***Actual Date: May 27, 2004***
***Actual Day: 11/89***

***MOGO MOGO - Day 6***

FrOgLeTt86 has entered the room.
ecukid1983 has entered the room.
FrOgLeTt86: back to camp
DampeRIP has entered the room.
DampeRIP: ..what happened...
DampeRIP: i missed it
ecukid1983: wow
DampeRIP: damn
DampeRIP: was i the only one who sucked?
ecukid1983: no i did too
ecukid1983: i tried my best
DampeRIP: ok.... anybody else coming out?
DampeRIP: Frog, you did a good job
FrOgLeTt86: :-(
FrOgLeTt86: that challange was so bad
DampeRIP: I didnt see anything
ecukid1983: yeah and we didnt even have to sit out anyone
DampeRIP: Id type, and it'd show up a minute layer
ecukid1983: it was amazing how fast bood copied and pasted
FrOgLeTt86: i know
DampeRIP: incredible
CuJoe34 has entered the room.
DampeRIP: clear was the only one of us i saw out there
ecukid1983: i was trying
DampeRIP: wait
DampeRIP: and cujo
CuJoe34: yeah i sucked at that too
CuJoe34: i was close though
DampeRIP: did better than me
CuJoe34: yosh was so fast
CuJoe34: and bood just copied
DampeRIP: who barely showed
CuJoe34: that was unfair
DampeRIP: good job everyone...
ecukid1983: my fingers got all sweaty during that challenge
DampeRIP: mine didnt, cause i didnt see a damn thing
CuJoe34: so when is tc?
CuJoe34: 10?
DampeRIP: guy!
DampeRIP: when's TC?
DampeRIP: ...............nullshat
ecukid1983: its 10
CuJoe34: you sure?
DampeRIP: wanna sit around till 10?
CuJoe34: thats okay
ecukid1983: i cant
CuJoe34: i have to go anyways
ecukid1983: i cut my ear
CuJoe34: did the meeting end?
DampeRIP: ok man, ill hold the fort
ecukid1983: i dont kow
DampeRIP: guy didnt say a damn word
ecukid1983: he hasnt posted end yet
CuJoe34: he doesnt seem to like us
ecukid1983: haha
DampeRIP: we're gonna cut him up
CuJoe34: yes
CuJoe34: can we leave??
DampeRIP: i wont
DampeRIP: ill hold down the fort
FrOgLeTt86: la la la
FrOgLeTt86: when is the end of the day
FrOgLeTt86: ?
DampeRIP: no idea
ecukid1983: weve been waiting
ecukid1983: lol
ecukid1983: ok bye everyone
ecukid1983 has left the room.
DampeRIP: k
DampeRIP: cya
DampeRIP: ..... your already gone
CuJoe34: gone
DampeRIP: booooooooorad
CuJoe34: definitly booooorad
DampeRIP: so, who we voting for?
DampeRIP: ......
DampeRIP: i once met a cat
DampeRIP: the cat's name was jack
DampeRIP: jack was fat
CuJoe34: oh sorry
CuJoe34: i zoned out
DampeRIP: he was a fat cat
FrOgLeTt86 has left the room.
DampeRIP: cats that are fat
DampeRIP: are fat cause they eay
DampeRIP: eat
DampeRIP: aet
DampeRIP: who are we voting for
DampeRIP: IS the name of OLS8, IGNORE THE TRIBES?
DampeRIP: What flock you mudderflocking jackats!!!! Were you planning on making a special guest appearance in your own damn game you jackats?
DampeRIP: 3-2-1 Let's Jam
DampeRIP: You know it's kind of hard just to get along today
DampeRIP: Our subject isn't cool, but he fakes it anyway
DampeRIP: He may not have a clue, and he may not have style
DampeRIP: But everything he lack, well he makes up in denial
DampeRIP: So don't debate, a player straight
DampeRIP: You know he really doesn't get it anyway
DampeRIP: He's gonna play the field, and keep it real
DampeRIP: For you no way, for you no way
DampeRIP: So if you don't rate, just overcompensate
DampeRIP: At least you'll know you can always go on Ricki Lake
DampeRIP: The world needs wannabe's
DampeRIP: So do that brand new thing
DampeRIP: He needs some cool tunes, not just any will suffice
DampeRIP: They didn't have Ice Cube, so he bought Vanilla Ice
DampeRIP: Now cruising in his Pinto, he sees homies as he pass
DampeRIP: But if he looks twice, they're gonna kick his lily ***
DampeRIP: Now he's getting a tattoo , yeah he's gettin
DampeRIP: ink done, he asked for a 13 but they drew a 31
DampeRIP: Friends say he's trying too hard, and he's not quite hip
DampeRIP: But in his own mind, he's the dopest trip
DampeRIP: Extended Chorus, end song.

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