~PlumNutzzz's Last Words~

I think it sucks that I was voted out instead of people who rarely showed up for the challenges.... but no matter, I had a great time, and wish "most" of ya'll luck, I think Kyle is an awesome host, and I hope that either Cujoe, Ecu or HIll win this game

Name Voted For: Comment
CyberN 666 PlumNutzzz YAY! Logo showed up! We are ok now! lol...anyway...I can't vote Logo, since I made the alliance with him, and I can't vote Yosh, even though people have been trying to put things in Yosh's head and now we are both confused. All I can say is that we've obviously fallen apart as a tribe if we can be beaten that badly and not be able to do anything about it...Since we have come close to the merge, I feel it is time to dispose of the strong, and I am of course talking about Plum...I have heard many things about people not liking her, and she is probably one of my biggest threats in this game...so, without further wait, we shall send Plum off into the depths of the opposite of heaven...bye bye! ~666
LogoLarson PlumNutzzz so, I'm voting plum, and I really want you to know why... and that's because of several things... first, she ecu and cujoe were in an alliance specifically against me... second she hits on people half her age, and third... she's kinda two faced
ecukid1983 LogoLarson I vote for Logo....I never liked him, because my friend talked bad on him before, plus he wants Deb gone
YoshMan4 PlumNutzzz ok I am voing PLum, god she needs to go. I like how someone had a plan of making me paranoid. Making me think logo was turning on me that I was going. Just so you know I DONT BUY IT. I am sick of plum so please leave this game
PlumNutzzz LogoLarson my vote is for Logo, again....... he's annoying