^ACTUAL DATE - February 15, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 30/88^


Caseboy6 has entered the room.
Hillbilly Baluga has entered the room.
Caseboy6: hey hill
SkyDouglasLP has entered the room.
Hillbilly Baluga: hey case
Hillbilly Baluga: ..and sky
SkyDouglasLP: Hi
SkyDouglasLP: BRB
Caseboy6: ok
Hillbilly Baluga: poor iam
Hillbilly Baluga: had he been here right now, all we'd here was what he learned in school today
Caseboy6: lol
Hillbilly Baluga: Case, I don't htink I ever found out..how long did you last in OLS7?
Caseboy6: 7th place
DOGHHH has entered the room.
DOGHHH: hey guys I cant stay the whole time
Caseboy6: hey
Hillbilly Baluga: hey Dog
DOGHHH: I work at 7 (8 est) so I have to leave at 6:40
Hillbilly Baluga: aww....
DOGHHH: sorry :-(
Hillbilly Baluga: its ok
DOGHHH: I hate work
DOGHHH: but my parents pay for everythi ng but gas $
DOGHHH: And since I live an hour away from college I need to pay for gas to drive the hour to and from school each day
Hillbilly Baluga: yeah..
DOGHHH: and Im exhaused cuz I just worked out alot
Hillbilly Baluga: i wonder what today's going to be?
Hillbilly Baluga: shew, I wish I could work out...lol
DOGHHH: preparin' for the modelin' shoot in 2 weeks
DOGHHH: lol why cant cha?
DOGHHH: Its fun sometimes
Hillbilly Baluga: cause i'm super lazy
Hillbilly Baluga: haha
DOGHHH: I lol so am I...I force myself to listen to britney spears while I do it...it energizes me olol
Hillbilly Baluga: haha
DOGHHH: I feel icky I dont have time for a shower
Hillbilly Baluga: aww
DOGHHH: So I feel dirty after workin out
Hillbilly Baluga: ok, can I make a suggestion before someone else comes in the room?
Caseboy6: sure
DOGHHH: sure
Hillbilly Baluga: if we ever lose another immunity challenge..lets not tell Dampe that we have Tribal Council...I know its mean...but I bet he's not going to show up for any of our meetings (but show up for tribal)...try and make it to merge..
Hillbilly Baluga: then pick us off one by one
DOGHHH: thas true
DOGHHH: Do you think we should throw next IC and vote him off so they dont boot BP or what?
Hillbilly Baluga: ...ah, I don't know about throwing
Hillbilly Baluga: thats normally the downfall of a tribe
DOGHHH: Thats true...
Caseboy6: do you think they'll be a tribal council tonight?
Hillbilly Baluga: I don't know..maybe
DOGHHH: I do think getting rid of Jaimes was a good decision though..he had a giant ego
DOGHHH: I hoip not cuz I work
DOGHHH: im pissed enought that Im missing my fsavoorite show ever for work haha
DOGHHH: Im always paranouid my time taping wont work
Hillbilly Baluga: which show is that?
DOGHHH: American Idol
Hillbilly Baluga: LOL
Hillbilly Baluga: oh
DOGHHH: do you watch it?
Hillbilly Baluga: yea
DOGHHH: do you know who Carmen Rasmusen is?
DOGHHH: Shes like my personal goddess lol
Hillbilly Baluga: haha, nope, sure don't
SkyDouglasLP: Hi
Hillbilly Baluga: hi Sky


SkyDouglasLP: sorry i was outside... company is over
Hillbilly Baluga: its cool
Hillbilly Baluga: what do you think ti means/
DOGHHH: i dont know
DOGHHH: Onoly two of us work tonight..so Im not gonna get off work till like 1 am ggrrr
DOGHHH: I wish all the ice cream in the world would melt in ****!
Hillbilly Baluga: lol
DOGHHH: and I would triumphantly smash the "cold stone" on something
DOGHHH: considering Id be able to lift it..which I doubt I could
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