~Actual Date: April 5, 2004~
~Actual Day: 85/89~

~Balboa - Day 37~

BuffyBoy83: Well Cujoe was voted out last night in a 3-2 vote against Elect... this really leaves me with no allies left in the game. Clear decided to change his mind at the last second and I feel I did all I could to change the vote at the last second but there wasn't much I could do. Even though I'm left with no allies I'm so happy to be in the final 4! This is of course a huge goal when you start to game and I'm so glad I was able to make it here.
OnlineHost: YoshMan4 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: boo
OnlineHost: BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: guy
YoshMan4: hi
OnlineHost: eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 has entered the room.
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: hi
BuffyBoy83: hey everyone :)
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: i have to go visit a tree brb
YoshMan4: it's elementary watson
YoshMan4: if only i knew the real quote
YoshMan4: alas i do not
YoshMan4: hey yosh
YoshMan4: hey
YoshMan4: how are you?
YoshMan4: i am alright, no ones talking
YoshMan4: yeah but atleast i am
YoshMan4: that's true
BuffyBoy83: im good
BuffyBoy83: how r u? :)
YoshMan4: oh someone else is here
YoshMan4: hi
YoshMan4: good
YoshMan4: you
YoshMan4: woo my clairvoyance is sensing danger around the corner! Spider sense here i come
BuffyBoy83: sorry my sis was talking to me
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: uhm
BuffyBoy83: thats y i wasnt talking b4
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: hi
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: hello
YoshMan4: i shcared elec
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: just a tad
YoshMan4: tads are fun, with a pole
YoshMan4: tadpole silly
BuffyBoy83: by tree did u mean toilet or treemail
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: toilet
YoshMan4: see i know my elec
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: the tiolet :-/
BuffyBoy83: i figured toilet
BuffyBoy83: lol
BuffyBoy83: just making sure
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: toilet*
YoshMan4: double double toil and trouble
BuffyBoy83: cause then u said uhm so i thought maybe u were reading it lol
YoshMan4: nah he said uhm bc i scared him
YoshMan4: me and being schizophrenic and all
YoshMan4: but it happens
YoshMan4: like the wheels on the bus
YoshMan4: or the ...wheels keep on turning!
YoshMan4: proud mary keeps on <forget word>
YoshMan4: rolling rolling rolling down the river
YoshMan4: i messed that up
YoshMan4: oh well
OnlineHost: Clearwater88 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: clearocity!
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: rollin
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: rollin
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: rollin on da river
YoshMan4: yay
YoshMan4: thats it
Clearwater88: rollin
Clearwater88: OMG
Clearwater88: that thing...
Clearwater88: loony tuneS!
YoshMan4: becky look at her butt
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: so whats the plan for tonight>?
YoshMan4: swim?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: are we doing all three challenge things?
YoshMan4: (i can't)
YoshMan4: three upstairs?
YoshMan4: up on the rooftop click click click dwon through the chimney? it's old saint nick, ho ho ho who would of known
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: wrong season
YoshMan4: hmm trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat
YoshMan4: if you dont i dont care i will pull down my underwear, or something like that
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: thats not pc
YoshMan4: being pc sucks monkey butt
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: we should outlaw people from saying it
YoshMan4: we should outlaw people from being pc :-P
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: but then who will complain about not being pc?
Clearwater88: pc?
YoshMan4: no one, and all will be good for once
YoshMan4: politically correct :-P
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: politcally correct
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: ::gags:;
YoshMan4: lol
YoshMan4: i think its a stupid american thing clear :-P could be world thing who knows
Clearwater88: oh.
YoshMan4: indeed
YoshMan4: i wanna live in canada
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: crazy americanas
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: things are more expensive though :-/
YoshMan4: but canada has no bush
Clearwater88: no they arent..
Clearwater88: its the same..:P
Clearwater88: And we don't have a tax on lottery winnings
Clearwater88: you cheap bast#$$$
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: how come it says us 3.25 and Canada 5.25?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: the gevernments been lying to me my whole life
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: ::tear:;
YoshMan4: canadian money is valued differently
YoshMan4: 1 canadian is less then one american lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: let me blame it on the government
YoshMan4: good
YoshMan4: i would blame it on them
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: what kind of government is there in canada? i forgot
YoshMan4: um they have a prime minister
YoshMan4: parliamentary?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: so its like england only without the queen
YoshMan4: um sure
YoshMan4: hibiscus everyone else stopped
YoshMan4: well i'll be
Clearwater88: purple?:/
YoshMan4: there ya go
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: 4
YoshMan4: 4 is me
Clearwater88: wtf?
YoshMan4: you
Clearwater88: We have a democratic government
Clearwater88: you silly cabbage
YoshMan4: oh
YoshMan4: loo
YoshMan4: sorry
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: lmao
YoshMan4: i dunno
YoshMan4: canada is to far away
Clearwater88: we used to be a colony of the British Empire back in WW1
YoshMan4: (an hr or so
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: its further away from me
Clearwater88: We became our own country like a hundred years ago i think
YoshMan4: well an hr is far away
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: do y'all have canadian history? like we have American history?
YoshMan4: lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and would I flunk it?
YoshMan4: i duno american histroy
YoshMan4: so i doubt id know canadian
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: i know general stuff, not dates or anything
YoshMan4: i know nothing
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: except for in 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue
YoshMan4: who was in WW1? french verse america?
Clearwater88: oo;
YoshMan4: i know that in the french and indian war it was french verse indians
Clearwater88: Germany, Austria-Hungry, and um..
Clearwater88: I forgot now..
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: bulgaria
YoshMan4: you are smart
Clearwater88: bulgaria was neutral
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and turkey
Clearwater88: turkey wasnt in it.
YoshMan4: how do you know all this
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: nuh uh
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: yes huh
BuffyBoy83: im learning about WW1 now
BuffyBoy83: lol
BuffyBoy83: well in euro
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I just learned this
YoshMan4: i learned about it yrs ago
YoshMan4: but i dont remember it
Clearwater88: i learned it a long time ago
Clearwater88: im doing ww2 right now
Clearwater88: lol
BuffyBoy83: ooo
YoshMan4: i learned that 3 yrs ago
YoshMan4: WW2 was germany and russia?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: allies were usa russian italy england france
YoshMan4: i know some stuff
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I'm in ww2 now
Clearwater88: OH i think it was only Germany and austria hungary
Clearwater88: LOL
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: last week was ww 1
YoshMan4: civil war was french verse america right?
Clearwater88: oh adn italy
Clearwater88: ITALY thats it
YoshMan4: so french verse america verse italy?
Clearwater88: and ww2 Italy, Japan, and Germany vs the Allies
YoshMan4: didnt italy switch sides
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: bad germany
YoshMan4: i dont know history at all
YoshMan4: it's all stuff in the past which isn't important to me
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: only your future?
YoshMan4: nah present
YoshMan4: lol
Clearwater88: Buffy seems dead..?
YoshMan4: well she did die
BuffyBoy83: no im here :)
YoshMan4: twice
BuffyBoy83: lol
Clearwater88: LOL
BuffyBoy83: good job yosh
Clearwater88: Yosh:P
BuffyBoy83: lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: someone get the defibulator stat!
YoshMan4: lol
Clearwater88: Buffy gets old fast.
Clearwater88: OMG
Clearwater88: LOL
BuffyBoy83: u guys are talking about WW1 and WW2
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I watched an episode on saturday aren't you 2 proud?
Clearwater88: YAY CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YoshMan4: which ep
YoshMan4: elec
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I dunno
BuffyBoy83: it was bring on the night
YoshMan4: what happened
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: but I watched it
BuffyBoy83: on UPN?
Clearwater88: My mom threw something at me and it ended up being a pack of hershey kisses I just realized this 2 hours lateR:P
YoshMan4: there was two on sat
BuffyBoy83: o ok
YoshMan4: one was season 3 ep
YoshMan4: one season 7
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: lmao clear
BuffyBoy83: i figured it was bring on the night from season 7
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: it was about buffy
BuffyBoy83: cause i knew that one was on
YoshMan4: was buffy young or old ish?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and spike?
YoshMan4: oh 7
YoshMan4: or lovers walk
YoshMan4: was buffy in high school?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and uh the people were being killed off and their handler people?
BuffyBoy83: i was just thinking or lovers wlak lol
YoshMan4: oh
BuffyBoy83: yea it was bring on the night then
YoshMan4: bring on the night
BuffyBoy83: walk*
YoshMan4: lovers walk is a good ep
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and then this old guy came with three girls and was like "buffy these girls are dying and only you can stop it"
YoshMan4: lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: "but we need spike.. where is he?"
YoshMan4: in the basement...or...
YoshMan4: dun dun dun
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and he was being beated up in a cave
YoshMan4: lol good ol spike torture
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and then I got bored and left lmao
YoshMan4: lol
BuffyBoy83: lol.... u should have watched the whole episode lol
BuffyBoy83: the end of that episode is great
YoshMan4: i dont remember season 7 well
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: does someone die?
Clearwater88: what do they have sex for the 135th time?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: if so I don't watch it
BuffyBoy83: when buffy is all bloody and beat up and she gives a speech
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: lmao clear
YoshMan4: buffy and spike have sex a lot
YoshMan4: lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: is it like sams speech from lord of the rings?
BuffyBoy83: they did season 6
Clearwater88: I swear that show changed from a great interesting show I watched with my parents sometimes to a dirty softcore porn series
YoshMan4: all buffy does in season 7 is give speeches :-P
YoshMan4: lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: Sam, "and the skies ::tear will ::tear:: shine out al
the clearer ::flood::"
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: he was so gay
BuffyBoy83: i dont know if it was like lord of the rings lol
BuffyBoy83: i only saw the first lord of the rins
BuffyBoy83: rings*
YoshMan4: i saw none
YoshMan4: im out of the loop
Clearwater88: what happened 2 gileS?
BuffyBoy83: i thought the first lord of the rings was kinda boring
YoshMan4: he lives
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I saw the last 2 at the midnight premiers with the weird people who dress up
Clearwater88: still
YoshMan4: giles is still alive
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: its so funny
YoshMan4: lol
YoshMan4: Anya died
Clearwater88: stupid old british fart needs to be staked in the hart, k thnx.
BuffyBoy83: i didnt see LOTR 2 and 3
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: Me, "is that a cape?" Gabbi, "I think it's a towel" lmao
YoshMan4: spike died but then came back to life
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: thats sad
YoshMan4: lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: then happy
BuffyBoy83: well vampires do die then become vampires lol
YoshMan4: no spike was a vampire
BuffyBoy83: i mean die then rise as vampires lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: that makes sense :-/
YoshMan4: and died
YoshMan4: then came back as a ghost
BuffyBoy83: ooo u mean when he died in chose
BuffyBoy83: chosen*
YoshMan4: and then became a vampire again lol
BuffyBoy83: and then went to angel
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: lol yep
Clearwater88: quagt
Clearwater88: quagit
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: gumes
YoshMan4: quagit
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: in honor of cu gumes
YoshMan4: brb potty
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: simpsons are onnnnnnn
Clearwater88: I miss cujoe:(
BuffyBoy83: ooo ill watch the simpsons lol
BuffyBoy83: waits seinfeld is on fox
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: its on the wb here
BuffyBoy83: what channel is simpsons on right not?
BuffyBoy83: ooo
YoshMan4: hmm
Clearwater88: sEInFelD 4 LYFE.
YoshMan4: squirmble
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: brb phone
YoshMan4: phone home
Clearwater88: WR go ho. meee!
Clearwater88: LOL
Clearwater88: guess what?
YoshMan4: what
Clearwater88: today at lunch no one was talking so I randomly started singing all the things she said by tatu
YoshMan4: all the things she said !
YoshMan4: did you make out with someone in the rain
Clearwater88: and everyone burstout laughing:P
Clearwater88: no:/
YoshMan4: oh lol
YoshMan4: }got mail
YoshMan4: ]got mail
YoshMan4: )got mail
YoshMan4: i forget how it goes :-P
YoshMan4: >got mail
YoshMan4: {got mail
BuffyBoy83: did u get mail? lol
YoshMan4: no
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: wow
YoshMan4: a man, a plan, a canal, panama
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: my honorary grandma died a week ago :'(
YoshMan4: aww :( sorry
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and they just called us :-/
BuffyBoy83: sorry elect :(
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: its ok
YoshMan4: aim:CheckEmail
Clearwater88: honorary?
Clearwater88: sorry to hear that elec:/
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: yeah I only have 1 grandma left and 1 honorary grandpa now
YoshMan4: i only have one grandma..but thats all ive ever had that ive known
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: its okay I didn't really know them that well
YoshMan4: that is sad though
Clearwater88: I have all 4 grandparents living in the same city as me alive..... I shall be sad 4 times:(
Clearwater88: but happy for now..
YoshMan4: yeah
Clearwater88: It was the summertime..
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: so..
BuffyBoy83: so...
BuffyBoy83: what else is new with everyone?
YoshMan4: aim:goaway?message=iamhererightnow random
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I just got cbs eyemail
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: aren't I special?
BuffyBoy83: congrats elect :)
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I know
YoshMan4: is that good? yay
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I feel like martha stwewert had she not been imprisoned
YoshMan4: and you are my friend
Clearwater88: are we even doing anything now?
YoshMan4: nah guess challenges at TC
Clearwater88: he can do that?
YoshMan4: we should have an SP challenge
YoshMan4: he is the host he can do anything
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: maybe its all combined
BuffyBoy83: good point yosh
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: prob combined ic tc
BuffyBoy83: that means we have to wait till 10 for the challenge
BuffyBoy83: prob.
BuffyBoy83: Hopefully I'll now be able to go all the way and win it. Even though I don't really have any allies left... I'm hoping Elect will vote with me tonight to get rid of Clear. I really wouldn't understand at all why Elect wouldn't vote with me because Clear was just trying to get rid of him last round. Elect is obviously coming in 3rd if I go tonight and he doesn't win final immunity so I'm not sure what his strategy could be to stick with Clear.
YoshMan4: oh well i need to type up a story
YoshMan4: i dont wanna
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: i have to study econ
YoshMan4: and me study chem
YoshMan4: and i wanna go skydiving tonight, i dont have time to do my hw
Clearwater88: skydiving?
YoshMan4: yeah
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: wages+rent+proftit+nonindesomething charges+ national frieght foriegn income earnd=GDP
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: wooooooooooo
YoshMan4: yay
BuffyBoy83: gj
YoshMan4: electronegativy equals i have no idea but i need to know
Clearwater88: asquared plus bsquared= csquared
Clearwater88: grade 4 math$
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: have you ever done the the thing at six flags were you have to pay like 20 bucks extra to go on it
YoshMan4: go clear
YoshMan4: i never wernt to six flags
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: well its almost everywhere
YoshMan4: only cedar pt
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: they put you and 2 friends in these things then connexct you to one cable and you go up then you pull the cord and you swing crazily everywhere
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: its fun
YoshMan4: but i did drive through ****!
YoshMan4: ****, michigan :-P
YoshMan4: i got a mug too
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: woohoo
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: i want to name a town purgatory
YoshMan4: and keep me in this state and keep me purgatorying
YoshMan4: ill be darned if im too wake, this is far more then i am equipped for
YoshMan4: nothing happened this meeting why not a lil sp challenge right now
YoshMan4: we have time for one quick game
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: my dads crying
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: this is making me sad :-/
BuffyBoy83: :(
YoshMan4: aww, i dunno what to say but im sorry
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: thanks
BuffyBoy83: yea im sorry elect... :(
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: thanks y'all
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: it means alot
YoshMan4: bah stupid tree mail
YoshMan4: ptless :-P
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: you got it?
YoshMan4: meaning the challenge is tonight :-P
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: figures
BuffyBoy83: yep most likely...
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: clearkins ya here?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: ::steals cookie::
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: :;runs:;
YoshMan4: elec stole the cookie from the cookie jar
YoshMan4: me?
YoshMan4: yes you
YoshMan4: couldnt be
YoshMan4: um
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: hey yosh buffy look that way
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: ::points::
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: ::steals buffy tapes::
YoshMan4: i dont remember ti
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: ::runs::
YoshMan4: then who?
YoshMan4: bah i need clear to try to do that :-P
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: i watched the history of sesame street last night
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: just for the heck of it
YoshMan4: oh arent they turning 30?
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: somehting
YoshMan4: there getting old
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I started watching when mr. hooper was still alive :-/
YoshMan4: me too
BuffyBoy83: i think that show is turning like 50
YoshMan4: my fave was count trickula, vun, two three
YoshMan4: i dont think 30 yet
YoshMan4: i mean 50
YoshMan4: i think 30 something
YoshMan4: funf minuten
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I remembered all the stuff they labeled as "history" too it made me feel old
YoshMan4: well that sounds nostalgic
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: like gabbi being born
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and those people adopting the one kid
YoshMan4: oooh i member that
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: and gina and the gay dudes sexual tension
BuffyBoy83: i used to love sesame street years ago lol
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: me too
YoshMan4: hmm dont remember that last one
YoshMan4: i did sunny days sweeping the clouds away
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: 37a?
YoshMan4: b is TC
BuffyBoy83: yea b is tonight
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: my dfriend stephanie used to get mad because we change the words
BuffyBoy83: so r u guys nervous?
YoshMan4: for what? chem test?
BuffyBoy83: TC lol
YoshMan4: yeah i will fail it
BuffyBoy83: At the meeting tonight we did not have an immunity challenge but we recieved tree mail saying a challenge would occur tonight at TC. Since the challenge is at TC I'm guessing we will be playing "Fallen Comrades", which I was already predicting since it seems to be a popular final 4 immunity challenge. I've been trying to remember info about people who played in the game and hopefully I will be able to use what I remember to win immunity tonight if it is "Fallen Comrades". Even if I don't win immunity I'm hoping I will be able to survive this round by a tie vote with Clear, and since he has the most past votes he would go. Like other rounds even though things are hard I'm going to try my best tonight and like always... Never give up.

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