***Actual Date: June 22, 2004***
***Actual Day: 37/89***

***SABOGA - Day 16***

YoshMan4: this mornign when i woke up for some reason i was thinking about making a plan and i figured out something that i think may work really well
YoshMan4: so ty was talking and showing me convos with CU, where cu is trying to get me out
YoshMan4: so i started saying oh i can't wait to vote him out...which is good
YoshMan4: ty said yes, we can vote him out first come merge
YoshMan4: which works incredibly well in my plan
YoshMan4: he also said we will throw one if we dont lost by the end
Cyber N 666: yeah, I don't really have great feelings towards Cu much anymore either
YoshMan4: so come merge it would be, me you spider superfan ty
YoshMan4: and on there tribe its cu, elec, meg, saline/case/ecu
YoshMan4: so then we get out cu
YoshMan4: and then, if saline or ecu is the one left i know he dislikes saline, so i'd try to get him to vote him out.. this is where the plan decides if it will work or not, if it doesnt then we dont do my plan, but if we can get ecu or saline out by saying (they dont deserve to make it farther..etc) then it works
YoshMan4: then its me, you, ty, superfan, spider, elec, and meg
YoshMan4: me and you go with elec and meagan without ty knowing
YoshMan4: and vote out them..while ty and spider vote one of them
YoshMan4: giving them past votes
YoshMan4: so now we are in an alliance, us 4, we vote out spider over superfan, just bc he is more of a threat
YoshMan4: then superfan
YoshMan4: then its us 4...
YoshMan4: and we have no pastvotes or one (from spider) at the most
YoshMan4: aaron already has 2
YoshMan4: and they will get 2 more from ty and spider
YoshMan4: so we take out who has the most votes
YoshMan4: then its final 3
YoshMan4: one of us wins
YoshMan4: and we are final 2
YoshMan4: tada
Cyber N 666: I don't know about allying with Elec and Frog
YoshMan4: i am not going with them, my priority is getting you to final 2, you deserve it
YoshMan4: frog already won
YoshMan4: elec doesnt play the game
Cyber N 666: I know, but I just...eh
Cyber N 666: I don't know
YoshMan4: and besides its safer then spider and ty who are immunity threats
YoshMan4: they will be in the palm of our hands bc we can get them out with just us two
Yoshman4: I really think this plan would work. It would get me and cybern to be final 2...and i'd be able to screw Ty over...which I really want to do. Ty thinks he has the game controlled right now...he thinks he has both tribes controlled. I can not let him be right.
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
BuffyBoy83 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: hello
PrinceTy01 has entered the room.
BuffyBoy83: hey :-)
BuffyBoy83: hows everyone?
YoshMan4: great just great, glad to see you're all smiley
PrinceTy01: I'm alright, I suppose.
Cyber N 666 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: hiii
PrinceTy01: I'm shocked, Superfan isn't here.
Cyber N 666: lol
Cyber N 666: hello all
YoshMan4: me too..so crazy
YoshMan4: hallo cybern, keine Francais bitte, und ich sprech keine Deutsch :-)
SpiderFab4 has entered the room.
SpiderFab4: Hi
YoshMan4: hi
PrinceTy01: The other tribe should be easy to finish off in the Reward Challenge today.
PrinceTy01: They've only got Cujoe, and Cujoe's not around.
BuffyBoy83: wow lol
PrinceTy01: Well, they have other people there.
YoshMan4: hmm what about case, saline meagan and elec
PrinceTy01: And they did get rid of the Canuck, they might be better off.
PrinceTy01: Well, how useful are they usually?
PrinceTy01: <_<
SpiderFab4: Hooray for CLear losing
PrinceTy01: Crickets chirping and the picnic game do not win challenges, John. ^_^
YoshMan4: lol
BuffyBoy83: lol
SpiderFab4: Did that make sense?
YoshMan4: cybern, watch jeopardy see if Ken wins again
BuffyBoy83: so what does this tribe think about clear going?
BuffyBoy83: anyone upset? lol
PrinceTy01: If you played in OLS5, yes.
Cyber N 666: Mom's got the red sox game on in here
YoshMan4: ohh
Cyber N 666: I'll flip back and forth
PrinceTy01: Oh, and I'm so upset, Buffy.
YoshMan4: lol good
PrinceTy01: So upset.
YoshMan4: woo no more Teens on wheel
PrinceTy01: Trivia, people.
Cyber N 666: my god, he already has 5400
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: Treemail*
YoshMan4: lol
YoshMan4: good
YoshMan4: er i guess
BuffyBoy83: yay
YoshMan4: not for a trivia mood but ok
YoshMan4: general knowledge is never general to guy :-P
SpiderFab4: Who was the MVP of the 1984 NBA Finals?
YoshMan4: fun stuff
PrinceTy01: GOOD LUCK
PrinceTy01: Ok then.
YoshMan4: interesting non rhyming tree mail
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: Yeah, I think he got lazy, and just gave the the challenge explanation he'd
usually give us.
SpiderFab4: Ok, lets all contribute a question
YoshMan4: what it appears
BuffyBoy83: ok...
PrinceTy01: Which actor won the award for Best Actor for his role as The Godfather in the
1972 film "The Godfather"?
PrinceTy01: Answer: Marlon Brando
BuffyBoy83: ooo yea thats tough
BuffyBoy83: lol
BuffyBoy83: lets put our school knowledge to test
YoshMan4: hmmm what was the category for the wheel of fortune today, at 7:06 PM in a house in plymouth, MI using WOW as cable provider...is that general?
SpiderFab4: Im thinking of a Greek Mythology questiong
PrinceTy01: lmao, John.
YoshMan4: hmm i liked godfather part 1, but why do so many like part 2?
YoshMan4: i didnt enjoy part 2 as much as 1
Cyber N 666: Who was the 3rd man on the moon?
PrinceTy01: I thought it went downhill after the old man died.
Cyber N 666: Charles Conrad
SpiderFab4: Which of the 'Big 3' networks owns MTV and VH1?
PrinceTy01: Ummm....Buzz Lightyear?
YoshMan4: yeah, and the movies are nothing compared to the books
PrinceTy01: Ah, damn.
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: And it's CBS, right?
YoshMan4: viacom
SpiderFab4: Yes
YoshMan4: oh
YoshMan4: darn
PrinceTy01: CBS is part of Viacom, or Viacom is part of CBS
PrinceTy01: One of the two.
YoshMan4: ooh okay
SpiderFab4: Same difference
YoshMan4: i knew something baout viacom
BuffyBoy83: should we ask a question about like science?
BuffyBoy83: about iron lol
SpiderFab4: >_>
YoshMan4: lol
PrinceTy01: lol
SpiderFab4: Nice, Buffy
YoshMan4: iron is a too common answer after last challenge :-P
BuffyBoy83: yea but we could do like
PrinceTy01: I'd say we could make a question with the answer Purple.
PrinceTy01: Since Clear's no longer over there.
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: omg i was just thinking that
YoshMan4: lol
SpiderFab4: lol
BuffyBoy83: omg we def. should
YoshMan4: crazy
Cyber N 666: 1+1=?
Cyber N 666: ;p;
Cyber N 666: lol*
YoshMan4: red and blue make :-P
PrinceTy01: lol
PrinceTy01: How about "Who wrote Les Miserables?"
YoshMan4: no idea
PrinceTy01: Answer: Victor Hugo
YoshMan4: hugo
PrinceTy01: That's my favorite play.
YoshMan4: is he the hugo who started the hugo awards? prob not as its not sci fi ish so nevermind
PrinceTy01: Well, throw that out, since there was a novel, then the play.
PrinceTy01: Anyways, what questions do we have so far?
SpiderFab4: Which one of the 'Big 3' networks owns MTV and VH1?
SpiderFab4: Is that one good
SpiderFab4: ?
Cyber N 666: Who was the third man on the moon is mine...I think
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: My godfather one, Cybern's Astronaut one, Spiders' CBS one.
BuffyBoy83: i need to make one
BuffyBoy83: lol
SpiderFab4: Who was it Cybern?
YoshMan4: hmmm ill see if smarterchild can help me make a question
Cyber N 666: Charles Conrad
PrinceTy01: haha, Smarterchild
Cyber N 666: What was SPider's Q?
SpiderFab4: Because, even though the first Moon flight was manned by 3, one of them never got ot walk on the moon
PrinceTy01: And that person was....Tom Hanks, the guy from Apollo 13.
YoshMan4: smarterchild has a group called world facts
PrinceTy01: <_<
YoshMan4: that could be useful
SpiderFab4: lol
BuffyBoy83: how about
BuffyBoy83: What is the use of a clam's excurrent siphon
SpiderFab4: What does the B in SCUBA stand for?
BuffyBoy83: Answer: to eject sperm lol
BuffyBoy83: im looking in my bio book
BuffyBoy83: lol
PrinceTy01: lol
Cyber N 666: wow Buffy
BuffyBoy83: what?
YoshMan4: YoshMan4: who was president in 1928?SmarterChild: President in 1928:Calvin Coolidge (August 3rd, 1923 - March 4th, 1929)
YoshMan4: stupid question though hmmm
YoshMan4: what is the biggest country in the world? (in turns of landsize)? russia
PrinceTy01: How about "Who invented the Internet?"
SpiderFab4: Thats easy
YoshMan4: al gore
YoshMan4: :-P
PrinceTy01: hahaha
SpiderFab4: Who invented Liquid Paper?
YoshMan4: white out people?
Cyber N 666: 250 general knowledge questions: http://www.geocities.com/~robink/genknowqa.html
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: I think Yosh's might be tricky, people might think it's China.
SpiderFab4: One of the Monkees moms
YoshMan4: Russia 16,995,800,.00 Antarctica 14,000,000,.00 China 9,326,410,.00 Canada 9,220,970,.00 United States 9,158,960,.00
SpiderFab4: The woolhat
SpiderFab4: Mike Nesminth
YoshMan4: thats sq ft i think
YoshMan4: err
YoshMan4: sq km
YoshMan4: lol
SpiderFab4: Who is Lita's baby daddy?
YoshMan4: me
PrinceTy01: hahaha
SpiderFab4: Wait, wrestlings not general
PrinceTy01: Me, Spider, me.
SpiderFab4: lol
YoshMan4: i dont even know who lita is
SpiderFab4: A wrestler
YoshMan4: i see
BuffyBoy83: Which two Arista Artists have the most #1 singles for the company
BuffyBoy83: Avril and Aces Bace
BuffyBoy83: lol
SpiderFab4: O_O
YoshMan4: guy wouldnt call that gen knowledge
SpiderFab4: Not Whitney?
YoshMan4: guy is music illiterate :-P
BuffyBoy83: ooo in a row i think it is
PrinceTy01: How about "What movie did Andre The Giant have a role in?"
SpiderFab4: Princess Bride
PrinceTy01: Answer: The Princess Bride.
BuffyBoy83: ooo true yosh! lol
PrinceTy01: Good movie, btw.
YoshMan4: never saw it
Cyber N 666: Yosh, you should ask what the smallest country in the world is based on land area
PrinceTy01: It's quite funny.
SpiderFab4: I love that movie even though some call it a chick flick
YoshMan4: ok
YoshMan4: smarterchild here i come :-)
PrinceTy01: Gotta love Billy Crystal.
Cyber N 666: Holy See (Vatican City) 0,.44
Cyber N 666: lol
SpiderFab4: Youre a smart kid, now shut up
PrinceTy01: Yes, do the Vatican City one.
PrinceTy01: Most people would forget that's a country.
SpiderFab4: What is the longest river in China?
YoshMan4: yep
YoshMan4: holy see or vatican city
BuffyBoy83: Who wrote Clan of the Cave Bear?
PrinceTy01: Most people know it as Vatican City.
YoshMan4: smarterchild doesnt know
BuffyBoy83: Jean M. Auel
BuffyBoy83: lol
YoshMan4: abotu chinas river :-P
YoshMan4: YoshMan4: what is the longest river in chinaSmarterChild: Well, um... I really don't know.
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: We've got my movie question, Spider's Viacom thing, Cybern's Man On the Moon thing, and Yosh's Vatican City thing.
PrinceTy01: We need one from Buffy yet.
BuffyBoy83: none of mine where good enough yet? lol
Cyber N 666: Cyber N 666: What is the shortest river in the world?SmarterChild: You tell me what the shortest river in the world is.
Cyber N 666: lol
YoshMan4: lol
PrinceTy01: lol
SpiderFab4: Do something about Buffy the Vampire Skayer lol
YoshMan4: he's picky about what questions he iwll answer
Cyber N 666: smarterchild is getting an attitude
YoshMan4: [email protected]
BuffyBoy83: i want 2
BuffyBoy83: y is guy so mean? :-(
YoshMan4: who died in season 6 by a gun?
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: Guy's not mean, he's antisocial.
Cyber N 666: XD
SpiderFab4: Hes social with me
BuffyBoy83: Tara!!! :-(
YoshMan4: aww
YoshMan4: poor tara
PrinceTy01: He won't take Buffy questions.
BuffyBoy83: I OWE YOU PAIN!!!!!!!!
BuffyBoy83: lol
BuffyBoy83: tough love :-)
YoshMan4: lol willow :-)
PrinceTy01: That means the Vampire Slayer, not Buffy himself.
SpiderFab4: Do something about New York Sport
SpiderFab4: s
BuffyBoy83: i love that music they play when glory and willow are fighting
Cyber N 666: Who was the 27th pres of the US?
Cyber N 666: William Howard Taft was the 27th president, serving from March 4th, 1909 to March 4th, 1913.
SpiderFab4: Whats the name of that other team in New york?
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: Do "Who hates the Yankees?"
BuffyBoy83: and again in afterlife
PrinceTy01: Answer: Spider
SpiderFab4: lol
Cyber N 666: and me
Cyber N 666: ^_^
PrinceTy01: Or, better answer, Spider's Sister.
Cyber N 666: answer: Red Sox fans
SpiderFab4: Indeed
YoshMan4: finally a question he knows
YoshMan4: YoshMan4: what is 1 plus 1SmarterChild: 1 + 1 = 2
Cyber N 666: yuay, smarterchild can do basic math
Cyber N 666: yay*
YoshMan4: lol
SpiderFab4: What is 352567645726747245764277 * 0?
YoshMan4: 0
YoshMan4: lol
PrinceTy01: haha
YoshMan4: whats 232423423432 to the 0th power
SpiderFab4: 1
YoshMan4: yay
BuffyBoy83: I have one!!!
BuffyBoy83: lol
SpiderFab4: yay
Cyber N 666: lol
BuffyBoy83: I was working with checks today at work
BuffyBoy83: so heres the question
Cyber N 666: interesting, Buffy
Cyber N 666: lol
BuffyBoy83: if you have an amount of checks with serial numbers 1196 through 13904 how many checks do u have
YoshMan4: this is general knowledge how old is smarterchild :-P
YoshMan4: YoshMan4: how old are you?SmarterChild: I'm one year, 2 months, 15 days, 16 hours, 20 minutes and 31 seconds old.
BuffyBoy83: so they will prob just subtract
SpiderFab4: Who is the only Friends star married to a former WCW World Champion?
BuffyBoy83: BUT u have to add one
BuffyBoy83: cause ur not counting the first serial number you subtract
BuffyBoy83: get it?
PrinceTy01: Courtney Cox.
SpiderFab4: ^
YoshMan4: david arquette was on WCW?
SpiderFab4: Yes
YoshMan4: ooh
SpiderFab4: The idiots in charge of WCW thought it would be cool if a famous actor wrestled there
PrinceTy01: As promotion for his wrestling movie, he won the WCW title.
SpiderFab4: But they had to settle for Arquette
PrinceTy01: The company died less than a year later.
YoshMan4: sadness
Cyber N 666: lol
BuffyBoy83: I think my question should be
BuffyBoy83: if you have checks numbered 16578 through 23546 how many checks do you have
PrinceTy01: Question: The Mogo Mogo tribe is the fan club of what OLS player?
PrinceTy01: Answer: Prince
BuffyBoy83: if you subtract 16578 from 23546 u get 6968
PrinceTy01: <_<
BuffyBoy83: but the real answer if 6969
BuffyBoy83: cause u have to add one lol
YoshMan4: i swim in
SpiderFab4: How many people did Jabaru vote out in OLS6?
YoshMan4: a whow in hands
YoshMan4: a show in hands
YoshMan4: ooo
PrinceTy01: 0, Pae?
YoshMan4: she got the bonus round
SpiderFab4: yes
Cyber N 666: ;p;
PrinceTy01: Thought so.
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: I don't remember much about that game.
PrinceTy01: Besides me winning a challenge in it.
PrinceTy01: Oh, and Khold getting to the final 3, somehow.
Cyber N 666: without even being in the game
Cyber N 666: lol
BuffyBoy83: khold got final 3?!?!!?
BuffyBoy83: omg lol
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: Yeah, isn't that pathetic?
Cyber N 666: Spider let him
Cyber N 666: lol
Cyber N 666: blame spider
Cyber N 666: :-)
PrinceTy01: At least Spider didn't keep him.
Cyber N 666: lol
SpiderFab4: If Prince had his way, Khold would be Final 2
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: lol, that's not true.
Cyber N 666: Ken is winning, btw
Cyber N 666: lol
PrinceTy01: I said you would have won if you would of brought Khold.
YoshMan4: khold :-P
YoshMan4: bah
BuffyBoy83: What countrys capital is ulan bator?
YoshMan4: go KEN!
PrinceTy01: Not that I wanted to see him there.
BuffyBoy83: answer: mongolia
BuffyBoy83: is that good?
PrinceTy01: That'll do, Buffy.
SpiderFab4: Just do a reality TV question
YoshMan4: kens gonnab e on jeopardy for days
PrinceTy01: Let's review the questions.
YoshMan4: years
SpiderFab4: Or Ulan Bator is good
Cyber N 666: Ken wins again
PrinceTy01: Question 1: What actor earned the Oscar for Best Actor for his roll as Don Corleone in the 1970s classic The Godfather? Answer: Marlon Brando
Cyber N 666: lol
YoshMan4: What eccentric billionaire installed a pay phone in his English mansion? 1 J. Paul Getty 2 Howard Hughes 3 Bill Gates 4 Prince Charles
SpiderFab4: I have a feeling that, either Mogo have been done with their questions for a while now, or they still havent gotten the first
Cyber N 666: $486,959
YoshMan4: i dont know :-P
Cyber N 666: total
YoshMan4: oh its paul getty
SpiderFab4: I heard that Bill Gates isnt the richest man
SpiderFab4: Its the inventor if IKEA

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