***Actual Date: June 2, 2004***
***Actual Day: 17/89***

***SABOGA - Day 8***

Cyber N 666 has entered the room.
Boodu2boo has entered the room.
PrinceTy01 has entered the room.
Cyber N 666: I hate life
Cyber N 666: lol
Boodu2boo: guy what the ****?
Boodu2boo: you perpoesly give us retards that dont show?
Boodu2boo: then you make a challange to give us a disadvantage?
Cyber N 666: ya know, why the **** did they get rid of me first?
PrinceTy01: I don't know.
PrinceTy01: You'd think they'd of gotten rid of me, after yesterday.
Cyber N 666: Since when was I smarter than Spider, Clear, etc
Cyber N 666: yeah, I was expecting them to go after you
Cyber N 666: pisses me off
Boodu2boo: he ****in did this on purpose
PrinceTy01: We're only losing a no-show.
Cyber N 666: and I love how Spider told Yosh to go for Clear and then Yosh says, "Ty is the only one with one strike left"
PrinceTy01: But still.
PrinceTy01: Yosh hates me.
Cyber N 666: Spider is looking out for you, Ty
PrinceTy01: Plus, Clear's mouth is attached to Yosh's cock.
PrinceTy01: So he's not going to take out Clear.
Boodu2boo: im out
PrinceTy01: We didn't get our puzzle right? :-(
Cyber N 666: nope, they made a fricking impossible one
Cyber N 666: and hte fact that Bood wanted all vowels didn't help
PrinceTy01: Guy said it had every letter of the alphabet.
Cyber N 666: one or two would have been fine, but he wanted 3
PrinceTy01: *rolls eyes*
PrinceTy01: And without the both of us there to control him, I guess he got his way.
Cyber N 666: We guessed a, e, o, s, t
PrinceTy01: That boy is dense.
PrinceTy01: He was bugging the **** out of me, with the "Bring Clear to our tribe" bit.
PrinceTy01: He obviously doesn't know you and Clear are buddies, but I digress.
Cyber N 666: if he had read, Guy said 5 times that we couldn't change our own tribe
PrinceTy01: I know.
PrinceTy01: You were alright with the moves I made, right?
PrinceTy01: With the storm that passed through and ****, 'n me telling Bood to shut up 'bout Clear, we didn't get to discuss it much.
Cyber N 666: um, I really don't mind, as long as Frog/Yosh are seperate and we are stronger than both of those tribes
PrinceTy01: See, Saline was the orchestrator, from what I could tell, of the Dampe vote.
PrinceTy01: Combine that with the fact that, well, I've never cared much for Saline, and I decided to sort of take him out of his tribe.
PrinceTy01: Yosh should be thrilled, though, that buys him some time, probably.
Cyber N 666: I would have liked to break up Spider and Khold, cause I am about 90% sure they have a connection, but there wasn't anyone on the other tribe I would have liked to switch
PrinceTy01: If Saline can get out of the mess we...well, I, put him in, then he deserves to be in the game.
PrinceTy01: If he can't, then, as I said to begin with, getting voted out 2nd in your only season does not make you an OLS All Star.
PrinceTy01: Since I really don't think getting schooled by me makes a person deserving on its own.
PrinceTy01: But I digress.
PrinceTy01: There was a time where I thought I had to win this thing to maintain my reputation.
PrinceTy01: About a week before it started, though, I decided that, quite frankly, there's nobody who's made quite the impact I did on things.
PrinceTy01: So how I do in this game doesn't really reflect much on me one way or another.
PrinceTy01: Which is why I'm having so much fun taunting Bood and Clear and Saline.
PrinceTy01: Because it might matter a lot to them, but it doesn't really mean too much to me.
PrinceTy01: Clear's got to prove he can make it without Yosh and Froggy and you at his side.
PrinceTy01: Bood's got to prove his winning wasn't a fluke.
PrinceTy01: Saline has to show he's smart enough to outwit me.
PrinceTy01: And I can tease them all, since I got nothing to prove.
PrinceTy01: As far as my goal, my goal is to get you SP until you don't need the SP no more, or until I finish off Saline and Clear.
PrinceTy01: Whichever would come first.
PrinceTy01: Could you imagine if by some fate, though, we both ended up at the end.
Cyber N 666: I don't give a ****, honestly
PrinceTy01: Is Bood going to vote for me?
PrinceTy01: If you're going to, that's fine.
Cyber N 666: Idon't know
PrinceTy01: I'm perfectly ok with it....I'd just like to know.
Cyber N 666: If any of us 3 leave, this tribe is finished
PrinceTy01: I'm not voting for you or Bood, since the tribe dies if one of us goes.
PrinceTy01: I don't know what Bood wants to do.
PrinceTy01: But I'll vote for whoever you tell me to.
Cyber N 666: I am probably going to vote Inx, just because he isn't alive
Cyber N 666: Superfan comes to TC, which is more than Inx
PrinceTy01: True.
PrinceTy01: It depends on who shows up for TC.
PrinceTy01: For instance, if Inx shows and Superfan doesn't, probably best to vote for Superfan.
PrinceTy01: And vice versa.
PrinceTy01: But you know you're safe.
PrinceTy01: Which is the important thing, eh?
Cyber N 666: always nice to know your safe
PrinceTy01: Heh, I wish I knew.
Cyber N 666: don't worry about it, if I wanted you gone, I'd tell you, and right now, keeping this tribe alive is #1 priority
PrinceTy01: Heh...plus, you do love SP.
Cyber N 666: sp is a bonus
Cyber N 666: If it came down to Spider or I, though, you would take Spider, right?
PrinceTy01: Heh, you should know full well what I'd do.
PrinceTy01: I'd go with who had better numbers.
PrinceTy01: The more numbers, the more safe I am.
PrinceTy01: That's rule #1.
PrinceTy01: Keep the numbers in your favor.
Cyber N 666: So probably Spider...since our tribe was my alliance...and it is wilting away to nothing
PrinceTy01: You've got Clear, Yosh, Frog, all of whom are more your friends than me.
Cyber N 666: I don't know
Cyber N 666: they have their own alliances
Cyber N 666: their own tribes
Cyber N 666: allstars is different
Cyber N 666: 3 tribes screws with allinances
PrinceTy01: If you would like a solid alliance with me, and you want me to take you over Spider, say it.
PrinceTy01: Is that what you're getting at, my friend?
PrinceTy01: Let's make sure I'm getting things right before I continue rambling on.
Cyber N 666: You have a network, a network that nobody can really crack without getting to the source...even if I made a solid alliance with you, it would be one of many, I think, anyway
PrinceTy01: Having a solid alliance with me, for you, would be bad because I doubt I'm getting past the merge.
PrinceTy01: Them eliminating you first aside, they hate me, and they don't hate you.
Cyber N 666: Have you given up on it then?
Cyber N 666: The game in general?
PrinceTy01: I never give up.
PrinceTy01: I just don't have my hopes set high.
PrinceTy01: I'm not a quitter.
PrinceTy01: I'm plenty of terrible things, but not a quitter.
PrinceTy01: If you want an alliance, I'm all for it, Nathan.
PrinceTy01: Because I know I can trust you.
PrinceTy01: And I know full well that everyone else is out for my blood, minus you and Spider.
Cyber N 666: I just don't know, a lot of people want you out, and others are in your "network"
Cyber N 666: Two sides will form in this game depending on when you leave
PrinceTy01: And you probably would prefer to be on the fence, I'm sure.
Cyber N 666: I've slipped and killed myself on the fence before
Cyber N 666: I don't like taking sides
Cyber N 666: but staying in the middle doesn't help anything
PrinceTy01: But you think you might need to.
PrinceTy01: What I can offer you is this.
PrinceTy01: If you stick with me, and we get to the end, you know full well you'll win OLS All Stars.
PrinceTy01: Because while Froggy and Yosh and Clear and their bunch are all nice, likeable people, I'm the person everyone despises.
PrinceTy01: You'd sweep me, Nathan.
Cyber N 666: You really are untrustworthy, you know that, right? lol
PrinceTy01: I know.
PrinceTy01: But you know, too, that you could beat me.
PrinceTy01: Don't you?
Cyber N 666: All the OS games I've played, you have hurt me more than helped...and I am not too sure I care to venture back to that road
Cyber N 666: Just about anyone could beat you
Cyber N 666: probably
Cyber N 666: The number of potention allies for me is low, in fact, it is probably about as high as your potention allies
Cyber N 666: maybe even lower
PrinceTy01: Well, until the merge, I don't see why we shouldn't stick together.
Cyber N 666: Although, the people that don't ally with me don't despise me like they do you
PrinceTy01: True.
PrinceTy01: If you stick with me to the merge, you're guaranteed to get to the jury.
PrinceTy01: Because, if I get to the merge, there's no way that everyone's not going to target me.
PrinceTy01: As distrutstful as I might be, that's just common sense.
PrinceTy01: Because nobody's got a bigger bullseye on 'em than me.
PrinceTy01: We're probably both dead men walking, Nathan.
Cyber N 666: I hate this position
PrinceTy01: What's best right now for me, is to vote off a no-show and keep collecting SP.
PrinceTy01: Do what you feel you have to do.
PrinceTy01: If you're worried about me being upset, or coming after you from beyond elimination, don't be.
PrinceTy01: Because frankly, I'm sick and tired of being "The Prince", I'm ****ing sick of it.
PrinceTy01: I hate what I am, I hate what I've become, I hate it.
PrinceTy01: The game's not fun when everybody despises you.
PrinceTy01: I'll help the tribe as long as you want me to.
Cyber N 666: I need to sleep on it
PrinceTy01: But don't worry about your position....either way, I know that at least I've got the most respectable of the All Stars on my tribe.
PrinceTy01: Do what you wish, old friend.
PrinceTy01: The worst that will happen is you two vote me out, and I have a seizure.
PrinceTy01: But those never last.
Cyber N 666: always fitting the ol' seizure bit in
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: That's my thing....use tired, beaten to death bits as much as possible.
PrinceTy01: Guy's mother, My Friends, Seizures
PrinceTy01: All part of my grand plan to be as annoying or funny as possible.
PrinceTy01: Because if I wasn't good for at least a laugh, I'd be nothing but a soulless shell of a man.
Cyber N 666: I hate this position...I really do. It isn't the fear of Ty coming back, but the fear of Ty's "network" coming after me. I don't know if that is even what is keeping me from voting him out. His sucking up is annoying, and very obvious. I mean, "the most respectable of the All Stars on my tribe" eh... Might be an interesting TC coming up. I can do it, everyone says I should, but I get rid of him, and then I face the fact hat our tribe will lose most every challenge after this...Perhaps another TC...I don't know...

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