***PrinceTy01's Last Words***

I guess you all aren't so stupid after all.....Anyways, I'm done, goodbye.

Finally, my time as an OLS player/participator has ended....I'll miss it, honestly. I've had many good times, despite being the "evil villain" for most of my time....The truth is, I'll miss being known....People often wonder how in the bloody **** I managed to keep control of this game for as long as I did, and the fact of the matter is because people knew who I was....that brought fear, yet intrigue, and even though a lot of them probably knew I'd lead them down the wrong path, they seemed incapable of stopping themselves. I'll miss that.

My thoughts on some of these players:

Frog, while a sweet girl, is very lucky. She has only ever had to face disappointment once in one of these games, and is very lucky she didn't go before me...God only knows what we all, and the host most of all, would have suffered if she had gone unexpectedly, and she had bit his head off.

Spider, while people might find him bland, stale, and sort of "just there," is above everybody else who has ever played this game. In OLS3, he made an ally, me. He has never, ever compromised that alliance, that bond. He's loyal, which is more than anyone else, including me, has ever been in this game.

Cybern is the Boston Red Sox of this game....a lot of people want him to win, but, well, he's the Red Sox...and he screwed me over. He won't get away with it, nobody ever does ^_^.

Cujoe is a lot like me....I don't know whether that's a good thing or not.

Superfan sucks....very profound statement there.

Saline still shows up on my buddylist, which makes me happy....he hasn't gone nuts over the fact that I schooled him again.

Ecu, Elec, Case, and Buffy are all nice people....but they are not All-Stars, ladies and gentlemen. They, frankly, are people who are fillers...kind of like Alicia in the actual All Star game....they couldn't find anybody worthy to fill four spots, so they gave them away.

My guess is Yosh will win this game, because he's the smartest one left that I'm not at all pissed off at.

Looking back at Bood's final words from OLS3, I'm surprised he's observant enough to notice that a cat goes "meow".

As for anybody else that I might have left out of my ramblings....well, they simply weren't important enough for me to mention.

Whether you all hate me, or love me, the fact of the matter is that this series would be dead without The Prince.

But alas, I must go....So long.

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