***Actual Date: June 8, 2004***
***Actual Day: 23/89***

***CHAPERA - Day 10***

Saline33 has entered the room.
Kholdstare4Sword has entered the room.
Caseboy6 has entered the room.
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
SpiderFab4 has entered the room.
BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
SpiderFab4: Another reward we dont win :-(
BuffyBoy83: yea :-(
YoshMan4: aw but we win every IC!
Kholdstare4Sword: buffy, even if we couldnt have won, i had it figured out and if u were paying attention you wouldve saw that
YoshMan4: yes but we woudlnt have won though
BuffyBoy83: **** off! what u showed me has like 6 turns away from winning
BuffyBoy83: was*
BuffyBoy83: so either way we wouldnt have won
Kholdstare4Sword: if you were paying attnetion, you wouldve seen i did the same move you did 2 turns ago
Kholdstare4Sword: therefor taking us closer to the start
SpiderFab4: WHats a good new PS2 game?
YoshMan4: hmm
BuffyBoy83: well im sorry for my mistake but i dont think it cost us the win
YoshMan4: dont have ps2
YoshMan4: not sure
Kholdstare4Sword: i already said it didnt
Kholdstare4Sword: the point is, pay attention
Kholdstare4Sword: ffxi
Kholdstare4Sword: pae
Kholdstare4Sword: ffxi
Saline33: so..how's the weather?
Saline33: LOL
YoshMan4: lol
YoshMan4: good actually
Caseboy6: hot
YoshMan4: its 87 ish
YoshMan4: so hot
YoshMan4: as case said
SpiderFab4: Online RPGs dont intrest me
SpiderFab4: It is hot
SpiderFab4: and our AC still is up in the attic
Saline33: in the attic?
Saline33: what do you mean by in the attic?
SpiderFab4: yes
SpiderFab4: It was up there for the winter
SpiderFab4: Now that its hot, my parents havent brought it down
Saline33: I would be slapping around some parents
Saline33: LOL
Saline33: that is one thing I have to have...AC
Caseboy6: same here
BuffyBoy83: yea i have a nice AC in my room also
BuffyBoy83: lol
BuffyBoy83: and were finally going to get central air at my country house
BuffyBoy83: for years weve had to use fans when its been really hot in the summer
SpiderFab4: COuntry house?
BuffyBoy83: quite a day huh? lol
SpiderFab4: lol yeah
Kholdstare4Sword: i am annoyed at you
BuffyBoy83: well im sorry
BuffyBoy83: it was just a mistake
BuffyBoy83: and its not like i was daydreaming, i was trying to solve the puzzle over
BuffyBoy83: and u took like 10 15 seconds to answer
BuffyBoy83: so i wasnt sure if u were going to submit a move
Kholdstare4Sword: because i had copy/pasted the wrong thing
BuffyBoy83: i cant wait to vote khold off
YoshMan4: lol me too
YoshMan4: he's so annoying
BuffyBoy83: and i already told him to **** off
YoshMan4: lol this just reaffirmed my hate for him though
YoshMan4: he is so stupid
BuffyBoy83: i know he shows up for like the 2nd time to a challenge ever
BuffyBoy83: and acts like he owns the tribe
BuffyBoy83: i was trying to figure the puzzle out on paper
BuffyBoy83: when i looked up and it was our turn
BuffyBoy83: i waited like 10 seconds
BuffyBoy83: and noone submitted anything
BuffyBoy83: so i figured noone was leading the challenge
BuffyBoy83: so i submitted the move i thought was right
YoshMan4: thats just khold for you stupid and messed up and annoying
BuffyBoy83: both times khold has shown he was pissed me off
YoshMan4: lol i know i rather enjoy him not coming
BuffyBoy83: last time he showed or so was when he was arguing with me over case not being there, that pissed me off
BuffyBoy83: i said it was ok 2 wasnt that big a deal
BuffyBoy83: and he was like no it is a big deal!
YoshMan4: lol i know he is so freaking annoying
BuffyBoy83: ugh what an idiot, he barely shows and when he does he pisses ppl off
YoshMan4: lol i know
YoshMan4: to me he isn't a part of my tribe
BuffyBoy83: so what r u thinking strategy wise?
BuffyBoy83: like voting out khold or saline
BuffyBoy83: or yosh
Caseboy6: i dunno yet
BuffyBoy83: if we go to TC, the 6 of us khold is getting my vote
Caseboy6: ok.....
BuffyBoy83: what a ****ing idiot, he shows up after days of being inactive
BuffyBoy83: and again pisses ppl off
Caseboy6: thats probably just how he is
BuffyBoy83: ooo btw last time when u werent there
BuffyBoy83: he was saying how its such a big deal ppl rnt showing up or something cause the penalty was 2 sp if u had to substitute someone in the reward challenge
Caseboy6: he shouldnt be complaining since he never shows
BuffyBoy83: he acts like my move cost us the challenge, the way he was doing it was still like 6 moves away
BuffyBoy83: can we please vote him off the first round? now we have a good reason, he never shows and is rude when he does
Caseboy6: you can vote for him if you want
Caseboy6: i'm not sure about what i'm doing yet
BuffyBoy83: ok but can we talk about what ur thinking
Caseboy6: i already told you what i was thinking
BuffyBoy83: well who r u currently leaning towards
BuffyBoy83: to vote off
Caseboy6: nobody now
Caseboy6: cuz i dont plan on going to tc this week
BuffyBoy83: but if u had to pick! thats all i mean lol
Caseboy6: well i know its between khold, yosh and saline
Caseboy6: i dont know if i want to vote khold out cuz if i do than if yosh decides between me, you, saline and spider, its me
Caseboy6: and i'm not sure if i want to vote yosh cuz hes my sp buddy
Caseboy6: and i'm not where saline stands
BuffyBoy83: omg it wouldnt be u
Caseboy6: it could
BuffyBoy83: but chances r it wont be
BuffyBoy83: yosh tells me that he likes u
BuffyBoy83: and that he trusts us
Caseboy6: but i dont like him
Caseboy6: and i dont trust him
BuffyBoy83: so what?!!? that doesnt mean he would vote u off
BuffyBoy83: just cause u dont like him
Caseboy6: weakest link? me
BuffyBoy83: well then y wouldnt he vote u off this round?
BuffyBoy83: trust me hes not going to be voting u off
Caseboy6: cuz khold is the weak link right now
BuffyBoy83: whatever
BuffyBoy83: khold clearly is an ***hole
BuffyBoy83: and hes inactive
Caseboy6: yea, but i'm talking about after he gets voted out(if i vote him)
BuffyBoy83: ok how about if we were to lose 2 more
BuffyBoy83: and yosh and saline went
BuffyBoy83: then what? u think spider would keep u over complete zombie khold?
Caseboy6: no
Caseboy6: its obvious khold and spider are sticking together
BuffyBoy83: right so then what r u thinking!
BuffyBoy83: chances r there wont be 3 more TC's b4 a switch but u never know
Caseboy6: and than saline and yosh will stick together
BuffyBoy83: r u crazy?
BuffyBoy83: i barely talk with saline
BuffyBoy83: and i wouldnt vote u off over him
Caseboy6: he said he talks to me and you the most
BuffyBoy83: and u me and yosh have been in the "alliance" since the beginning so yosh would vote saline off
BuffyBoy83: u say u never talk to yosh, but remember saline was voted off 2nd in his season and never played again until now
BuffyBoy83: id say yosh trusts u more
BuffyBoy83: saline has ecu and cujoe as far as i know
BuffyBoy83: y would yosh keep him around
Caseboy6: but they have an alliance together
BuffyBoy83: yea and yosh thinks he has an alliance with u
BuffyBoy83: he thinks that me u and him have an alliance from the beginning
BuffyBoy83: and that saline is elect's replacement
BuffyBoy83: thats what he tells me
BuffyBoy83: so y would he vote u off over saline or spider?
BuffyBoy83: it just doesnt make sense
Caseboy6: but when we get to merge and if he makes it and i vote him out than "backstabbed" him?
BuffyBoy83: um... if u get to merge with spider and khold and vote them out rnt u backstabbing them?
Caseboy6: no cuz i dont have an alliance
BuffyBoy83: they think u do!
BuffyBoy83: they think ur alligned with them and prince
Caseboy6: khold doesnt
BuffyBoy83: so yes that would be backstabbing
BuffyBoy83: voting off yosh wouldnt be that big of a backstabbing
BuffyBoy83: compared to like spider
BuffyBoy83: if u vote saline, fine i might vote with u, but if u decide to vote off yosh, i wont do it cause im not willing to throw our chances away
BuffyBoy83: cause saline we just met on our tribe recently
BuffyBoy83: weve had this "alliance" with yosh the whole time
Caseboy6: do we have an "alliance" with anyone else?
BuffyBoy83: u me yosh and saline and u me spider khold
BuffyBoy83: if it came down to u me spider and khold, wed have trouble i think
BuffyBoy83: if it came down to u me yosh and saline i think i could easily get yosh to vote saline off
BuffyBoy83: and we dont even have to go u me yosh saline
BuffyBoy83: i trust spider over saline
BuffyBoy83: now that i think about it
Caseboy6: i trust saline more than spider
BuffyBoy83: really?
Caseboy6: yes
BuffyBoy83: thats true also
BuffyBoy83: cause spider is a prince zomie
Caseboy6: and i could get saline to vote out yosh if i wanted
BuffyBoy83: yea so y would u want to go to a tribe of 4 with 2 ppl u dont trust that u believe would vote for u
Caseboy6: yosh will vote for me
BuffyBoy83: over a tribe of 4 where u believe u and ur ally could have the other 2 ppl vote for each other
Caseboy6: you're my ally, right?
BuffyBoy83: yes
BuffyBoy83: r u serious?
Caseboy6: ok, just making sure
BuffyBoy83: i dont know y ur paranoid about that
BuffyBoy83: or me being allied to yosh more then im allied to u
Caseboy6: cuz i know he will vote me
BuffyBoy83: yea but u also know spider and khold will
Caseboy6: yes
BuffyBoy83: and i dont think he will vote u, at least never on this tribe
Caseboy6: would you trust someone who you never talked to before?
Caseboy6: i wouldnt
BuffyBoy83: its ur fault u refuse u talk to him
Caseboy6: no its not
Caseboy6: i dont want to
BuffyBoy83: yes u dont want to talk to him
BuffyBoy83: so its not like its my fault lol
BuffyBoy83: and yea i would trust him until later in the game
Caseboy6: i wouldnt
BuffyBoy83: cause u have me talking to him alot
BuffyBoy83: so i would trust that at least until merge AT LEAST
BuffyBoy83: u could trust him
Caseboy6: w/e
BuffyBoy83: ok but if u think that spider and khold would vote u off
BuffyBoy83: whats the difference voting khold off?
BuffyBoy83: just curious
Caseboy6: khold isnt a threat
BuffyBoy83: ok so u want to leave us with an inactive tribe of ppl who want u off
Caseboy6: well theres only 1 inactive lol
BuffyBoy83: saline hasnt been the most active player
Caseboy6: yea but i trust him....a little lol
BuffyBoy83: lol i really dont understand ur strategy
BuffyBoy83: as far as y not to vote khold off
BuffyBoy83: if we had to go all the way down to the 2 of us on this tribe it could go
BuffyBoy83: khold, spider, yosh, saline or khold, spider, saline, yosh
BuffyBoy83: depending on how bad u wanted yosh off
BuffyBoy83: but no ud rather yosh saline then possibly u then me? lol
BuffyBoy83: i dont like that plan
Caseboy6: you'll get 3rd
BuffyBoy83: i mean on this tribe
BuffyBoy83: if that was the final 4 id like that plan lol me 1st u 2nd lol :-P
Caseboy6: thats how its gonna go
Caseboy6: you'll always do better than me
BuffyBoy83: what?
BuffyBoy83: i was just kidding thats not like my plan for the final 4
BuffyBoy83: i was saying i wouldnt mind us final 2
BuffyBoy83: i just meant i didnt mean that for the final 4 but the way it could go on this tribe if u vote yosh off and he goes then saline goes
BuffyBoy83: then spider and khold might vote for u
BuffyBoy83: and if u go then they might vote me off
BuffyBoy83: its just not a good plan
BuffyBoy83: and i dont like it lol
BuffyBoy83: id much rather khold then spider
BuffyBoy83: with us in a pretty good spot
Caseboy6: us or you?
BuffyBoy83: us!!!!
BuffyBoy83: why r u sooo paranoid?!?!!?
BuffyBoy83: who else would u rather trust?
BuffyBoy83: ur seriously so paranoid about the alliance for some reason
Caseboy6: yes
BuffyBoy83: i dont know what else to tell u to convince u
Caseboy6: i told you already
Caseboy6: i dont trust yosh!!!
BuffyBoy83: i meant the alliance with u and me
Caseboy6: i dunno
BuffyBoy83: y do u not know about our alliance
Caseboy6: i do
BuffyBoy83: u just said i dunno
BuffyBoy83: y would u not trust me?
Caseboy6: cuz u said why am i so confused about our alliance
Caseboy6: i trust you
Caseboy6: i trust you out of everybody in the game
BuffyBoy83: then y did u say us or you?
BuffyBoy83: ive been trying to look out of us since the beginning of this game
Caseboy6: i know
BuffyBoy83: just so u know, when yosh told me he thinks we should make a 4 way alliance i pretty much said ok but i want case to be a member
Caseboy6: you told me that
BuffyBoy83: and he agreed he wanted u 2 be in it
BuffyBoy83: do u think a tribe is gonna get dissolved this round?
Caseboy6: no
Caseboy6: you?
BuffyBoy83: i dunno i think they might
BuffyBoy83: cause saboga is already down to 4
Caseboy6: yes
BuffyBoy83: 2 of the tribes are at an even number
BuffyBoy83: but who knows
Caseboy6: as long as i dont get voted out i'm happy
BuffyBoy83: yea thats what like all of ur votes said last time lol
BuffyBoy83: i dunno maybe that wont happen this round
BuffyBoy83: a tribe getting dissolved i mean
BuffyBoy83: I really dont understand why Case doesnt want to vote Khold off. Khold is inactive and rude and he has no personal ties with us. I really do trust Yosh and I dont think Yosh would vote me or Case off as long as were on Chapera anyway cause we are really all he has along with Saline. Case also seems paranoid about our alliance probably cause he thinks I trust Yosh to much and have a closer alliance with him. Im not going to just screw over Case I have a very strong alliance with him. Would I really vote Yosh off over Saline, (as of now) of course not, but I still dont tell Yosh everything that me and Case talk about. I have a close alliance with each of them and I dont just run to the other person with what the other one told me. Case really needs to decide to vote Khold off because that would be best for both of us. I really hope everything with Case works out and if we lose Khold goes.
Caseboy6: I told Buffy the complete truth. I dont trust Yosh, Spider or Khold. I trust Buffy the most and I Think I can tell him everything. Now I talk to Saline and I might be able to trust him even though I havent told him anything yet. I want yosh out but I cant because he is my sp buddy. And now I know I cant trust spider even though I never did.

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