^ACTUAL DATE - January 20, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 4/88^


Game2Shark5 has entered the room.
Ppenguin757 has entered the room.
DampeRIP has entered the room.
Game2Shark5: Argh!
Game2Shark5: So close.
Ppenguin757: i know
DampeRIP: howd they win?
Ppenguin757: what was the word?
Game2Shark5: Tribe Flag.
DampeRIP: ooooooooh
DampeRIP: they sent him a pic
Ppenguin757: well i g2g
DampeRIP: seeya
Game2Shark5: Ok, seeya David.
Ppenguin757 has left the room.
DampeRIP: wow
Game2Shark5: He did really well.
DampeRIP: he did
Game2Shark5: Certainly made up for not being here.
DampeRIP: yes, very much so
DampeRIP: i dont think we have a choice on who to vote
Ppenguin757 has entered the room.
Ppenguin757: nvm im back lol
Game2Shark5: Well, we did a great job with the amount of people we had
Ppenguin757: yeah
DampeRIP: yes
DampeRIP: gj pp
Game2Shark5: They had 6 people working on it.
DampeRIP: you were awesome
Game2Shark5: David you did really well.
Game2Shark5: As you said Uno... we need to boot one of the inactives.
DampeRIP: we dont have a choice
DampeRIP: ooooooooooh
Game2Shark5: That Seiyakou hasn't been here at all.
DampeRIP: nevermind
DampeRIP: ignore me
Ppenguin757: ty
Game2Shark5: Lol ok.
Ppenguin757: hmm
Ppenguin757: ummm
Ppenguin757: ok ill vote marc
Game2Shark5: Is that Seiya?
DampeRIP: let us disperse the votes.......
DampeRIP: what happens if there is a three way tie?
Ppenguin757: yeah
Ppenguin757: hmm
Ppenguin757: why would it be 3-way tie?
Game2Shark5: I'm not sure, but do you think it's a good idea to give past votes?
DampeRIP: yes
DampeRIP: nobody showed
DampeRIP: this was for immunity
Ppenguin757: yeah
Game2Shark5: I know, it was important.
DampeRIP: david could just as easily been the one voted out
DampeRIP: but he showed
Ppenguin757: wait past votes?
Ppenguin757: did we already have TC?
Game2Shark5: They use past votes in this game.
Game2Shark5: No we haven't
Ppenguin757: oh ok
Game2Shark5: But in my opinion we should have a voting bloc, and all vote for one idler.
DampeRIP: brb, discuss this in greater depth later
Game2Shark5: So next time we will crush Lopevi.
Game2Shark5: Ok.
DampeRIP: TREEMAIL:Congratulations, you each receive 4 SP due to two Lopevi substitutions
DampeRIP: now brb
Game2Shark5: Cool.
Ppenguin757: YAY!
Game2Shark5: So TC is at 10pm.
Game2Shark5: Brb, I'm hungry.
Ppenguin757: kk
Ppenguin757: bb in 15
Ppenguin757: hw
Ppenguin757 has left the room.
DampeRIP: back
DampeRIP: we cant check attendence records... damn
DampeRIP: I say we vote for three different people, so two are punished for leaving us to rot at immunity, and one inactive is gone....
lil evil BRIAN has entered the room.
lil evil BRIAN: hey
DampeRIP: you
lil evil BRIAN: sorry
DampeRIP: ....
DampeRIP: np
Game2Shark5: Hey.
lil evil BRIAN: ....
lil evil BRIAN: did i do somthin?
DampeRIP: ........ think mon!
DampeRIP: no we have to disperse 4 votes...
lil evil BRIAN: i missed that challenge....
DampeRIP: immunity
DampeRIP: ... you missed immunity
DampeRIP: they won
DampeRIP: we cant check our stats anymore
DampeRIP: we vote someone out tonight
lil evil BRIAN: well, you know im not the only one that wasnt there
DampeRIP: yup
DampeRIP: not voting you out, duh
DampeRIP: you're active
DampeRIP: just missed one night
DampeRIP: no big fuss
DampeRIP: you're a good player
lil evil BRIAN: thanks :-)
DampeRIP: better stay for tc though
lil evil BRIAN: so does anyone know who to vote?
DampeRIP: I want us all to vote for different people
DampeRIP: tie it
lil evil BRIAN: oh
DampeRIP: so those who didnt show get punished
lil evil BRIAN: eh
DampeRIP: and one is voted out
DampeRIP: ... but they want to vote out this seiya guy
DampeRIP: btw, there's this Penguin guy who showed up....... he is awesome
DampeRIP: Ppenguin757
lil evil BRIAN: i dont know many people
lil evil BRIAN: in Yasur
DampeRIP: you need to know him, me, and game
lil evil BRIAN: i know mmxuperfan, well actually never talked to him
DampeRIP: surprised he didnt show
DampeRIP: he's so into it
DampeRIP: wouldnt be surprised if everyone showed up for TC
DampeRIP: that'd screw our votes
lil evil BRIAN: yeah
lil evil BRIAN: its funny how OLS9 is opposite of the Real Survivor 9
DampeRIP: how so?
lil evil BRIAN: lopevi won the stone and lopevi went to TC first
lil evil BRIAN: same here
DampeRIP: ah
DampeRIP: I wall them the Lope-Eyed
DampeRIP: call*
Game2Shark5: Back.
DampeRIP: wb
Game2Shark5: Thanks.
DampeRIP: np
lil evil BRIAN: sooo
Game2Shark5: Lol.
lil evil BRIAN: wheres everonye live?
Game2Shark5: Australia.
lil evil BRIAN: where does everyone like?*
lil evil BRIAN: Where does everyone live?**
DampeRIP: .... wow
lil evil BRIAN: what time is it over there?
Game2Shark5: 12:20pm
lil evil BRIAN: dang
lil evil BRIAN: your gonna be up at like 2:00 for a TC
DampeRIP: heh
Game2Shark5: Ummm.... it's the afternoon haha.
lil evil BRIAN: LOL
lil evil BRIAN: nvm
Game2Shark5: Lol.
DampeRIP: lol
lil evil BRIAN: im not exactly .......
lil evil BRIAN: smart
Game2Shark5: Don't worry.
lil evil BRIAN: lol
DampeRIP: you'll make it
lil evil BRIAN: I dont want to be voted out :-(
DampeRIP: you wont be
lil evil BRIAN: after all that trouble getting here
DampeRIP: i need high attendence so i never have to audition again
Game2Shark5: Brian I'll eat my head if you are voted out.
DampeRIP: I think we need to vote out somebody big
lil evil BRIAN: umm
lil evil BRIAN: who would that be?
DampeRIP: like SurvivorGuy886
Game2Shark5: Lol...
DampeRIP: how many people in our tribe?
Game2Shark5: 9
DampeRIP: k
DampeRIP: er...
DampeRIP: then down to 8
DampeRIP: nevermind
DampeRIP: inactives
Game2Shark5: That's why we need to boot an active.
Game2Shark5: inactive*
Game2Shark5: So we have a chance at the next Immunity.
DampeRIP: yeah
lil evil BRIAN: ok
lil evil BRIAN: whos that?
DampeRIP: I thought maybe take out mmx
DampeRIP: but nevermind, not worth it
Game2Shark5: Why?
lil evil BRIAN: could Survivor Guy 886 tell us whos in our tribe
DampeRIP: display of power
DampeRIP: probably wouldnt
lil evil BRIAN: and tell me whats his/her name
Game2Shark5: That would be kinda pointless.
DampeRIP: I realize that now
Game2Shark5: Lol, it's good you've come to your senses, hehe.
DampeRIP: but we dont know how merger will work this time
lil evil BRIAN: lol
Game2Shark5: We need to take things one step at a time.
lil evil BRIAN: yeah
Game2Shark5: Voting out an inactive will leave us a stronger tribe next.
lil evil BRIAN: hold on
Game2Shark5: So it makes sense.
lil evil BRIAN: i think that it is going to be that thing weer
lil evil BRIAN: half the people arent gonna be there
lil evil BRIAN: thats what i think
lil evil BRIAN: ok
lil evil BRIAN: that was dumb
lil evil BRIAN: nvm
lil evil BRIAN: move on
DampeRIP: O.O
Game2Shark5: Umm.... ok. ROFL
lil evil BRIAN: sooo
lil evil BRIAN: any idea?
Game2Shark5: As to who to vote out?
DampeRIP: Ima be po'ed when I end up on the other side of mmx
Game2Shark5: po'ed?
DampeRIP: ....
DampeRIP: brb
Game2Shark5: Ok.
lil evil BRIAN: money,money,money,money, MONEY
lil evil BRIAN: uhh
lil evil BRIAN: Isnt Dial555 in our tribe?
lil evil BRIAN: is
lil evil BRIAN: ummm
lil evil BRIAN: anyone here?
Game2Shark5: Nope he isn't
Game2Shark5: I've got the tribe list.
DampeRIP: goooooooooood
DampeRIP: i mean
lil evil BRIAN: oh
DampeRIP: cause we're coming back in 10
lil evil BRIAN: could you send me the tribe list
lil evil BRIAN: i wanna add them
DampeRIP: me and dial... we're taking the gold
lil evil BRIAN: why isnt seiya in our chatroom?
Game2Shark5: Seiya hasn't turned up yet.
lil evil BRIAN: bbl
lil evil BRIAN: im gonna take a shower
lil evil BRIAN: be nice and clean
lil evil BRIAN: :-)
Game2Shark5: Sure lol.
Game2Shark5: Soo... Uno, still here?
DampeRIP: yes
Game2Shark5: Sooo... like stuff?
DampeRIP: like using bathroom brb
Game2Shark5: ok
Game2Shark5: Bla
lil evil BRIAN: back
lil evil BRIAN: wow, nothing really happened
Game2Shark5: No, it didn't really.
Game2Shark5: One hour until TC.
DampeRIP: darn
DampeRIP: thought i'd showered for at least an hour
Game2Shark5: Lol.
DampeRIP: y'know...
Game2Shark5: You took a while, hehe.
DampeRIP: the last time i played ols, I tried
DampeRIP: it was the first time i tried
DampeRIP: it was also the first time i was like first voted off
Game2Shark5: Urgh...
Game2Shark5: Well try this game.
DampeRIP: first time i played
Game2Shark5: And I can assure you won't be votedo ff first.
DampeRIP: i made it to final 5 or 4
Game2Shark5: off*
DampeRIP: i didnt try a bit
Game2Shark5: Lol.
DampeRIP: i was carried along
Game2Shark5: Good work.
DampeRIP: thanks
Game2Shark5: Just letting you know, i'm voting for Seiya tonight, if you want to as well that would rock =)
Game2Shark5: But it's up to you.
Game2Shark5: ?
mmxsuperfan has entered the room.
lil evil BRIAN: HEY
Game2Shark5: Hey Justin.
lil evil BRIAN: whats your name again?
lil evil BRIAN: oh there it is
mmxsuperfan: I appologize fellow yasurians
Game2Shark5: All is well, young Yasurian, we will redeem ourselves at reward.
mmxsuperfan: Thank you
mmxsuperfan: Ten Minutes
lil evil BRIAN: whens TC?
lil evil BRIAN: dum di dum dum
lil evil BRIAN: who likes short shorts?
mmxsuperfan: 5 minutes
mmxsuperfan: not me
lil evil BRIAN: lol
lil evil BRIAN: NO
lil evil BRIAN: NA NA
mmxsuperfan: quit being hyper o.o
lil evil BRIAN: :-(
lil evil BRIAN: what happened to DAMPERIP?
mmxsuperfan: he poofed
lil evil BRIAN: lol
lil evil BRIAN: i should be studying
lil evil BRIAN: but what am i doing?
lil evil BRIAN: playing stupid neopets
lil evil BRIAN: lol
Game2Shark5: Neopets.... Rofl.
lil evil BRIAN: its sooo sad
lil evil BRIAN: im addicted
lil evil BRIAN: the little pets

Game2Shark5: So who are you going to vote for tonight?
lil evil BRIAN: i dont know exactly
Game2Shark5: Well I'm voting for Seiyakou if you want to as well.
Game2Shark5: He hasn't done anything.
Game2Shark5: Would you like to form an alliance?
lil evil BRIAN: yes
Game2Shark5: Awesome.
lil evil BRIAN: finally
lil evil BRIAN: someone asked me
lil evil BRIAN: i never go up to people
lil evil BRIAN: i want people to come to me
lil evil BRIAN: hope thats not a bad thing
Game2Shark5: You're my favourite person on this tribe.
lil evil BRIAN: thanks
lil evil BRIAN: you are too
Game2Shark5: Aww, thanks.
Game2Shark5: And I'll just let you know, I follow my allies through until the end.
lil evil BRIAN: me too
Game2Shark5: So what do you think we should do now... should we keep this alliance to ourselves or ask a few more people?
lil evil BRIAN: i dont know exactly
Game2Shark5: Me neither =P
Game2Shark5: But this one guy, Ppenguin, he did awesome at the challenge.
Game2Shark5: I think it might be a good idea to ask him too.
lil evil BRIAN: yeah
Game2Shark5: Cool.
Game2Shark5: Man, I'm so gald you're with me!
Game2Shark5: I was scared you'd say no =P
lil evil BRIAN: lol
Game2Shark5: Things are working out really well.... I think. Dampe is a hurdle on my way to controlling the tribe, and if we lose the next challenge, I will target him unless he changes his. This Tribal Council should really be quick and painless and Seiya says goodbye.
DampeRIP: get out
Game2Shark5: We have to go!
DampeRIP: leave the room
lil evil BRIAN: good luck everyone
lil evil BRIAN has left the room.
Game2Shark5 has left the room.
DampeRIP: out supes
mmxsuperfan has left the room.
DampeRIP has left the room.