^ACTUAL DATE - March 18, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 61/88^


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mmxsuperfan: Blame Ashton Gyoro DBZ for that trick
Ppenguin757: i hate DBZ
lil evil BRIAN: omg
lil evil BRIAN: damn
Hillbilly Baluga: :-(
Game2Shark5: no i blame you for that mmx =P
SkyDouglasLP(): Well Thanks MMX
SkyDouglasLP(): lol
mmxsuperfan: Sorry guys
lil evil BRIAN: I was so prepared
Hillbilly Baluga: its ok
Game2Shark5: same
Game2Shark5: i could have gone forever
Ppenguin757: i would have gone until a bribe
lil evil BRIAN: Congratulations Sky
lil evil BRIAN: good jb
SkyDouglasLP(): Thanks Lil!
SkyDouglasLP(): I was paying attention to see who posted it
SkyDouglasLP(): Thats why I usually wasnt one of the first ones to say here
SkyDouglasLP(): I was like ok SURVIVOR GUY 886 Posted it... ok
SkyDouglasLP(): lol
Hillbilly Baluga: i was after Penguin was out
Hillbilly Baluga: after that...i wasn't watching
Ppenguin757: lol
lil evil BRIAN: I set my settings so that everytime someone said anything in the chat, I would be ready
lil evil BRIAN: but didnt know you guys would stay
lil evil BRIAN: :-(
Game2Shark5: lol it was fun anyways
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah it was
SkyDouglasLP(): Yea that was a FUN challenge! lol
mmxsuperfan: Now everyone hates me.
Hillbilly Baluga: i don't hate u out
Game2Shark5: naww... lol it was a good challenge
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah, it was
Ppenguin757: i was really looking forward to broadcasting my thought on the NCAA
Hillbilly Baluga: haha

Hillbilly Baluga: So yeah, lets look at what is going on. Tribal Council is tonight. There are two Lopevi members left. 6 Yasur members left. SkyDouglas has immunity this week. Who is the obvious choice to go??? Well, unless I get screwed, Tribal Council should be VERY interesting!!
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