^ACTUAL DATE - April 13, 2005^
^ACTUAL DAY - 87/88^


Hillbilly Baluga has entered the room.
E x X Boifriend has entered the room.
SkyDouglasLP has entered the room.

E x X Boifriend: Hm, well I know I was supposed to go instead of him, but i got lucky. I don't really like this guy
Hillbilly Baluga: ..didn't know him
SkyDouglasLP: I didnt really know him that well obviously but it sucks for him that he went first

E x X Boifriend: Hm, never got to know him
Hillbilly Baluga: seemed like a nice guy. but didn't know him very well
SkyDouglasLP: Yea, I didnt really get to know him

SkyDouglasLP: He was a pretty nice guy.. he just didnt show up to enough of the meetings for whatever reason so he wasnt able to stick around that long, especially because of the attendence rule

E x X Boifriend: aw budddyy
Hillbilly Baluga: didn't know him very well either
SkyDouglasLP: I got to talk to him a little bit and he seemed like a nice guy

Hillbilly Baluga: Oh lord!!
Hillbilly Baluga: Mr. Know it all!......full of useless information!
Hillbilly Baluga: I guess his demise was the fact he kept everyones stats
Hillbilly Baluga: and admitted he did so
SkyDouglasLP: He was a nice guy, he was just a little cocky at times

Hillbilly Baluga: Aww, budd! I didn't talk to him much!
Hillbilly Baluga: He seemed nice though
SkyDouglasLP: He was just cocky
SkyDouglasLP: He was a nice guy, he wasnt that active so once again due to the attendence rules, we had to vote him out but he seemed like a nice and trustworthy guy

E x X Boifriend: this is hard to say, I never liked him personally when entering this game, and didn't want to deal with him
Hillbilly Baluga: Aww! I miss Dog soo much! He was one of my favorite people back at Lopevi!! We bonded so so much! Stupid attendance rule!
SkyDouglasLP: He was a really nice person. Hes a very intelligent and open mined person and he was great to have on Lopevi and it sucked that he had to go due to the attendence rule

E x X Boifriend: omg i love this dude!!! Im sad that he got voted out, even though he wanted to vote me out a few times,. I thought he was actually a really smart dude
Hillbilly Baluga: He seemed a little..odd. And he was definitely a yasur at heart
SkyDouglasLP: He was a nice guy... he was just on the "wrong tribe at the wrong time" I guess He pretty much only went because he was from Yasur and Lopevi people were nervous that Yasur would pick them off at the merge

Hillbilly Baluga: AWW!! Case!! I miss him SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!! He was an awesome guy..got to know him back in ols7...he was great!
Hillbilly Baluga: I would have done anything to get him back in the game!
SkyDouglasLP: Case is a great person. Hes really trustworthy and someone I really enjoyed playing this game with. I was really upset when he went back at the Final 10 but hes someone I knew Id still talk to after he was voted out and after the game even though he went right at the merge.

Hillbilly Baluga: shew, thank god he was gone! It took HOW long?!?!?! Stupid homophobe!
SkyDouglasLP: Mat.... I remember in the beginning of the game saying in a confessional or something I didnt think he would make it past our tribes first TC but he did because of the attendence rule
SkyDouglasLP: He was rude, close minded, and arrogent.
SkyDouglasLP: But at least he stayed loyal unlike BP

Hillbilly Baluga: I really didn't like him, he seemed way too cocky!!
SkyDouglasLP: He was so annoying.
Hillbilly Baluga: had it not been for him being voted out..I would have been gone right then
SkyDouglasLP: He was annoying from the very beginning of the game and voting him out was a great experience and the last easy TC

E x X Boifriend: he thought he had the whole game
Hillbilly Baluga: In all honesty, I wasnt a big fan of Game. He was a nice guy though, and a great competitor, just wasn't that big of a fan of him..
SkyDouglasLP: He was a good player but he was inactive.
SkyDouglasLP: He thought he was the master of this game and he thought he was in charge
SkyDouglasLP: But he was still a nice guy, and voting him off when we did was really hard for me at least

Hillbilly Baluga: aww! Lil! He was really nice! Im glad I got to know him!!! im sorry he had to go, but I guess someone did..and it was his time
SkyDouglasLP: Lil was a nice guy and voting him out was really hard but he did have his little emotional and irrational outbursts
E x X Boifriend: it was hard to vote out lil brian, cause i liked him but he was very immature and i think he has alot to learn

Hillbilly Baluga: I really liked Penguin, even though a lot didn't. He was SUPER strong, but was always super nice to me, and even offered to save me back when it looked as though I was going to be th eone to be voted out!
SkyDouglasLP: Penguin is a nice guy and he was a great player. He seemed a little too strong to everyone else which made him a threat and thats one of the reasons he went when he did. It was really tough to vote him out.

SkyDouglasLP: BP is an interesting person and player lol. He backstabbed the Lopevi alliance at the merge and he backstabbed Case which was really upsetting.
SkyDouglasLP: He wasnt the most active but when he was around it was nice to talk to him and it was hard to vote him out
E x X Boifriend: I <3 bp
Hillbilly Baluga: I don't!
Hillbilly Baluga: bp swore to us he was "sticking with lopevi" once merge came...and well, we saw the next two people to go
Hillbilly Baluga: and because of his lie, one of my best friends in this game left! ..however, everything happened for a reason, and here are the three of us