***Actual Date: June 9, 2004***
***Actual Day: 24/89***

***CHAPERA - Day 11***

BuffyBoy83: what did u think about last nights challenge?
BuffyBoy83: i was trying so many things on paper, those puzzles are tough
Saline33: I wish he had been more receptive to us all working together
Saline33: he wouldn't listen to me
Saline33: said he had it
Saline33: "trust me" ...he said
BuffyBoy83: i know
BuffyBoy83: and his plan took like 6 moves longer then the others
BuffyBoy83: and no he dont let him do everything
BuffyBoy83: he does nothing!
BuffyBoy83: this is the SECOND time hes shown to a challenge!!!
BuffyBoy83: hes such an inactive player
Saline33: I couldn't believe he didn't even apologize
BuffyBoy83: then he finally shows and has the nerve to act like he owns the tribe
Saline33: or seem to feel bad
BuffyBoy83: the only reason i wasnt trying moves was cause i was trying it on paper first
BuffyBoy83: so i wasnt always looking at the screen
BuffyBoy83: then when it was our turn
BuffyBoy83: i thought i saw a way to do it
BuffyBoy83: and i waited like 10 seconds for him to submit a move
BuffyBoy83: and since he didnt i figured noone was in charge for the challenge
BuffyBoy83: and submitted what i thought
BuffyBoy83: then i get *****ed out by him
Saline33: oh well....
Saline33: maybe he will listen next time
BuffyBoy83: he is just digging his own grave
BuffyBoy83: his grave was already dug pretty deep in this game
BuffyBoy83: but hes decided to pick up a shovel also lol
Saline33: well..I just figured I would be next since I am the newbie
Saline33: so I hope we win immunity
BuffyBoy83: ur not going to be next
BuffyBoy83: u think khold is gonna stick around after he never shows then starts screaming at me last night?
Saline33: that is good to hear...I feel better
BuffyBoy83: so what was going on when u were still at mogo mogo?
BuffyBoy83: u had an alliance with ecu and cujoe?
Saline33: I was the closest to them....
Saline33: no one really talked alliance..because we knew things were going to change so much
Saline33: we were definitely going to look out for each other
Saline33: as long as we were together
Saline33: so I am sure that they had/have their own plan
Saline33: I like both of them..but I have enjoyed getting to meet some new faces over here
Saline33: you have an alliance with John and Case?
BuffyBoy83: and u lol
Saline33: cool....we hadn't ever talked about it
Saline33: so wasn't sure where you stood
BuffyBoy83: i thought we did talk about it lol
BuffyBoy83: that u me yosh and case would vote khold off
Saline33: I am VERY cool with that
BuffyBoy83: great
BuffyBoy83: Well Im not Saline was being 100% honest that he doesnt have an alliance with Ecu and Cujoe but who knows. Im glad he seems cool with voting Khold off and I hope it goes that way. I would like him to make more meetings but at least he actually seems sorry and upset he had to miss the meetings.
Saline33: Well, I was moved over to Chapera...not sure how I feel. I trust [Ecu] ...but have my doubts about [CuJoe], who is a tough player!!! I think the best thing for me was to meet some new faces and get to come up with another plan. So, we will see. At least I feel better that Khold might be going before me, so just going to let them duke it out with each other and sit on the sidelines.
SpiderFab4 has entered the room.
Kholdstare4Sword has entered the room.
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
Caseboy6 has entered the room.
SpiderFab4: Hello
Caseboy6: hi
YoshMan4: hello
SpiderFab4: Is anyone melting?
Caseboy6: i have ac
YoshMan4: me too
BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: but it is hot
YoshMan4: gah
YoshMan4: wheel of fortune isnt on
YoshMan4: fun a severe thunderstorm warning scrollbar who cares its just a storm i dont need the scroll thingy
BuffyBoy83: hey everyone :-)
YoshMan4: hi
YoshMan4: woo finally finished finals i have one more class tomorrow at 9 AM then i can be done like most people lol
Caseboy6: i'm finishing tomorrow
YoshMan4: yay you and me both then
YoshMan4: i dont have finals tomorrow though but i have to come in for my second class stupid i hjave to go for 9-10:30 lol thats so ptless
BuffyBoy83: treemail!!!!
YoshMan4: mm hmm right
BuffyBoy83: its dissolve a tribe time!!!
Kholdstare4Sword: O_O
BuffyBoy83: TREE MAIL:
BuffyBoy83: wait
BuffyBoy83: thats the 2nd line
BuffyBoy83: the first got cut off
BuffyBoy83: (first line)
YoshMan4: lol
YoshMan4: fun
BuffyBoy83: i said to case i think that i thought this might be a dissolve a tribe round
Caseboy6: and i said no
BuffyBoy83: that sounds like one tribe will be spilt up to u right?
YoshMan4: how would that work?
YoshMan4: i dont think so
BuffyBoy83: two become one?
BuffyBoy83: that means
BuffyBoy83: 2 tribes
BuffyBoy83: one immunity
BuffyBoy83: thats what i think
YoshMan4: i dont think so just bc it wouldnt make sense
YoshMan4: because the losing tribe
YoshMan4: goes to both
YoshMan4: then who goes to tc
Kholdstare4Sword: i want to watch wheel :-(
YoshMan4: ME TOO
YoshMan4: i have it on the channel
YoshMan4: waiting for it to come on
YoshMan4: maybe its another elim type challenge
YoshMan4: or im not sure lol
YoshMan4: we do need a twist
YoshMan4: so maybe
BuffyBoy83: wait but doesnt two become one
YoshMan4: on the show, no
BuffyBoy83: sound like two immunites become one after this round
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: 3 became two
YoshMan4: maybe
YoshMan4: who knows
YoshMan4: maybe two tribes have tc
YoshMan4: lol
SpiderFab4: 2 Become 1
YoshMan4: spice girls song
SpiderFab4: THe title of a good JEwel song
YoshMan4: tonight is the night
SpiderFab4: And SPice Girls
YoshMan4: that two becomes one

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