***Actual Date: June 18, 2004***
***Actual Day: 33/89***

***MOGO MOGO - Day 15***

Caseboy6 has entered the room.
Clearwater88 has entered the room.
CuJoe34 has entered the room.
ecukid1983 has entered the room.
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 has entered the room.
FrOgLeTt86 has entered the room.
ecukid1983: i got to go for a bit everyone but ill be back
ecukid1983: love u all
ecukid1983 has left the room.
Saline33 has entered the room.
Saline33: sorry everyone...I didn't know cook
Clearwater88: its not your fault:-)
FrOgLeTt86: lol we all tried
Clearwater88: silence.
Clearwater88: :?
Clearwater88: ok we have 3 votes for elec
Clearwater88: we need a 4rth to have majority
Saline33: you two are okay with it?
Clearwater88: of course
Caseboy6: i am, as long i'm not voted out
Clearwater88: we need 2 get cujoe or ecus vote
Caseboy6: yeah, i'm going to talk to ecu later, and hopefully he wont vote me
Caseboy6: who are you voting?
ecukid1983: im still thinking clear
Caseboy6: but if you vote him, i'll be going:-[
Caseboy6: cuz elec and frog are probably voting me along with cujoe probably
Caseboy6: will you vote elec? even though i dont want to
ecukid1983: why elec
Caseboy6: saline brought up the idea first
ecukid1983: ok its starting to thunder and lightning i gotta get off here
Caseboy6: tell me whats going on when tc comes, ok?
ecukid1983: ok most definitely
Clearwater88: who do we vote?
Caseboy6: i dunno
Caseboy6: who are you voting?
Clearwater88: elec
Clearwater88: Saline is voting Elec
Clearwater88: i'm voting elec
Clearwater88: you will vote elec
Caseboy6: i'll vote elec, if i'm not going
Clearwater88: i dont know
Clearwater88: whos going
Clearwater88: it depends who frog ecu and cujoe vote
Caseboy6: so frog is automatically voting me?
Clearwater88: i dont know
Caseboy6: i hope you dont vote me
Clearwater88: I WONT
Caseboy6: you telling me the truth?
Clearwater88: yes
Clearwater88: this time 4 sure no im not voting you
Caseboy6: thanks
Caseboy6: supposedly Frog and Elec are voting me, If I vote Elec it wil be a 3-3-1 vote..that is if Saline votes elec. or it could be a 3-3-1 vote..that is if me and saline vote clear. I dont want clear gone, but what can i do? Saline will vote with me. So I gotta get ecu to change his vote
Caseboy6: can you give me a heads up on if i'm going tonight or not?
FrOgLeTt86: lets just say- you'll be ok- but you didnt hear that from me
Caseboy6: ok
Caseboy6: wait, ok like staying, or ok like i'm leaving but its ok?
FrOgLeTt86: ok as in your staying
Caseboy6: ok thanks
FrOgLeTt86: but i didnt tell you that ok?
Caseboy6: ok
Caseboy6: so who are you voting?
Saline33: probably clear or elec
Saline33: it looks like everyone else is voting clear
Saline33: I feel bad for him
Saline33: but he really does get on alot of people's nerves
Caseboy6: i thought they were voting me
Saline33: your name has come up
Saline33: I am either voting clear or elec
Caseboy6: but if me, you and ecu vote clear it will be a tie most likely
Caseboy6: and if i'm in that tie, i'm gone
Saline33: how do you figure a tie?
Caseboy6: frog, elec, cujoe vote me
Caseboy6: me, ecu and you vote clear
Caseboy6: clear votes elec
Saline33: oh..he votes elec..
Saline33: I gotcha
Saline33: maybe they are all going to vote me..then you won't have anything to worry about...
Caseboy6: you know they wont vote you
Caseboy6: frog likes you
Caseboy6: but i think the only chance i have is if me, clear, ecu and you vote elec
Saline33: so I stick with you in the merge...who else joins up with us?
Saline33: I know buffy
Saline33: I just need to know where I fall on the voting order
Caseboy6: well hopefully clear and ecu if they vote with us tonight
Caseboy6: i wont vote you when merge comes
Saline33: so do you have an alliance with prince?
Saline33: flat out...be honest if you want...
Caseboy6: no, but i think prince thinks i do
Saline33: and prince could be a good ally to join up with at the merge
Saline33: he doesn't have too many options
Saline33: you need to vote clear
Saline33: he has enough votes already
Saline33: so we don't want to rock the boat
Saline33: don't worry

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