***Actual Date: May 21, 2004***
***Actual Day: 5/89***

***SABOGA - Night 3***

mmxsuperfan: did you vote for me?
PrinceTy01: No.
PrinceTy01: Bood and Cybern voted for you.
mmxsuperfan: Cyber and Bood must have formed an alliance or something
PrinceTy01: Cybern won't vote me because I'm his SP buddy.
mmxsuperfan: So I'm pretty much the dummy in this game
PrinceTy01: Not really.
PrinceTy01: I wouldn't worry too much.
mmxsuperfan: Well i'm the only good person to vote out yet
PrinceTy01: Trust me, things are under control.
PrinceTy01: You just don't worry about a thing.
mmxsuperfan: Well i'm worrying
mmxsuperfan: Monday... is a day for change
mmxsuperfan: that's what I think
PrinceTy01: Monday is a day for you to let me handle things.

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