***YoshMan4's Last Words***

So, you finally got me. I didn't make final two. Eh, I wouldn't have wanted to win anyways because it'd be final two with me and cybern. I wouldn't have wanted that to happen. Cause then there'd be a chance cybern wouldn't win as I'd get SP votes and Ty has this plan to not let cybern win. But still, I have the right to be pissed.

I'll go in order of most pissed to who I love.

Frog. I am so pissed at you. You and me both said we didn't want to win. Part of me thinks you always want to win. Winning helps your self esteem or something. Well I hate the way you play games to be honest. You are like amber. Yes, that wins games. But it's not how I like to play them. You do NOT deserve to win. I will not vote you, even if it's against elec. Oh and whats the point of trying to get far if you are gonna be on vacation this week? Of course you can continue to have subs. That's all this game is turning into. A sub once in a while is fine, even I do it. But you and elec take ti to the whole nother level. You've had a sub for a whole week, and many TCs. You backstabbed me. I backstabbed you before though . It was fun. So I won't hold this against you....much. Just please, quit wearing the "I'm so innocent giggle hehe lol lol mask". Because that is not you in games, hasn't for a while. This isn't the only thing you've done before in games.

Elec. You were on vacation for 3 weeks. Even before that you hardly came. I signed on as you to cover for you. And now you come back and get to be in final 4 without doing a single thing. What kind of player are you? You don't deserve to win. Sad thing is if you're against frog you get my vote. You're on the scale of superfan. Not quite him. But you never make your own decisions it seems, you just follow and act like you made decisions. Which is fine in theory. But I hope for the life of me you don't make final 2. That would be insulting.

Case. You don't talk. Sure people say you do outside the game. But in the game you are a waste of space to be honest. You just continue to stay because people forget about you. Which is a strategy that works apparently. But if you do make final two I have to give you credit. You are a good player, and the few times I imed you you seem pretty damn nice. Although I can say you lied to me atleast. I said if I throw IC will you vote elec, and you said yes. But we weren't allied nor ever spoke so I don't hold that against you. Compared to who is left in this game you are remarkably one of the great players.

Cybern. I have no bad things to say about you. What can I say, you deserve to win this. You deserved to win more then anyone else period. It's not just because you never won, you actually DO something. You actually COME. You make the game interesting, and you are a great person to have in an alliance. I think you can make final two. You're against frog, elec, and case. You can win all the immunities, come on frog can't win any IC besides willpower or draw and elec only knows a random trivia question once in a while. And case, well lately case has become better. If ty were to sub for him for the ICs he could actually win. Scary I know. So win this game please. Don't turn ols ALLSTARS into a disgrace. And continue to play tourneys. Eventually you will win one of those 999 game ones . I can't even make top 100 lol and you have twice. Gotta love those no limit ones too, all in is the best. Ha so lastly go cybern. Oh and sorry I beat your sp record lol :). You still have a chance, usually last day you can get 50 SP I think. Nor sure. Get that and you still have it. So there you go :).

So as you can see I think 3/4 people in final 4 suck and are worthless players. The thing is I am friends with 3 of the 4 people as well out of the game. And they better understand me that this is a game. I can state my OPINION. It is just an opinion. And I was a little pissed off when I wrote this. If you actually make what I say here and use it to break a friendship then what kind of friendship was it to begin with? These comments are what I think of you in a game not out of a game. If you get mad reading this then whatever. I could careless.

Take care. You finally got me voted out. I think I care more just bc I got backstabbed. But this happens. And I have to commend you guys for doing that. I have backstabbed people, and I love that you guys have now. I love how this game makes everyone into greedy backstabbing people. It's beautiful. And I am not being sarcastic. I love it. It's the beauty of this game.


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