***Actual Date: June 9, 2004***
***Actual Day: 24/89***

***SABOGA - Day 11***

PrinceTy01 has entered the room.
PrinceTy01: Clear survives another week.
PrinceTy01: How lovely.
Boodu2boo has entered the room.
Boodu2boo: prince
PrinceTy01: Bood
Boodu2boo: wait
PrinceTy01: What?
Boodu2boo: holdstare4Sword: who are you voting out
Boodu2boo: Boodu2boo: what does it matter to you?
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: we need to vote prince out
Boodu2boo: Boodu2boo: whatsw in it for me?
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: you get your *** saved
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: your neal the top of prince's hitlistKholdstare4Sword: *near
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: he wants all the winners out first
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: get him out, you get your *** saved
Boodu2boo: Boodu2boo: why should i believe you?
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: because prince has all the powerBoodu2boo: im aware of that
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: and im in his allianceKholdstare4Sword: but he needs to go
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: if u dont get him out before the merge, everyone is screwed
Boodu2boo: Kholdstare4Sword: you are a ****ing dumb***
Boodu2boo: tell me what of that is true
PrinceTy01: That Khold's an idiot.
Boodu2boo: what of it is true?
PrinceTy01: None of it.
Boodu2boo: you lying to me, just askin?
PrinceTy01: Not lying.
Boodu2boo: k, then we get rid of cybern
PrinceTy01: I'm not convinced that's him saying that.
PrinceTy01: And I'm not voting Cybern.
PrinceTy01: I'm voting Superfan, the no-show.
Boodu2boo: okay, thatll be at least 3 votes for mmx
Boodu2boo: ill vote for him, but i think cybern MIGHT vote for me
PrinceTy01: He won't.
PrinceTy01: He'll vote the no-show.
Boodu2boo: i said some stuff before he left
PrinceTy01: Bood, look, I'm not a dumb***.
PrinceTy01: If you want to try to stir up trouble with Chapera, then fine.
PrinceTy01: Be my guest.
PrinceTy01: I'm voting Superfan.
PrinceTy01: Cybern's voting Superfan.
Boodu2boo: dude your not the leader of this game, yourn not gonna toy with my head, how do i know your not lying
PrinceTy01: And if you want to vote him, then do so, if you want to vote for me, for telling you to stop your ****, then go ahead.
Boodu2boo: after all you already screwed me hard
PrinceTy01: If you vote for me, you're screwing yourself worse.
PrinceTy01: But do whatever you want.
Boodu2boo: **** you dude, you dont tell me what to do
Boodu2boo: good day, you self centered little prick

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