***Actual Date: June 8, 2004***
***Actual Day: 23/89***

***CHAPERA - Day 10***

Caseboy6 has entered the room.
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
SpiderFab4 has entered the room.
Saline33 has entered the room.
Kholdstare4Sword has entered the room.
SpiderFab4: hi
Caseboy6: hi
YoshMan4: hello
Kholdstare4Sword: [email protected]
Kholdstare4Sword: HI!
BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
BuffyBoy83: hi
BuffyBoy83: the tribes all here!!! :-)
BuffyBoy83: lol
SpiderFab4: Everyones here!
YoshMan4: yay!
Kholdstare4Sword: EVEN ME!
BuffyBoy83: yea even u khold
YoshMan4: congratulations for making it khold
BuffyBoy83: :-)
BuffyBoy83: yea good job khold
YoshMan4: yayness
BuffyBoy83: so what kind of challenge do u guys think we will have tonight?
YoshMan4: prob reward
Saline33: what puzzles have you guys deciphered yet?
YoshMan4: ummm nothing lol
Kholdstare4Sword: we got puizzles?
Kholdstare4Sword: *puzzles?
Saline33: well, if we end up with Mojo Mojo's phrase
Saline33: I can help us out there...LOL
BuffyBoy83: oo what do u know so far?
SpiderFab4: WHy? DOes it suck as bad as ours?
Saline33: yours was pretty easy
Saline33: LOL
Kholdstare4Sword: what puzzles???
YoshMan4: lol oh yeah
YoshMan4: thats true saline was on mogo ha
BuffyBoy83: ooo cause u were on mogo mogo!!! o i get it
BuffyBoy83: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: HELLO?
YoshMan4: lol
Saline33: sorry, I should have explained better
SpiderFab4: hello Andrew
Saline33: each tribe had to come up with a phrase, khold
Kholdstare4Sword: what puzzles???
BuffyBoy83: the ones we made in the beginning
BuffyBoy83: like the first day
Saline33: as a reward you get letters to decipher another tribe's phrase
Kholdstare4Sword: i wasnt there the first day
YoshMan4: i dunno if you were here
BuffyBoy83: i dont think u were here andrew
YoshMan4: yeah
Kholdstare4Sword: whats our phrase?
YoshMan4: um
YoshMan4: they guessed it thats all i know
Kholdstare4Sword: hey
Kholdstare4Sword: if anybody knows what this means or who said it
Kholdstare4Sword: you get 5 points
Kholdstare4Sword: fiftyfour forty or fight!
Kholdstare4Sword: no one wants 5 points?
YoshMan4: 5 prs of what
YoshMan4: pts
Kholdstare4Sword: 5 points
Kholdstare4Sword: just points
YoshMan4: i see
Kholdstare4Sword: like is whose line
Kholdstare4Sword: they mean nothing
Kholdstare4Sword: *in whose line
Kholdstare4Sword: no one knows?
Kholdstare4Sword: well you guys suck
Caseboy6: treemail
YoshMan4: yay
BuffyBoy83: yay :-)
Kholdstare4Sword: can u do it line by line?
YoshMan4: oh god
YoshMan4: a number puzzle
YoshMan4: i suck at those
YoshMan4: its the rearranging number thing
BuffyBoy83: i remember those tricky puzzles...
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: lol yeah
YoshMan4: they suck
Caseboy6: that clear always messed up
YoshMan4: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: spider > all
Kholdstare4Sword: all =/= me
Kholdstare4Sword: there fore, me > pae > all
SpiderFab4: lol
SpiderFab4: I am PAE by the way
YoshMan4: i know lol
BuffyBoy83: y?
SpiderFab4: And I am watching Seinfeld
Caseboy6: like pie?
BuffyBoy83: y r u pae? lol
YoshMan4: that's his name...
Kholdstare4Sword: pae you can tell him
BuffyBoy83: thats ur name?
Kholdstare4Sword: no
Kholdstare4Sword: his name is dimitris
SpiderFab4: Its Greek
Kholdstare4Sword: fabrikakis or something like that
BuffyBoy83: o
Kholdstare4Sword: what is it?
Kholdstare4Sword: fabrikakis?
BuffyBoy83: wait spider isnt ur name mike
YoshMan4: no lol
Kholdstare4Sword: HIS NAME IS DIMITRIS
YoshMan4: that was his made up name for ols7
BuffyBoy83: ooo no wait thats right u were lying to me for like 2 months :'(
Caseboy6: than where did mike come from?
YoshMan4: to fool us which he did well
BuffyBoy83: lol
BuffyBoy83: no i knew for most of the time
BuffyBoy83: someone told me
BuffyBoy83: lol
Caseboy6: someone told me
YoshMan4: i knew once merge started
BuffyBoy83: yea i told u case
BuffyBoy83: lol
Caseboy6: lol
SpiderFab4: lol
BuffyBoy83: yea cause cybern figured it out
YoshMan4: someone told me to begin it i think
YoshMan4: yeah
Kholdstare4Sword: cybern =/= cool
BuffyBoy83: and told his little allies lol
Kholdstare4Sword: dale = cool
Caseboy6: lol
YoshMan4: and i told you
YoshMan4: and you told case
YoshMan4: and so on
YoshMan4: lol
BuffyBoy83: no we knew b4 that
Caseboy6: yes
BuffyBoy83: we just didnt tell everyone
YoshMan4: ah okay
YoshMan4: didn't really matter to me though i never was in a game with spider
BuffyBoy83: someone (not hard to guess) told me pretty early on lol
Caseboy6: lol
YoshMan4: lol i wonder who
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: ...ha
SpiderFab4: Who did?
BuffyBoy83: spider, the one person who knew :-)
SpiderFab4: Spit it Buff
BuffyBoy83: lol
BuffyBoy83: besides u i mean
YoshMan4: lol
YoshMan4: guess
YoshMan4: the guy who knows all :-P
Caseboy6: me? lol
Saline33: his name sure comes up alot in these parts...LOL
BuffyBoy83: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: wait
Kholdstare4Sword: are we talking about prince?
BuffyBoy83: no
Kholdstare4Sword: im confused
Kholdstare4Sword: whoa re we talking about
Kholdstare4Sword: *who are
Kholdstare4Sword: .....
Kholdstare4Sword: well you know what?
SpiderFab4 has left the room.
Saline33 has left the room.
BuffyBoy83: what?
Kholdstare4Sword: ****!

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