***Actual Date: June 4, 2004***
***Actual Day: 19/89***

***TRIBAL COUNCIL 3 - Day 9***

***Clearwater88 Voting***

Survivor Guy 886: CYBERN
***Cyber N 666 Voting***

Easy vote, like Guy said. I shocked you, Ty, and others by voting you out unexpectingly in OS3. you pulled the same thing getting your revenge in OS4, but then I again prevailed by having some friends take care of you right at the merge. Now, I vote you out again...

Survivor Guy 886: PRINCE
Cyber N 666: breezing right on through here
Cyber N 666: each TC took about an hour in OS7
Cyber N 666: ^_^
Boodu2boo: yeah well, 2 people voting lol
Cyber N 666: 3
Cyber N 666: lol
Boodu2boo: 2 others*
Cyber N 666: o
Boodu2boo: technically 2, i just rolled
***PrinceTy01 Voting***

He hasn't shown up once the whole time....and my SP buddy told me to vote for him....hopefully, I haven't been bamboozled. Tonight, the Prince says.....off with InXdefenseXxX's head.

PrinceTy01: Done.
Cyber N 666: lol
Boodu2boo: Call Me Dr. Sean Boodu2boo
Survivor Guy 886: I'LL GO TALLY THE VOTES

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