***Boodu2boo's Last Words***

Prince, would love to ****in beat the pussy hatin **** out of your roten burning ***. **** *****, ill get you ****in good for that. Cyber, you **** lil ****sucker, your a lil douche like prince, and you aint **** either, your rotten testicle teaser, rim sone

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Cyber N 666 Boodu2boo Winner of OS1, failure at the rest. Bood, I wanted to allign with you on day one, but as this game progressed, we have grown apart and you can no longer be carried. I hated the way you talked to me earlier today, acting as if I have to go with you. It's time for you to finally put away your torch for good. And what the **** is boodu2boo? I mean...wow...what a wierd screen name...yeah. Time to go...bye bye till next week. XD
mmxsuperfan Himself (Absent) -
PrinceTy01 Boodu2boo ....How in the bloody **** did you win one of these?.....The Prince says, off with Boodu2boo's head.
Boodu2boo Himself (Absent) -

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