~Actual Date: February 12, 2004~
~Actual Day: 32/89~

~Drake - Day 15~

LogoLarson: I really don't like that guy
YoshMan4: me neither
LogoLarson: bye everyone
CyberN 666: *putt*...*putt*...argh! *SMACK*
YoshMan4: bye logo
CyberN 666: bye logo...
LogoLarson: I can leave, right guy?
CyberN 666: *putt*
LogoLarson: you don't care?
LogoLarson: please?
LogoLarson: sir
LogoLarson: mr. Kyle, sir
PlumNutzzz: lol
LogoLarson: Pretty please, with cherry on top
PlumNutzzz: Mr. Kyle
LogoLarson: and sugar, and sprinkles
LogoLarson: and choclate syrup
YoshMan4: and cheese
LogoLarson: and... god I'm so hungry
PlumNutzzz: he's a pirate, make it a bottle of rum
LogoLarson: bye all
YoshMan4: let the poor guy eat hosty
PlumNutzzz: he's wasting away to skin and bones!
YoshMan4: lol yes he is
CyberN 666: Logo, if you leave now, it won't hurt your attendance
YoshMan4: isnt it 5 mins?
ecukid1983: my tummy rumbled
CyberN 666: yeah, but he only fractions halves, I think
YoshMan4: you can be 5 mins late or leave 5 mins early
YoshMan4: yay
CyberN 666: there ya go
CyberN 666: lol
YoshMan4: lol
CyberN 666: c ya'll tonight
YoshMan4: yai gotta go
CyberN 666 has left the room.
YoshMan4: cya later
YoshMan4 has left the room.
ecukid1983: ok everyone have a safe night
ecukid1983: ttyl
ecukid1983: bye

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