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Allstars- yea i dunno, i didnt really like this season, people took everything so personally and to heart, and in reality i wish they wouldnt have- it's a game and what happens in a game should stay in the game and not extend outwards, i know plenty of people walked away with hurt feelings and were sad and honestly Aaron and Zach you 2 were the best alliance partners i've ever had in this game and in my eyes everything went basically as we had planned so hats off to you both and i <3 ya'll!! When it hit final 5 i really just hated this game, it became ugly and the people became unkind, and people took it too personally. I hope you all had fun and i'm officially retired from Survivor Guys games :) so Enjoy me not being around

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Caseboy6 - -
Cyber N 666 FrOgLeTt86 Well, the time has come, dear girl, to drop you from the OS game once and for all. You have been riding coat tails since OS4, and it ends tonight. Although you won two games in this series, you've never really been a strong contender, more of a fan favorite. I don't like people riding coat tails, and honestly, fan favorites in the real survivor series never win. You voted out Yosh last week because you felt you could get a better position in the game, while getting rid of what was most likely your closest ally in all the OS games. You are probably the best overall player to play this game, but the way you would go about it is the worst. You never did anything to deserve a win, but at the same time, you did everything. Ty was so right when he said it, you are him, without a *$^&#, oh look, I censored it. I meant the line I said, and the line Ty so kindly reproduced in his profile for you to see, but how you read it, probably came out much different than I meant it. You do follow everybody, you ride coattails, and then you screw them over. You rode Ty in OS4, Yosh in OS5, me in OS6, and now Yosh and me in this game. We SAVED you from elimination back when we voted Ty out. You are just another Ty, however, and we did nothing to help ourselves that night. You eliminated Yosh, which Ty would have done, and you and Elec made final 4 instead of Ty and Spider. You two are the closest things to mirror images that you can find in OS, but at the same time, you are the furthest thing from the same. You two are an oxy-moron, and it took me 5 games to notice it. No longer can I trust anything that comes from your mouth...and it is the same with Ty. It has been for a while, that is why, I am saying this directly to you Ty, you have 0 control over me. ZERO, ZILCH, NONE! You came to me today, proposing some **** that I really don't care about, and said that if I take frog to the end, I would win. No, it would just give you more power. If you want to go see the million dollar man, and "get some," ^_^ you can go do that, and miss the final TC. Let SP decide it, that is fine with me. But don't come to me telling me what to do and saying that I should have learned from OS3 and losing to Spider. I would rather put the final TC in my own hands than yours. Anyway, back to the vote. Frog, I am going to finally take you out of this game, and hopefully, if you ever play this game again, nobody will fall for your plan ever again. The end...FINAL 2!!! WOOT!
FrOgLeTt86 - -

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