***Dogdude84's Last Words***

**** YOU TYLER! Just because i go away for vacation, you see it as opportune to vote me out. **** you, **** you, **** YOU!!!

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Cyber N 666 mmxsuperfan superfan, eh it's early don't have a good reason. The first person is normally forgotten though. So I don't think I will be haunted by who I vote. SO yeah bye superfan, sorry but you need to go right now, to keep our tribe strong
mmxsuperfan Dogdude84 Dog.... No show.. Part of the Startegy as I like to call it. Lol
Dogdude84 Himself (Absent) -
InXdefenseXxX Himself (Absent) -
PrinceTy01 Dogdude84 I fooled him once, shame on me. If I'm not getting voted tonight, I'm fooling him twice, shame on him. The Prince says.....off with Dogdude84's head.
Boodu2boo mmxsuperfan MMXsuperfan, your a putz, a 12 yr old, immature, anoying rascle, and i hope when your reading this, you cry... you whining lil putz, you piss me off in ols5 you pay.

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