^ACTUAL DATE - January 17, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 1/88^


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bpcrap2: Hey everyone
Caseboy6: hey
Matgemini: sup
iamalwaysthemole: we didn't stand a chance against mmx
DOGHHH: Hey yall! Good job for trying yall
iamalwaysthemole: he must have the comp of the future
DOGHHH: He annoyed the **** out of me
bpcrap2: lol I know
DOGHHH: oops heck
DOGHHH: sorry
SkyDouglasLP: yea really
bpcrap2: It's ok. We're the older, more mature tribe.
Matgemini: hmmmm
SkyDouglasLP: he was bragging for like the whole chat lol
Matgemini: yup
DOGHHH: Yeah they were babbling and ranting while we were calm
iamalwaysthemole: that's mmx for ye
DOGHHH: I was like...whew..we got the good group
bpcrap2: Not every challenge will be draw
DJFresh828: i thought he was annoying too
DJFresh828: they were obnoxious
DOGHHH: "Ive played since I was 8 and I work for sprite". Remind me never to drink sprite that is created by a 13 year old
bpcrap2: lol
iamalwaysthemole: lol
SkyDouglasLP: yea really what does he do for sprite?
DOGHHH: can crusher maybe
DOGHHH: haha
bpcrap2: lol
DOGHHH: makes 5 cents per can
SkyDouglasLP: lol
DJFresh828: i hope he's the first to go
iamalwaysthemole: maybe he's a taste tester
SkyDouglasLP: yea me 2
SkyDouglasLP: lol
SkyDouglasLP: i mean i hope hes the first to go
iamalwaysthemole: well, we can't worry about their tribe
DOGHHH: yes, we must focus on us
Matgemini: uh huh
iamalwaysthemole: am I the only one from Canada in this tribe?
Matgemini: yup
Matgemini: u speak any french
DOGHHH: IIm close! Im Minnesotan, yah
bpcrap2: I took 3 years of French.
iamalwaysthemole: not very much
DOGHHH: Do you like Ryan Malcolm?
iamalwaysthemole: I haven't been in French yet this year
iamalwaysthemole: I travel to the U.S. every summer
DOGHHH: Thats cool, where in the US do you travel?
iamalwaysthemole: plus, I follow up on politics. washington, california, idaho, and Nevada
DOGHHH: Thats neat
iamalwaysthemole: not really lol
Matgemini: lol
DJFresh828: i really like that screen name "I am always the mole"
iamalwaysthemole: there is rarely any poker on T.V. in Canada:'(
iamalwaysthemole: thanx
iamalwaysthemole: I hope to destroy everyone in trivia
bpcrap2: Trivia isn't my forte at all.
DOGHHH: Im not good at much...but i try hard! If that counts
DOGHHH: Im good at singing...
DOGHHH: thats about it.
DJFresh828: i know so much about pop culture
DOGHHH: and unless there is a singing challenge, Im gonna have to work my butt off
bpcrap2: lol
SkyDouglasLP: I guess im pretty good with pop culture trivia lol
DOGHHH: I know everyhting about American Idols
DOGHHH: if that counts as trivia
DJFresh828: ha ha..me too!!!
DOGHHH: ::high five::
DOGHHH: Im an idol dork
DJFresh828: why don't we go around and introduce ourselves again
iamalwaysthemole: everyone in high school calls me Mr. Sir for my intelligence
DJFresh828: I'm Doug...26 from Central New Jersey
bpcrap2: <- Zach 17/m/OH
DOGHHH: Im William or Will or sometimes even Willie...your preferance. Im 18 from Minnesota, Im an aspiring country/swing singer
SkyDouglasLP: Sky, 17, NJ
iamalwaysthemole: Jaimes, 14,M, BC
Matgemini: maT 26 BRoOklYn
DOGHHH: that was hilaious when that kid forgot to delete {Insert Tribe}
SkyDouglasLP: yea lol
DOGHHH: I felt literally sorry for him.
DOGHHH: He tried too hard to impress
SkyDouglasLP: yea really
iamalwaysthemole: It's been 50 mins. and no one has offered me an alliance=-O
Matgemini: *16
Matgemini: lol
bpcrap2: Who, guy?
bpcrap2: I didn't catch it.
DOGHHH: LOL I think thats a good thing..lets focus on unity
Matgemini: hmmmm
DOGHHH: if we lose, then the alliance stuff can begin, on my opinion
Matgemini: maby we should appoint aleader
iamalwaysthemole: I kept on typing the wrong number, I'm 16
Caseboy6: who are the 2 people thats missing?
bpcrap2: buddbuster and
DOGHHH: buddbuster
bpcrap2: hillbully
Caseboy6: thanks
bpcrap2: yup
Matgemini: :-\ see there sn's
Matgemini: lol
DOGHHH: Sooo what do people like to do for fun?
Matgemini: i do security work online
DOGHHH: thats neat
bpcrap2: I play basketball
SkyDouglasLP: trying to brag like superfan huh?
SkyDouglasLP: jk lol
SkyDouglasLP: Does anyone know how he did in all stars?
Matgemini: check the site
bpcrap2: I didn't make all stars
Caseboy6: he quit
Matgemini: me either
SkyDouglasLP: y not bp?
SkyDouglasLP: y not mat?
SkyDouglasLP: lol
bpcrap2: Rather not discuss it lol.
Matgemini: i just aint make it in
SkyDouglasLP: ok lol
Matgemini: lol
DOGHHH: ive never been in any other seasons
DJFresh828: is Mat short for Matthew?
Matgemini: iv been here since ols2
Matgemini: yes
DOGHHH: so you have superfan beat! Woo
Matgemini: ^_^
SkyDouglasLP: lol yay mat!
Matgemini: ^_^
Matgemini: i misssed ols1
SkyDouglasLP: o
iamalwaysthemole: I wonder if there is going to be a twist
DOGHHH: Maybe. Maybe a twist will be girls comming
Matgemini: there is a twist
DJFresh828: oh yeah..we are all guys on this tribe
Matgemini: guy told me
SkyDouglasLP: both tribes are all guys right lol
Matgemini: how long we gon b ehere
Matgemini: ehhhh
Matgemini: EHHH
SkyDouglasLP: guy told you there is a twist? lol
DOGHHH: Yeah I know...no girls is sad
Matgemini: theres 1 girl
Matgemini: on the other tribe
DOGHHH: who?
Matgemini: ex somtin
Matgemini: sn starts wit ex
DOGHHH: hes a boy
DOGHHH: Gerald
DOGHHH: I know him previous to this game
Matgemini: really
Matgemini: he must be gay
Matgemini: lol
DOGHHH: he hosted a game I was in once
Matgemini: he said before" GOOD LUCK BOYS
DOGHHH: yeah he is very openly gay
Matgemini: really?
Matgemini: eh....
DOGHHH: Which i have nothing against, BTW
iamalwaysthemole: five after five and I am getting suspicious
Matgemini: eh...
iamalwaysthemole: I'm going to get some food
iamalwaysthemole: hopefully I find a banana tree
DOGHHH: Mm potassium
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: *walks to find food*
DOGHHH: ::walks with and points:: ooh ohh, banana>?
Matgemini: can i leave?
Matgemini: lol
SkyDouglasLP: lol
DOGHHH: Wait...nope thats superfan..theyve killed him and hung him int he tree already???
DOGHHH: the*
SkyDouglasLP: lol
SkyDouglasLP: i bet theyll vote him off first lol
iamalwaysthemole: I thought it's rated PG
SkyDouglasLP: at their first TC he will be like this is my 112th TC in OLS
SkyDouglasLP: As you all know...
SkyDouglasLP: And then guy will just be like
SkyDouglasLP: ok lets make this quick
SkyDouglasLP: Super
SkyDouglasLP: Superfan
SkyDouglasLP: Superfan
DOGHHH: ok then maybe they just hung him the tree
SkyDouglasLP: and he will be like what?!?!??!
SkyDouglasLP: kik
Matgemini: hm
SkyDouglasLP: lol*
Matgemini: EH
Matgemini: any 1 speak any languages here
Matgemini: ?
DOGHHH: English
iamalwaysthemole: I don't think that anyone has been this mean to mmx according to the episodes
Matgemini: besides english
DOGHHH: minimal ammounts of french
SkyDouglasLP: me speak no english
SkyDouglasLP: dont vote me out, i cant even speak english
SkyDouglasLP: im jk lol
DOGHHH: I used to know some norweigan but i have forgotten it over the years (alot of my family is norweigan)
SkyDouglasLP: ooo cool
Matgemini: i speak spanish
bpcrap2: Auto response from Survivor Guy 886: The day has ended, I'll see everyone next meeting .
Matgemini: im puerto rican
bpcrap2: No twist tonight.
iamalwaysthemole: and yet we stay......
Matgemini: lol
DOGHHH: Oh thats awesome, were you born in Puerto Rico?
Matgemini: yup
DOGHHH: thats cool, when did you move to Brooklyn?
Matgemini: after i was born
Matgemini: lol
bpcrap2: Wats the url for OLS?
DOGHHH: oh haha
DOGHHH: did you learn english or spanish first?
Matgemini: spanish
Matgemini: its olny spanish in puerto rico
Matgemini: not to much english
Caseboy6: http://www.geocities.com/survivorguyols/index.html
DOGHHH: yeah...I have a puerto rican friend..but he speaks sign language and english since his paernts are deaf
iamalwaysthemole: our conversation goes from gossiping about mmx to talking about puerto ricans
Matgemini: oh that sucks
Matgemini: lol
iamalwaysthemole: *Puerto Rican
SkyDouglasLP: lol
DOGHHH: Randomness makes the world go round
iamalwaysthemole: did you know that the earth is spinning faster because of the tsunami?
SkyDouglasLP: really
DOGHHH: Really? Is that why it always gets dark alot faster than usual lately?
SkyDouglasLP: where did you hear that
iamalwaysthemole: on CNN
SkyDouglasLP: o wow
Matgemini: is that bad?
Matgemini: thats its sppin faster?
iamalwaysthemole: yes
Matgemini: como que
Matgemini: why is it bad?
iamalwaysthemole: apparently it might cause an earthquake or might get closer to the sun
Matgemini: wow
SkyDouglasLP: o wow
DOGHHH: Thats scary
iamalwaysthemole: it's still at a very slow pace, but still faster than usual
Matgemini: yeh
iamalwaysthemole: it still might be a billion years before it does any damage
iamalwaysthemole: I also learned that North America is overdue for an earthquake
Matgemini: lol
Matgemini: in california
Matgemini: probly
iamalwaysthemole: the San Andreas fault especially
Matgemini: yup
DOGHHH: Thats really scary. Did anyone call in to the telethon?
Matgemini: CAN WE LEAVE
Matgemini: lol
bpcrap2: We can leave.
Matgemini: oh ok
Matgemini: bye
Matgemini: lol
bpcrap2: lol c ya
Matgemini: talk to ya next meeting
iamalwaysthemole: did you know that only female mosquitos bite?
DOGHHH: nice meeting yall
SkyDouglasLP: Bye
iamalwaysthemole: bye
Caseboy6: bye
DOGHHH: yeha I knew that one..only cu i live in MN..lots of mosquitos
SkyDouglasLP: You have alot of interesting info iamalways lol
iamalwaysthemole: bears don't hibernate, they go into a deep sleep
SkyDouglasLP: lol
iamalwaysthemole: I have to leave now, bye
SkyDouglasLP: bye
DJFresh828: guys..I gotta run
SkyDouglasLP: bye
DJFresh828: nice meeting you all
DJFresh828: see you on Wednesday
Matgemini: >:o
Matgemini: lol
Matgemini: u people can leave
DOGHHH: BRR is freezzingg in here
Caseboy6: hey mat
Matgemini: llol
Matgemini: wheres the girls
DOGHHH: yeah come out girls
Caseboy6: so is there any girls this game?
DOGHHH: nope, none
DOGHHH: its sad
bpcrap2: Bye y'all got to go
bpcrap2: do HW
bpcrap2: school tomorrow
DOGHHH: Have a nice night
Caseboy6: you too
DOGHHH: do I know you caseboy? Your s/n is so familiar
Caseboy6: not that i know of
Caseboy6: i was in a past season
DOGHHH: maybe ive seen you in mini games perhaps
Caseboy6: i havent played those in a long time
DOGHHH: me either
DOGHHH: I havent seen your sn in ages
DOGHHH: but it looks familiar
Caseboy6: ohh
DOGHHH: im so very cold gah
Caseboy6: did it snow where you are?
DOGHHH: yeah
Caseboy6: it snowed where i live on sunday night
DOGHHH: always does
DOGHHH: where do you live aagibn?
Caseboy6: mass
DOGHHH: Tonight it is really warm outside...-3
DOGHHH: the warmest its been all month
DOGHHH: we are supposed to go above 0 in february hopefully
Caseboy6: lol
Caseboy6: is that good?
DOGHHH: Very good
Caseboy6: ohh
DOGHHH: it means it doesnt take 10 mins to start up a car
Caseboy6: lol
DOGHHH: It stalled on my way home from a club
DOGHHH: I was in a panic
DOGHHH: i thought I was gonna die
DOGHHH: busy street at 4am in a city i wasnt familiar with
Caseboy6: last week it was like 50 degrees, but that was the warmest its been in a long time
DOGHHH: that is shots weather here hehe
DOGHHH: how cold does it usually get for you?
DOGHHH: shorts*
Caseboy6: well this year it hasnt gotten really cold, but its usually in the 30s around this time
DOGHHH: oh i see i see not too bad
DOGHHH: I see youre 18...in high school or college if i may ask?
Caseboy6: high school
Caseboy6: what about you?
DOGHHH: senior?
DOGHHH: Im a freshman in college
Caseboy6: yea
Caseboy6: cool
Matgemini: still here?'
Matgemini: why
Matgemini: lol
Caseboy6: yes
Caseboy6: because
Caseboy6: lol
DOGHHH: just chattin
Matgemini: bunch of guys
Caseboy6: why do you keep on coming back?
Matgemini: in a chat
Matgemini: lol
Matgemini: i dunno lol
Caseboy6: so mat, why werent you in all stars?
Matgemini: aint amke da cut
Caseboy6: or ols7
Caseboy6: i see
Caseboy6: so what do you think of our tribe?
DOGHHH: is that directed at mat or any of us?
DOGHHH: GAH why are exes soo frustrating
Caseboy6: anybody
Caseboy6: even though only 2 of you are here lol
DOGHHH: we seem mature..thats nice..more mature than the others. I hope we can do well :-)
DOGHHH: I also hope to get to know everyone..we seem kinda quiet
Caseboy6: well, i usually dont talk a lot in chats
DOGHHH: do you tak in IM?
Caseboy6: but if theres just a couple people, i'll talk
Caseboy6: yea
DOGHHH: im pretty talkative
DOGHHH: can you tell?
Caseboy6: yea lol
DOGHHH: I jut hope it doesnt annoy anybody
DOGHHH: I can become random
DOGHHH: Occasionally i ven about things like school, work or my ex
Caseboy6: i dont think thats annoying
DOGHHH: vent*
Caseboy6: did you read any of the episodes on the site yet?
DOGHHH: some of the first season
Caseboy6: ohh
Caseboy6: nvm then
DOGHHH: i was going to until my ex IMed me being mean as usual lol
Caseboy6: lol
DOGHHH: so Im dealing with that...same old same old
DOGHHH: one of those confusing "Im over you but i dont want you to have anyone else" things
Caseboy6: those are fun times
DOGHHH: yeah,...so I qent to a club last night and have a mini crush on someone I cant have due to their' sexual preference
DOGHHH: yet my ex is still mad that I even remotely like osmeone I cant even have
DOGHHH: sorry haha
Caseboy6: and shes mad about that?
DOGHHH: year nearly right yep
DOGHHH: youre*
Caseboy6: ohh
DOGHHH: so its a nerve racking situation
DOGHHH: I am off to watch some TV and to aovid my ex for an hour
DOGHHH: BBL :-) nice meeting yall
Caseboy6: alright, well bye
Caseboy6: remember, sky lol, make sure you talk to bp

Caseboy6: So once we entered the tribe room, Bp IMs me and asked me if i was looking for an alliance member so i said sure. And I probably can trust Bp for a little while but not long cuz I dont think hes very trustworthy. So I IM Budd and I asked him for an alliance cuz I can trust him(to the same extent as Bp) so then I was like wow, I have an alliance with 3 people on the first day. But I think I screwed myself over cuz I already have all these alliances and they all think they can trust me and eventually they'll find out that it isnt true.
Hillbilly Baluga: I know this is REALLY early...and i'm not even sure if you're up for this sort of thing....but, would you want to try and stick together through this?
Caseboy6: yes
Hillbilly Baluga: ok
Hillbilly Baluga: I'm talking to "Sky" right now
Hillbilly Baluga: so have you started thinking at all about alliances?
Hillbilly Baluga: he just asked me
Hillbilly Baluga: its really early..
Hillbilly Baluga: I don't think I want to set anything in stone yet
Hillbilly Baluga: he is constantly bringing up the alliance topic. Of course, I cant criticize him, for I did the same
Caseboy6: but why did you say "Sky"?
Hillbilly Baluga: ...i'm not sure exactly
Hillbilly Baluga: I just have a funny feeling about him
Caseboy6: like what?
Hillbilly Baluga: I have a feeling its someone trying to cover their identity
Hillbilly Baluga: I could be completely wrong
Hillbilly Baluga: I just have a hunch though
Caseboy6: well if you find out it is somebody, could you tell me?
Hillbilly Baluga: without a doubt
Caseboy6: thanks
Caseboy6: Me and Buffy have an alliance. I dont think he will be able to keep this up much longer cuz he was talking to Dogg and said his name was Scott, and then Dogg realized he wasnt listed in order by age. And then, I was talking to Hill, he was saying he thinks "Sky" is really somebody trying to cover their identity.