***Actual Date: May 25, 2004***
***Actual Day: 9/89***

***MOGO MOGO - Night 4***

Saline33: so I don't know..I am wondering about Megs...
Saline33: she is wonderful..and in the ols4 I was very close to her
Saline33: but she hasn't once talked about sticking with us or anything
ecukid1983: yeah she doesnt talk to me much either
Saline33: I just want us to be prepared
Saline33: she has friends all over
ecukid1983: yeah she is definitely a target
Saline33: I can't believe I am saying this..but the Megs I played with in ols4 is not the same Megs that is playing now
ecukid1983: yeah i dont think she is either
Saline33: but..we haven't really asked her point blank
Saline33: so if the Megs thing doesn't work out..we need to make sure we have a backup plan to seal majority
Saline33: do you think [Clear] would be loyal to us?
ecukid1983: not after merge
ecukid1983: hes good friends w/ yosh and cybern
Saline33: yeah..he did mention that
Saline33: and if Megs is with yosh
Saline33: then that is more majority for them
Saline33: Dampe on the other hand..isn't around as much
Saline33: and probably has less loyalties? meaning he might would stick with us?
ecukid1983: yeah exactly
Saline33: so the strategic move would be to vote [Clear] out if we lose
ecukid1983: yes now i need for cujoe to understand that
Saline33: so we need to get a few of the outsiders to stick with us
ecukid1983: i think i could get case and buffy
Saline33: I can work on Aaron-electric
Saline33: but yosh and tyler are at odds aren't they?
ecukid1983: yeah yosh and tyler dont like each
ecukid1983: i just hope dampe shows up to immunity
ecukid1983: have u talked to dampe
CuJoe34: i doubt he wants to talk to me
CuJoe34: is he pissed?
ecukid1983: i hate to say it but if we lose immunity i feel he should be the one to go
CuJoe34: he is just never around
ecukid1983: yeah thats what im saying he hasnít contributed
ecukid1983: but maybe we will win and not worry about it
CuJoe34: im hoping saboga loses again
ecukid1983: have u talked to frog much
CuJoe34: well i wouldnt vote her out next
ecukid1983: i didnt say we should vote her out next calm down zach im not giving orders
ecukid1983: i was just stating my opinion gosh
CuJoe34: and so was i
CuJoe34: lets not getint o
CuJoe34: a fight
ecukid1983: im not fighting u told me one time u said u wanted me to speak up more and im trying to
ecukid1983: but everything i say u dont approve
CuJoe34: i dont need to approve it
CuJoe34: thats what we do, we have different opinions
CuJoe34: and we talk about them
CuJoe34: and come to a decision based on what we both think
ecukid1983: ok yeah whatever thats cool
CuJoe34: you sure?
ecukid1983: yeah nothing wrong here
ecukid1983: im fine
CuJoe34: okay so lets talk about this
CuJoe34: i agree that im not sure if frog is the best ally, cause she is friends with yosh
CuJoe34: and could align with him very easily
ecukid1983: yeah thats true but just dont worry about it and lets see what happens first
ecukid1983: i dont wanna make u mad at me
CuJoe34: i wont get mad at you
CuJoe34: i promise
ecukid1983: ok listen to this
ecukid1983: if Megs is with yosh
ecukid1983: then that is more majority for them
ecukid1983: because u know clear is w/ them too
ecukid1983: Dampe on the other hand..isn't around as much
ecukid1983: and probably has less loyalties? meaning he might would stick with us?
CuJoe34: yeah
ecukid1983: so the strategic move would be to vote [Clear] out if we lose
CuJoe34: yeah
CuJoe34: agreed
ecukid1983: oh ok well great
CuJoe34: see
CuJoe34: wasnt that good
ecukid1983: yeah i guess so
ecukid1983: dont push it sucker
CuJoe34: haha :-)
Saline33: I just do not know what happens at a merge...
Saline33: Megs never talks about sticking together or anything...
Saline33: I was close to her in ols4..but she just seems different now
CuJoe34: so what do you think she is planning to do?
Saline33: I think she probably has other friends on the other tribes...like john (yosh)...
Saline33: but I am sure all of you do
Saline33: I am the only odd one out...LOL...I am trying to make friends though
Saline33: but I am sticking by you and Staton..you have my word...so you can use me and abuse me if you want
CuJoe34: you, me, ecu
Saline33: but what happens when we merge..and you are back with your friends from other ols games?
Saline33: I just dont' want to make you committ to something that you really don't want to
CuJoe34: well i really dont have any
CuJoe34: ecu was my friend
CuJoe34: thats about it
Saline33: well...we should have a backup plan..just in case the Megs thing doesn't work out
Saline33: get some friends to stick with us..to have a majority
Saline33: I don't want to write her off by any means...
Saline33: I just want her to take some initiative and bring it up
CuJoe34: yeah i agree
Saline33: so what about Dampe?
CuJoe34: well he is never around
CuJoe34: he would be good if he showed
Saline33: so probably has less loyalties to anyone else
Saline33: and might be more loyal to us in the long run
Saline33: or at least to vote with us
CuJoe34: i think he would be a great ally, if he showed up
CuJoe34: it just makes me nervous
CuJoe34: that he is never around
CuJoe34: i wouldnt want us to lose cause he didnt show up to tc one time
Saline33: well, why don't we have a little talk with him?
Saline33: between now and the possible next TC
Saline33: and feel him out
CuJoe34: okay
Saline33: if we are unsure of his performance...
Saline33: then we stick with our original plan of voting Dampe
CuJoe34: okay
Saline33: but I just hate to leave us stranded with less numbers
CuJoe34: well wait
CuJoe34: if we go against frog
CuJoe34: that means that frogs side would be beat out and ty would be able to take control
Saline33: at which point..we go with Frog's side
Saline33: to take out Tyler
CuJoe34: but if we already betrayed her
CuJoe34: then we would have no where to turn
Saline33: I see what you mean
Saline33: that is why we need to have our connections in plan
Saline33: I just don't want us caught with our pants down
Saline33: we will figure something out
CuJoe34: yeah
CuJoe34: cause i know that frog likes the three of us
Saline33: yeah..and she may be intending to stick with us
CuJoe34: and even if she doesnt, she'll take us to a point where we may be able to pull a few strings
Saline33: at some point..we will have to just ask her point blank..and put her on the spot
CuJoe34: and go off on our own
Saline33: then we will know it is game on
Saline33: hopefully we can take just enough from the tyler side..and the anti-tyler side..so neither one is all-powerful
Saline33: and we let them take each other out
Saline33: and leave us on top
CuJoe34: yeah
CuJoe34: that would be the best

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