***BuffyBoy83's Last Words***

Well this is pretty surprising but at the same time its not. At todays challenge when Prince took me out first then he didn't let Case win immunity I knew something was up. For some reason when I saw the votes coming up for me I wasn't really that surprised I just sat there silent kind of ready, even though I wasn't ready to leave the game at all, its very hard to explain lol. Anyway, so my strategy this game was to let the alliances of Frog and Prince fight to the end with me, Case, Ecu, and Cujoe slipping through and shocking them all when we had the chance. Obviously that didnt happen because my plan of aligning with both sides, thinking they'd never talk didn't work out. Shockingly, the big enemies decided to share plans, which I will never understand. I understand this is a game and its being played well. However, Yosh, I hate you for totally personal reasons since you've been so mean to me. Usually in these games people say nothing personal, but you know what? This time, it is, I really dislike you. Prince, I should have known that you'd screw me over. In the beginning getting you and Frog out was my main priority but I guess I lost sight of that and thats my mistake. Now that I'm voted out I can finally tell you how I think you are a disgusting person since you told me you were going to kill yourself just as strategy, your really sick. Case, your an amazing ally and I wish you all the luck in the game and I hope you go on and win! Its going to be tough but do whatever you have to. Like you've said now that Me, Clear, and Saline are gone you have noone left you have to be honest to and I hope your as ruthless as you need to be and you do whatever it takes. And oh yea Prince, I hear you wanted to "teach me a lesson"? Well I cant wait to show you what I've leaned :).

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SpiderFab4 BuffyBoy83 I must vote for Buffy, because the Spiderman is much better than some vampire fighter
BuffyBoy83 mmxsuperfan Well this vote I would love to get rid of Cybern. I dont want the chance of an alliance of Cujoe Frog Cybern Elect and Yosh against the alliance of 4 that I have. However, for some reason prince is SOOO sure that Cybern will not vote for him and for that reason wants him around. Im going to have to vote for Superfan since it doesnt seem there is a plan that can have Cybern go this round and I just hope that I stay and that next round we can figure something out. But for now, sorry Superfan but its time for you to go.
YoshMan4 BuffyBoy83 ooh boy, love this vote :-) I am voting BUFFY. Firstly, he annoys the HECK out of me. I can't stand him. His constan iming me, asking if i'm still in an alliance. Of course I am still your ally quit being paranoid. Quit freaking out. Quit being so irritating. Quit IMing every single person backstabbing everyone else. I will be glad to never have to tlak to you...or to have to suck up to you. I can now tell you my true feelings. Oh and i liked you trying to get me out today with Ty. Real clever. Don't you realize your pathetic attempt? No one likes you in this game. I hated you in ols7 i hate you now. I do like that you like buffy as that show owns, but i still despise every inch of you, you're paranoia, you're sn, and why the heck does it end in 83? lucky number or to make people think you're oldeR? hmm bye
Cyber N 666 BuffyBoy83 i am voting buffy, buffy annoys me greatly, and he is so paranoid. And he tried to get me out, and then tried to ally me, and besides the whole ols7 backstabbing me and getting me out. This vote isn't too hard...buffy needs to go
mmxsuperfan BuffyBoy83 Buffy. I have my reasons.
PrinceTy01 BuffyBoy83 This person is going tonight because he, simply, is not good at hiding his alliances....then again, I think only I could successfully align with everyone...The other reason this person is going is because, well, he tried to swindle me. Nobody gets away with that. That being said, The Prince says.....off with BuffyBoy83's head.

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