***Actual Date: June 4, 2004***
***Actual Day: 19/89***

***SABOGA - Day 9***

Boodu2boo: lets dump prince tonight
Cyber N 666: I don't think that is the best move
Boodu2boo: why?
Cyber N 666: Do you want to go to every TC till merge?
Cyber N 666: cause that is what is going to happen if we get rid of Ty
Cyber N 666: We can afford to keep him another week or two
Boodu2boo: fine, just 1 though iight?
Cyber N 666: I'm not planning on going to TC next week ;-)
Cyber N 666: we'll see
Boodu2boo: dont get your hopes up, us 3 hasnt been real successful
Cyber N 666: more successful than us two
Boodu2boo: nah
Cyber N 666: we failed a mystery that the other two tribes figured out in less than 5 minutes combined
Boodu2boo: a water bed? please
Cyber N 666: I mean, in total, the two other tribes askd 2 questions
Cyber N 666: lol
Cyber N 666: If you want to vote Ty, that is fine
Cyber N 666: may actually work in the long run to give him a past vote
Boodu2boo: send him an IM that you found out that i was makin alliance outside the traibe and you want me out of the game
Cyber N 666: why?
Boodu2boo: make him think that you want him as a swing vote to vote me out
Boodu2boo: i get 1 vote, and you and i vote him out
Cyber N 666: I don't really want to vote him out, I mean, our tribe would most likely be finished
Cyber N 666: We need to dump a noshow
Boodu2boo: okmmmx
Cyber N 666: I was planning Inx, actually, since he doesn't even come online ever
Boodu2boo: but mmx is a threat if he comes back
Boodu2boo: and hes no help anyways
Cyber N 666: I told Ty that I am voting Inx, and I would rather vote him out for tribal purposes
Cyber N 666: right now, position come merge doesn't matter to me, I don't want our tribe to drop to 1 or 2 people at merge
Cyber N 666: I'm voting Inx
Boodu2boo: im rolling a dice

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