~hillbillybaluga's Last Words~

Wow, I can't believe i'm gone. I mean, I know I wasn't there a few times because of stuff that came up, but just the fact that I'm gone. Just want to say one thing, to Plum -- I'm so glad I made it longer than you did! And to Ecukid and Cujoe - I can't want to see you all get voted out! You don't deserve to be in this game! Peace!

Name Voted For: Comment
hillbillybaluga CuJoe34 CuJoe- Sorry man its your time to go
CuJoe34 hillbillybaluga hill, you've annoyed me for a long time, one way or another im no longer going to spend time with you, either i am gone or you are. Bye Also, your live journal is always a good read"
Clearwater88 hillbillybaluga I can;t vote elec, hes my little buddy from Morgan so hyper and stuff, this was easy till the whale boy showed up:/ I'm voting hillbilly, I hope cujoe and hill don't kill me:/ bye hill? oO;
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 Himself (Absent) -