^ACTUAL DATE - February 10, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 25/88^


Hillbilly Baluga: you want to know something I was just thinking of..
Hillbilly Baluga: the two people in our alliance -- iam and sky...are like, two of the biggest threats!! Iam because he keeps track of EVERYTHING (which can be dangerous) and Sky because he is like, loaded w/ SP
Caseboy6: i dont like him knowing everything
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah, I dont either
Hillbilly Baluga: it makes me really nervous
Caseboy6: me too
Hillbilly Baluga: I'm beginning to believe iam thinks our tribe is stupid. Like we aren't aware when we have perfect attendance
Hillbilly Baluga: Well what do you want, a freakin cookie! (what I wanted to type in chat)
Caseboy6: i was typing "wow iam, you are a smart one"
Caseboy6: but then i decided that would be too mean
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Caseboy6: hey
DOGHHH: hey yall
Hillbilly Baluga: Hey everyone!
bpcrap2: hey
iamalwaysthemole: have all of you signed up for ols10?
Hillbilly Baluga: nope
iamalwaysthemole: apparently only 6 people have signed up so far, including me
Hillbilly Baluga: oooh
Hillbilly Baluga: well I'm not doing that one -- I'm always busy in the summer
DOGHHH: same here
DOGHHH: Hopefully for AI5 auditions
Hillbilly Baluga: haha, cool
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DOGHHH: hi Sky :-)
Hillbilly Baluga: wonder whats going on today?
SkyDouglasLP: hi
DOGHHH: No idea
DOGHHH: but we will win no matter what it is :-)
Hillbilly Baluga: haha, most def.
SkyDouglasLP: yea
DOGHHH: oh wonderful mat is here
DOGHHH: The day is now perfect ::Rols eyes::
Hillbilly Baluga: and if its a tribal Sp, we're FOR sure going to win..lol...
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iamalwaysthemole: PERFECT ATTENDANCE!
iamalwaysthemole: 8/8
DOGHHH: Thats hot
Hillbilly Baluga: I love when people say thats hot
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
DOGHHH: Hello Mat
DOGHHH: This chat was SOOO empty without you Mat
iamalwaysthemole: lol
bpcrap2: lol
iamalwaysthemole: I wonder how many more times we'll have perfect attendance
DOGHHH: yeah it sucked..
SkyDouglasLP: prob alot once we get dog voted out
SkyDouglasLP: no im jk dog
Hillbilly Baluga: I don't know, but I'm sure you'll let us know
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
Caseboy6: lol
iamalwaysthemole: lol
SkyDouglasLP: i only said that since i remembered u having less then 50% attendence that one time lol
DOGHHH: LOL nooo dont vote me out :-)
iamalwaysthemole: everyone here has over 50%
iamalwaysthemole: I bet yasur only has like two or three people over 50%
iamalwaysthemole: really dog
DOGHHH: aweosme Im glad you keep track Jaimes
iamalwaysthemole: I bet my life there won't be an apocolypse
Hillbilly Baluga: but you also have to think...they only have 5 people! LOL!
DOGHHH: yeah sucks to be yasur!
Matgemini: yooooooo
Hillbilly Baluga: *yawn*
Hillbilly Baluga: hm, tree mail should be coming sometime soon
DOGHHH: yeha..I want to get this show on the roll
DOGHHH: road*
Matgemini: im the master of this tribe!
DOGHHH: Yes I know mat
Matgemini: lol j.k
DOGHHH: We worship you
Matgemini: lol
Matgemini: but i was here sinc ols2
bpcrap2: Do we get treemail for days when we have SP Challenge
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah
SkyDouglasLP: omg
SkyDouglasLP: treemail
SkyDouglasLP: lol
bpcrap2: w00t
iamalwaysthemole: yeah bp


Hillbilly Baluga: you were in every challenge since ols2?
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DOGHHH: Merge???
Matgemini: nah lol
bpcrap2: hmmm
Hillbilly Baluga has entered the room.
iamalwaysthemole: no, it's that twist in Vanuatu
Hillbilly Baluga: Ah, sorry guys
bpcrap2: its ok
Matgemini: every man 4 himself
Hillbilly Baluga: what was the twist in Vanuatu?
iamalwaysthemole: just like in that double tribal council episode
DOGHHH: im confused so its a switch?
DOGHHH: Ohhh thats [email protected]
DOGHHH: and unfair
iamalwaysthemole: when they had the reward challenge, then the tribe that won the reward challenge competed individually for immunity
Hillbilly Baluga: OH
DOGHHH: ooohhhh
DOGHHH: im confused
iamalwaysthemole: remember a couple weeks ago when I predicted a twist would happen last week?
iamalwaysthemole: I even told survivor guy lol
Hillbilly Baluga: ...haha
iamalwaysthemole: I hope I'm 2/2 for predicting twists
Hillbilly Baluga: i hope not, actually
Hillbilly Baluga: I like our tribe the way it is
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
Buddbuster: i think its a switch
iamalwaysthemole: two become one?
SkyDouglasLP: o
SkyDouglasLP: should we use our item?
SkyDouglasLP: to find out stats?
Buddbuster: cause in Vanauatu on CBS, they had around this time the mixed teams
Buddbuster: cause in the beginning it was Battle of theSexes
DOGHHH: yeah i hope not I hate MMXsuperfan
Hillbilly Baluga: LOL
DOGHHH: and if I was on a tribe with him I would cry
iamalwaysthemole: two weeks from now would be the same week of the switch
bpcrap2: <-confuzzled
iamalwaysthemole: I was thinking, if we go to tribal council, we'll need to vote out dog
Caseboy6: why?
iamalwaysthemole: he has low attendance, and isn't much apart of the challenges, he's a great friend, but is hurting our tribe slightly
Caseboy6: what about dampe?
iamalwaysthemole: I don't know dampe
iamalwaysthemole: will you vote off dog if we go to TC
Caseboy6: i'll think about it
Caseboy6: did you talk to anybody else about it?
iamalwaysthemole: sky didn't respond, and hill is convincing me to vote DAMPE
Caseboy6: i would rather vote dampe too
iamalwaysthemole: I dunno, I want to see how he performs at IC