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well, I am out...big shocker...LOL I am not upset at all that I was voted out, it was actually pretty smart based on my availability coming up. However, a few things do upset me. Staton, Zach and Megs (especially Megs) bold face lying to me. I really enjoyed talking to them and getting to know them, but I guess they didn't feel like they could just be honest. I really didn't know Staton and Zach that well, so I can't hold it against them too much..just know not to trust them next go around. Megs is the interesting one. Here she plays this really nice sweet person, whom I defended often, and then she cuts your throat the first chance she gets...LOL...well, I hope she enjoys the victories!!! This is a tough game to try and break into, since everyone already knows everyone else....Buffy and Case were truly the two most sincere..so hat's off to you two gentleman...good luck!

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Caseboy6 eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 Well after I voted out Clear, I felt bad because I told him that I would vote elec out with him, but I didnt. So after that I have decided to keep my word to the people I trust, like Saline. I told him that I wouldnt vote him and even though I have a feeling hes going tonight, I'm not voting him. So with that said I am voting for the person that Saline said he would vote for if he was here, which is Elec. So this may cost me being voted out next week but I hope it doesnt. Oh yeah, I tried to get people to vote out elec but they think saline is a liar because he said he didnt vote elec last week, just like everybody said they didnt. So I'm hoping Saline told the truth but if he didnt and voted elec, he made a mistake and is the reason hes being voted off. I really hope he isnt going....another alliance is down the drain
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 Saline33 Tonight my Vote goes to Saline due to Strategy
ecukid1983 Saline33 Saline, this vote is because i dont trueley know if u lied to me or not about voting for elec and i really dont care about the vote just the fact of lying and if u didnt lie im truley sorry and im sorry u missed TC tonight. ill miss u friend.
FrOgLeTt86 Saline33 So i dunno really where to begin with this vote. I like you alot- but i think we needed you here today- even if it was just for talking- I'm really sorry it came to this and you are one of my favorite people- but when it comes down to it- this is survivor- its a cut-throat and its a mean game that turns decent people against each other- So i'm sorry Jason- but tonight my vote goes to you Vote:Saline Z+M=Best Alliance ever= Saline must go
CuJoe34 Saline33 saline, oh what a tangle web you have weaved. My friend, it is one thing to be able to lie and get away with it, but to be caught so red handidly, and still not have the balls to admit it, thats when you get screwed over. I really have enjoyed talking to you throughout this game, I wish we could have made it farther together, but my immunity mistake has let you go one week earlier then you should have. Hopefull you going tonight, will allow me to go that much farther in this game. Anyway, i'd say I was sorry, but i'm really not, cause frankly, I think if you had the chance, you would do the same to me. Z+M= Best alliance Ever = Saline must go
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