***Actual Date: June 1, 2004***
***Actual Day: 16/89***

***MOGO MOGO - Day 7***

ecukid1983 has entered the room.
Clearwater88 has entered the room.
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 has entered the room.
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: hi kids
Clearwater88: um
ecukid1983: hey aaron
Clearwater88: this feels like final 5 of ols7 -yosh
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: it is..
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: besides buffy
ecukid1983: yeah
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: this game is dominated by s7ers
Clearwater88: oh final 6 then
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: heh
ecukid1983: haha
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: so do y'all have anything I need to know?
ecukid1983: like our tribe got blown away in the challenge
ecukid1983: lol
Clearwater88: guys
Clearwater88: we cant lose any more immunities
Clearwater88: ever.
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: you have me now..
ecukid1983: i agree
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: lol jk :-\
ecukid1983: haha
Clearwater88: k
Clearwater88: right now
Clearwater88: i dun wanna vote anyone on tribe off
Clearwater88: i never did
Clearwater88: before
Clearwater88: so we can lose immunities
ecukid1983: yeah me either
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: I like being immune
ecukid1983: me too
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: well this sucks I don't get the 100 tribal sp now :-\
ecukid1983: oh wow that is true
ecukid1983: i didnt realize that
Clearwater88: Oh elec:-(
Clearwater88: you can have ecus
Clearwater88: he took 15sp
Clearwater88: lol jk<3
ecukid1983: haha
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: haha
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: anyone wanna give me sp :-)
ecukid1983: haha can we do that
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: even if we could I wouldn't ask for it heh
ecukid1983: awww
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04: ecukid1983: haha

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