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Yosh won the first ever individual Reward Challenge, earning himself 20 SP and an SP tracker.
Survivor Guy 886: DRAW!
YoshMan4: ecu
ecukid1983: yosh
Survivor Guy 886: YOSH WINS REWARD!
Cyber N 666: good job, Yosh!
BuffyBoy83: ooo good job yosh!!!
YoshMan4: thanks
ecukid1983: thanks for the destraction clear
Clearwater88: what distraction? oO?
At the Immunity Challenge Elec proved his skills and earned a spot into the final 8
Survivor Guy 886: ELEC SAYS 1,800
Survivor Guy 886: THE CORRECT ANSWER IS...
Survivor Guy 886: 1,800
Survivor Guy 886: ELEC WINS IMMUNITY
YoshMan4: good job elec
Caseboy6: congrats elec
Cyber N 666: good job elec!
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: thanks guys
At Tribal Council, Buffy voted for Cyber N, eliminating him and shocking Clear's alliance
Survivor Guy 886: 9: CYBERN666
Survivor Guy 886: CYBERN...
Survivor Guy 886: THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN
Cyber N 666: hope you guys are happy
Survivor Guy 886: IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO
Clearwater88: ok
Clearwater88: there
Clearwater88: are
Clearwater88: real
Clearwater88: tears
Clearwater88: in
Clearwater88: my
Clearwater88: eyes
Clearwater88: this game is over
Clearwater88: i quit..
OnlineHost: Clearwater88 has left the room.
8 remain, who will be voted out next?

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