***Actual Date: May 20, 2004***
***Actual Day: 4/89***

***SABOGA - Day 2***

Cyber N 666 has entered the room.
Boodu2boo has entered the room.
PrinceTy01 has entered the room.
Cyber N 666: Back to camp
Boodu2boo: woo hoo
PrinceTy01: I'll be back later tonight.
PrinceTy01: Farewell.
PrinceTy01 has left the room.
Boodu2boo: I dont think he wants you as SP buddy lol
Cyber N 666: lol
Boodu2boo: you gonna wanna vote him off now?
Cyber N 666: I don't know
Boodu2boo: you were probably a target
Cyber N 666: He likes SP
Cyber N 666: as do I
Boodu2boo: SP = stupi points lol
Cyber N 666: lol
Cyber N 666: yeah, but ya know, if anyone is going to break that 200 Sp record of mine, it might as well be me
Boodu2boo: or no one
Boodu2boo: what good is SP if your a target?
Cyber N 666: That's the thing...
Cyber N 666: Ty won't want me gone if he wants the SP
Cyber N 666: If he wants the Sp...
Cyber N 666: Which I am not totally sure he does
Boodu2boo: Ty's got allainces with people in other tribes hes set lol
Cyber N 666: He always does
Cyber N 666: OS3-5
Boodu2boo: that makes him a strong factor after the merge
Cyber N 666: He always had intertribal alliances
Cyber N 666: Hopefully we don't have to make a choice about voting somebody out of our tribe for a while
Boodu2boo: i hope we do atleaste once, i dont wanna go against him if he controls the game
Cyber N 666: true
Cyber N 666: I don't know
Cyber N 666: Right now, I am just worried about this first week
Cyber N 666: Cause I don't know if I'll be able to get online if we have TC
Boodu2boo: i know him an yugi have an alliance
Cyber N 666: Yugi=Khold?
Boodu2boo: superfan
Cyber N 666: o...
Cyber N 666: hm...
Cyber N 666: Superfan would be split between he and I, I think
Cyber N 666: I don't really feel the need to go against Ty now though
Boodu2boo: hed vote which ever way gives him an advantage
Cyber N 666: That Sp thing might have a little bit of a factor in that
Cyber N 666: Yes, that is true
Cyber N 666: but right now, his advantage may be to simply get rid of the weak
Boodu2boo: Day 2 is already causeing problems
Cyber N 666: or he won't make merga
Cyber N 666: merge*
Cyber N 666: lol
Boodu2boo: im thinking, keep the weak, what harm i sINX if he never shows?hes just hurtinghimself
Cyber N 666: First week is the most tense for me, mostly cause of the strategic plasement of the first TC
Cyber N 666: If we get rid of Inx, we own the tribe
Cyber N 666: Even if Superfan sides with Ty, or even if Ty tries intertribal things, we would have the majority
Cyber N 666: I honestly don't like going against Ty, but he has never once given me a chance to trust him
Boodu2boo: iif we could vote TY out in out first TC would you?
Cyber N 666: So I just don't know
Cyber N 666: Are you talking tomorrow?
Boodu2boo: i hope not lol, dogs gonna be gone for the week
Cyber N 666: lol
Cyber N 666: true
Cyber N 666: I really don't know
Cyber N 666: it is hard to make decisions like that without even seeing who will show and what-not
Boodu2boo: lets say me you and dog vote TY.... superfan, TY and inx vote for INX, would you do that, knowing in a re vote TY would be voted out next, you vote him out?
Cyber N 666: I don't know
Cyber N 666: I'd kinda want to keep him for a little bit, mostly cause he can help us win challenges
Cyber N 666: I think, for now, we might as well just get rid of the noshow
Boodu2boo: even if were forsce to go to TC again, INX would be an easyt choice
Cyber N 666: I know, but Inx doesn't show, and that doesn't help us
Cyber N 666: I'd rather win immunities than lose our strongest guy
Boodu2boo: well lets wait o the tim to come
Cyber N 666: even if he poses a threat in the long run
Boodu2boo: guys over their spankin him self "OMG this is so intersting, my sites gona get a record 6 HITS tomorrow!"
Cyber N 666: that's nice
Cyber N 666: lol
Boodu2boo: and this concludes our broadcast day
Boodu2boo: has anyone confrontd you about an alliance
Cyber N 666: why, no, no they haven't
Boodu2boo: want one?
Cyber N 666: I find it quite odd since most people would be running around on day 1 doing that, especially in allstars
Cyber N 666: Do you have anyone else with you?
Boodu2boo: me and dawg got one
Cyber N 666: Can we make a three way alliance?
Boodu2boo: yeah
Boodu2boo: the more themarrier
Cyber N 666: that would make us able to "control" the tribe
Boodu2boo: thats the goal,
Cyber N 666: Superfan is friends with me, I can probably be able to get his vote as well
Cyber N 666: in case we need it
Boodu2boo: prince scares me
Cyber N 666: yes, he has an empire
Cyber N 666: What should we do if we lose the IC?
Boodu2boo: see who shows up at TC and dcide their
Boodu2boo: dont think prince wants to be with you lol
Cyber N 666: lol

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