~Actual Date: March 11, 2004~
~Actual Day: 60/89~

~Balboa - Day 27~

CuJoe34 has entered the room.
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Michael Fred 333: that was fun
CuJoe34: yeah i liked it
ecukid1983: lol, duh cujoe
CuJoe34: i think i have a slight bias
YoshMan4: hello
BuffyBoy83: lol
BuffyBoy83: im going to dinner with jun :-)
BuffyBoy83: woohoo
BuffyBoy83: or prob. going lol
CuJoe34: jun?
YoshMan4: ohh awesomeness!
YoshMan4: from bb4?
BuffyBoy83: yea
BuffyBoy83: friend of a friend, im leaving in like 5 minutes
CuJoe34: thats crazy
CuJoe34: im so jealous
YoshMan4: thats cool
CuJoe34: kiara from bb3 grew up in my town
Clearwater88: that guy from survivor that was canadian or something is
BuffyBoy83: cool
BuffyBoy83: ooo that guy
Clearwater88: I feel cybernated today
BuffyBoy83: lol
CuJoe34: cybernated?
CuJoe34: that sounds like something arnold would say
Michael Fred 333: I had sex with Teresa from Survivor Africa
YoshMan4: i was clearrated
BuffyBoy83: :O
Clearwater88: yosh is x-rated.
YoshMan4: lol
BuffyBoy83: =-O* lol
CuJoe34: interesting mike
CuJoe34: was it good?
Clearwater88: I'm bitter today
YoshMan4: brb for a second gotta find remote
Clearwater88: I failed 3 tests
YoshMan4: aww that sucks
Clearwater88: i didnt actually
YoshMan4: oh
Clearwater88: but i wrote 3 tests
YoshMan4: well tests suck
Clearwater88: i think i got perfect on math
CuJoe34: how did they go
Clearwater88: i got 5/25 on my science test
YoshMan4: awww
Michael Fred 333: yikes
CuJoe34: what science do you take
Clearwater88: 4 of my anwsers were "quadratic equations"
CuJoe34: those are fun
Clearwater88: for science
Clearwater88: lol
YoshMan4: lol nice nice
CuJoe34: -b the square root
Clearwater88: the teacher just shook his head handing it back and i was like what:P i still have a b:P
CuJoe34: thats all i remember
CuJoe34: all over 2a
YoshMan4: i know it but hate it and dont wanna type it :-P
CuJoe34: the middle i cna't remember
Clearwater88: -b the square root of b squared - 4ac over 2a
CuJoe34: there ya go
YoshMan4: hurray
CuJoe34: good times
Clearwater88: math is ez
YoshMan4: you have to sing the song
Clearwater88: oh and i had a tech test
YoshMan4: and end it with huyrray
YoshMan4: hurray
Clearwater88: var ****youtechteacher
CuJoe34: hooray
YoshMan4: yay
Clearwater88: ****youtechteacher:=12
Clearwater88: lol:
YoshMan4: nor where is the remote brb
CuJoe34: why 12?
Clearwater88: it was the number we had.
Clearwater88: it wasnt really that
Clearwater88: it was "thistestsucks"
Clearwater88: i replaced length with that
ecukid1983: bbl, gotta restart
ecukid1983 has left the room.
CuJoe34: so
Clearwater88: sooooooooooooooooooooooew [email protected]
YoshMan4: backers
Clearwater88: lies!
YoshMan4: nah im here
Clearwater88: yosh lets sing something
YoshMan4: ok
Clearwater88: before tc:P
YoshMan4: yay
CuJoe34: do any of you know the musical wicked?
Clearwater88: You're so damn hot;-)
YoshMan4: good choice
YoshMan4: no i dont cu
BuffyBoy83: well ive got to go...
BuffyBoy83: ill b back for TC :-)
CuJoe34: bye buffy
Clearwater88: bye buffsheeba.
YoshMan4: bye
BuffyBoy83: brb
YoshMan4: ok try not
YoshMan4: to talk about who goes
YoshMan4: today on survivor at TC
Caseboy6: ok
CuJoe34: ok
YoshMan4: thank you :-)
CuJoe34: ill try
Clearwater88: i know who it is
Clearwater88: its gonna be the host
CuJoe34: haha
YoshMan4: jeff? lol
Clearwater88: jeff or whaatever:P
CuJoe34: no more probsty
YoshMan4: poor probsty

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