***Actual Date: June 24, 2004***
***Actual Day: 39/89***

***MOGO MOGO - Day 18***

Saline33: if we lose...one of us might be voted out
Caseboy6: yea
Saline33: everyone thinks I voted elec
Saline33: when I didn't
Caseboy6: i even think you did
Caseboy6: it just makes since
Saline33: what?? seriously...what reason would I have to vote him??
Saline33: how would that help me in the least little bit?
Caseboy6: so if its a tie next time he would have 2 past votes and you would have 1
Caseboy6: and if thats a tie than it goes to pastvotes
Saline33: well. ****...I am glad he has them then..but I didn't give it to him
Caseboy6: if it wasnt you i have a feeling it was cujoe
Caseboy6: cuz thats the only person that would make sense
Caseboy6: me and you didnt vote him
Caseboy6: and him or frog didnt vote him
Caseboy6: which leaves cujoe and ecu
Saline33: I honestly just thought it was you too...maybe you had some agreement with Clear..I just let clear think it was me..I didn't tellhim one way or another
Caseboy6: i did have an agreement with him, thats why i wanted to vote elec instead of clear
Saline33: yep...and he thought you were voting elec...along with me
Caseboy6: which i wanted to but i would be the next gone
Caseboy6: but i wont vote you if we lose tomorrow
Saline33: and I won't vote you
Caseboy6: thanks
Caseboy6: so if we do lose who will we vote?
Saline33: I don't know what elec has promised them....since he was with them that period of time
Saline33: they might vote me..if they think I voted elec
Saline33: that is why Saboga just needs to lose
Caseboy6: but dont you have an alliance with frog?
Saline33: frog and I do not have an alliance..I like her
Saline33: but she has been very careful what she tells me
Saline33: she has never been able to say "I promise not to vote you..adn we can stick together, etc"
Saline33: so I gave up on that on day one
Caseboy6: but do you have an alliance with anyone on this tribe?
Saline33: you
Saline33: I like ecu...but he tells you what you want to hear
Saline33: cujoe is a tough player..I think he is playing this game REALLY hard
Caseboy6: i dont trust him at all
Caseboy6: he likes to get out threats
Saline33: elec would probably be the easy vote out
Saline33: I am sure Frog, staton, and zach will all vote the same
Caseboy6: i doubt frog will vote him though
Caseboy6: cuz i'm sure they have an alliance
Saline33: I just don't think we can get four votes against Frog, can we?
Caseboy6: if we can are you willing?
Saline33: yeah...but I don't want to advertise that
Caseboy6: I told saline that i wouldnt vote him and i am going to stick with it. I also told frog that i wont vote her. So cujoe, ecu and frog said they are voting saline out cuz they think that he voted elec last tc, I even think that but I guess if saline said he didnt....I believe him. So I tried to get ecu and cujoe to vote elec but its not happening. Another alliance down the drain. Anyways I have a feeling i'm going and they'e lying to me.
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FrOgLeTt86 has entered the room.
ecukid1983 has entered the room.
FrOgLeTt86: hey everyone :-)
ecukid1983: hey
CuJoe34: hey hey
ecukid1983: brain freeze
CuJoe34: my first meeting all week
CuJoe34: im so proud of myself
FrOgLeTt86: lol
ecukid1983: about time
ecukid1983: lol
CuJoe34: well i was graduating
ecukid1983: i sure hope we win
FrOgLeTt86: me too
ecukid1983: has anyone been to survivorfire.com before
FrOgLeTt86: i have
CuJoe34: no, what is
ecukid1983: its a survivor board
ecukid1983: has different topic
CuJoe34: oh
ecukid1983: topics
ecukid1983: do u like it megs
ecukid1983: im doing a survivor vote off game on there right now
CuJoe34: brb
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FrOgLeTt86: its interesting
CuJoe34 has entered the room.
CuJoe34: so what did i miss
FrOgLeTt86: lol nothing
ecukid1983: hey everyone
FrOgLeTt86: hi?
ecukid1983: look what i found
ecukid1983: TREE MAIL: SHHHHHHHH….
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ecukid1983: im thinking its the challenge where we have to stay in the room and not say anything
FrOgLeTt86: great lol
Caseboy6: fun
ecukid1983: hey aaron
ecukid1983: TREE MAIL: SHHHHHHHH….
FrOgLeTt86: this ones hard for me lol
Caseboy6: not for me
Caseboy6: lol
ecukid1983: i posted that for aaron
ecukid1983: haha
ecukid1983: darrah
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ecukid1983: bye aaron
Caseboy6: my tribe won this last game
ecukid1983: shut up darrah
ecukid1983: lol
Caseboy6: lol
CuJoe34: haha
ecukid1983: ur talking too much
FrOgLeTt86: i like him talking
FrOgLeTt86: beeee nice ecu
ecukid1983: who are u this game
ecukid1983: oh yeah i think ur big tome
ecukid1983: tom
FrOgLeTt86: whatcha mean?
Caseboy6: me?
ecukid1983: ur jenna megs
ecukid1983: yes u andrew
CuJoe34: havent we been through this before?
CuJoe34: where did aaron go?
ecukid1983: i forgot him
Caseboy6: i would rather be darrah than tom even though darrah is a girl
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ecukid1983: darrah wasnt good enough for allastars
ecukid1983: hi aaron
Caseboy6: lol
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