogoLarson: I'll play it more on the flight tomorrow
CyberN 666: lol
PlumNutzzz: the flight to harvard?
YoshMan4: oooh that should be fun
CyberN 666: I know where you can go with the ice beam
YoshMan4: are you gonna apply to harvard?
CyberN 666: I saw a place when I was exploring
YoshMan4: freeze the puddle
ecukid1983: wow wish i was smart enough for harvard
LogoLarson: no
YoshMan4: oh
LogoLarson: going there for a drama competition
LogoLarson: not to apply
YoshMan4: well thats cool too lol
LogoLarson: but I'm going to be there till tuesday
LogoLarson: so it should be fun
YoshMan4: aww i see neatness!
LogoLarson: yeah
PlumNutzzz: I think it would be cool to just explore the campus
LogoLarson: I might miss a meeting on monday or tuesday, if one is held there
LogoLarson: then
LogoLarson: but on the plus side, it'll be tonz of fun
LogoLarson: and I get to miss a day of school
LogoLarson: which was a real pain today
YoshMan4: yeah that should be fun though!
PlumNutzzz: anytime you get to miss school, it's a good thing :-)
LogoLarson: yep, I'm looking forward to it... still have to pack though
YoshMan4: it is it is
ecukid1983: yeah but i missed class today
LogoLarson: true dat
LogoLarson: cause of the spider?
YoshMan4: http://www.safesearching.com/2k/assets/photos/actress/alyssamilano/alyssamil ano_s_charmed_s6ep16_04.jpg
ecukid1983: not a good thing cuz it put me way behind
YoshMan4: paige is a brunette again
LogoLarson: lol
LogoLarson: random
YoshMan4: lol
PlumNutzzz: she looks better as a brunette
YoshMan4: nah i love her hair!
LogoLarson: they're both really aesthetically pleasing
YoshMan4: strawberry blond
LogoLarson: as a burnette or a redhead
YoshMan4: is great
YoshMan4: brunette makes her look really pale
YoshMan4: but i like phoebes hair now that its grown otu some
ecukid1983: who yaw talking about
PlumNutzzz: the girls from charmed
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: lol
ecukid1983: oh ok
PlumNutzzz: treemail!!!!
YoshMan4: yay
LogoLarson: woo
LogoLarson: !
LogoLarson: sigh
LogoLarson: here goes again
LogoLarson: oath of silence, I just know it
LogoLarson: hm... what did we play on day four
YoshMan4: cool beans
ecukid1983: no not that
YoshMan4: that is the 2nd monday
LogoLarson: lemme check my log
LogoLarson: yep, it is fighting
YoshMan4: aww
YoshMan4: i suck at that
YoshMan4: lol
LogoLarson: where we pick the category
LogoLarson: and get those things
LogoLarson: and win
YoshMan4: everyone beat me at trivia lol
LogoLarson: yay!
LogoLarson: we win!
CyberN 666: Day 4: Played: That thing with five tasks
YoshMan4: oh well :-P
CyberN 666: lol
LogoLarson: at least now our chances of winning have improved,
YoshMan4: lol yes they have
ecukid1983: oh im glad its not oath of silence
LogoLarson: we have a one in three chance of going to TC today
YoshMan4: i want morgan to lose over outcast
LogoLarson: instead of a one in two
YoshMan4: but outcast has 2 people
PlumNutzzz: me too
LogoLarson: right you are
YoshMan4: lol i want them to be down to 2
PlumNutzzz: I'm confused about the 5 tasks thing
YoshMan4: science math trivia
PlumNutzzz: ohhhh
YoshMan4: scrambling
PlumNutzzz: ok
LogoLarson: yeah
YoshMan4: quick type
LogoLarson: that stuff
YoshMan4: those 5
ecukid1983: scramble
LogoLarson: prolly some twist to it now
ecukid1983: oh yeah didnt see that yosh
ecukid1983: lol
PlumNutzzz: WORDS IN A WORD - (ENGLISH) - Word Plays Interactive Word Games
LogoLarson: sigh
PlumNutzzz: can ya'll click on that link?
PlumNutzzz: it's a descrambler
CyberN 666: whoa, we could have used that in the challenge yesterday
CyberN 666: lol
LogoLarson: awesome
YoshMan4: lol
LogoLarson: we should have
PlumNutzzz: I did use it
CyberN 666: would have given us all the words
CyberN 666: lol
CyberN 666: true
CyberN 666: lol
CyberN 666: Not that it matters:-(
CyberN 666: sorry about that, guys!
YoshMan4: well we got all 13
YoshMan4: lol
ecukid1983: yeah we did grate yesterday
LogoLarson: lol
LogoLarson: yeah, I really hoped we would've gotten away with that one
YoshMan4: lol me too
LogoLarson: heh
YoshMan4: lets start early gah
YoshMan4: best not go over 8
LogoLarson: yeah, I agree

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