***Actual Date: June 10, 2004***
***Actual Day: 25/89***

***TRIBAL COUNCIL 5 - Day 12***

YoshMan4: hum dedum
SpiderFab4: YOsh is last again lol
YoshMan4: lol i always am gah
YoshMan4: :-P
YoshMan4: i can trade sns with someone
YoshMan4: anyone willing?
Caseboy6: no
YoshMan4: aww
YoshMan4: come on case :-)
YoshMan4: lol
Caseboy6: i'll pass
YoshMan4: darn lol
***BuffyBoy83 Voting***

Well this is my first vote this game, Its great that we have gotten to go 3 rounds without voting but I think its time we send someone home. That person being Khold. Khold has been inactive and when hes shown up hes been rude to me and acts like he runs the tribe. Remember after that time you were rude to me and I told you to **** off, then in IM I told you I was just kidding? Guess what, I wasnt kidding. KHOLD

SpiderFab4: Make a new username
SpiderFab4: "A Really Good Yosh"
Survivor Guy 886: CASE
YoshMan4: ha
YoshMan4: that would be an interesting sn
***Caseboy6 Voting***

Survivor Guy 886: KHOLD
YoshMan4: eek there catching up
***Kholdstare4Sword Voting***

saline, the original plane was to vote for yosh, but when the switch happened lets just say "new orders came in"

Survivor Guy 886: SALINE
***Saline33 Voting***

My vote tonight is for khold...I do not think strategically it is the best vote...but I have ZERO power in this tribe (thank you Prince)...so I have to go by what the others are saying...he definitely is the most outspoken and can tend to grate on the others nerves..which is just fine with me.grate all you want, khold!

Survivor Guy 886: SPIDER
***SpiderFab4 Voting***

Survivor Guy 886: YOSH
***YoshMan4 Voting***

Saline33: am I froze?
Survivor Guy 886: I'LL GO TALLY THE VOTES
YoshMan4: yes
YoshMan4: saline is frozen :)
YoshMan4: lol

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