{Actual Date}-{June 2, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{4/89}


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Cards39: that sucked
thesavvyguy9: that had to be the most frustrating thing ever!
Cards39: i know
Cards39: i couldnt even answer cuz an answer would always show up
thesavvyguy9: I can't help it I was very disapointed and angry at the challenge
thesavvyguy9: the arrogance of Korror was just so over the top
thesavvyguy9: at one point I just wanted to tell them to stfu
thesavvyguy9: lol
Cards39: lol
FishyCat24: well
FishyCat24: we tried
RaveMaster4321: alright peeps we got to tlk
FishyCat24: ok
blksurferdude: Hey Rave i ahve a question
RaveMaster4321: wat
blksurferdude: Do u think u captain or something
RaveMaster4321: no
blksurferdude: cause u surly acted that way
blksurferdude: gusy shut up, and this and this\
RaveMaster4321: i acted liek a good teammate trying to pull off my other teammates
blksurferdude: guys
blksurferdude: Welll u were acting that way
RaveMaster4321: well u were acting so ignorant......so were they but good sportsmanship is turning ur back.....and not saying ne thing
blksurferdude: and again me and pacashe wasnt asses , we were talking back to clear he started it
RaveMaster4321: you didnt have to respond to them but u chose to
blksurferdude: I was a good sportsman
ecukid1983: i know they were getting cocky guys but sometimes ignoring them is the best thing. but i also understand i dont like hearing there crap and u gotta stand up for urself sometimes
blksurferdude: i did
blksurferdude: why do i whave to shut up
blksurferdude: i said
blksurferdude: what the ****
blksurferdude: how am i mocking u
blksurferdude: and u said shut up
blksurferdude: i wanted to know what i did
RaveMaster4321: yeah
RaveMaster4321: cause u didnt have to say ne thing it just strted it even more
blksurferdude: no
blksurferdude: after that is stoped
blksurferdude: stopped


FishyCat24: shhhh dont say anything
FishyCat24: let them fight
thesavvyguy9: why?
FishyCat24: surfer is putting a big target on his bck
FishyCat24: i maen u can talk
FishyCat24: but if u feel like sufer dont say it
thesavvyguy9: I see what your saying
thesavvyguy9: god I think we made a mistake coming to this tribe
thesavvyguy9: all they are doing is fighting fighting fighting at each other
thesavvyguy9: we should be deciding which inactive we should be voting out at Tribal tonight... not bickering
FishyCat24: well i dont want to say anything
thesavvyguy9: I'm not going to say anything either
RaveMaster4321: i knew this was gonna happen when we split into tribes
FishyCat24: what was going to happen?
FishyCat24: the drama?
RaveMaster4321: yeah
RaveMaster4321: and how do u get off telling me im trying to be captain
blksurferdude: well, all i am saying, is next time be more like a tribe mate, instead of saying shut up maybe next time same like blk chill or pacashe chill
RaveMaster4321: i was the one telling you that we had to work as a team
blksurferdude: Well remebers the immunity

ecukid1983: the drama lol
thesavvyguy9: I know
thesavvyguy9: it is upsetting me
thesavvyguy9: we need to be deciding in which of the two inactives we are going to collectively vote out of the game
ecukid1983: yeah exactly
thesavvyguy9: not going against each other and putting blame... but I'm honestly afraid to speak up in this mess of a chat
blksurferdude: choose ratehr immunity or reward
blksurferdude: u kept on sayign math
blksurferdude: math
blksurferdude: it really took the whole team to change ur mind
RaveMaster4321: no it didnt
blksurferdude: andyes it did
RaveMaster4321: and no it didnt
blksurferdude: and when savy wanted us to do trvia u were like again shut up
blksurferdude: we do things as a tribe
RaveMaster4321: blk i know
blksurferdude: and we dicuss thigns as a tribe
blksurferdude: so why does savy ahve to shut up
RaveMaster4321: trivia wasnt the best suggestion and savvy kept saying that and guy was about to pick it for us
ecukid1983: calm down guys. u both are active and we need u both to get along
blksurferdude: we are
blksurferdude: i am just telling him what he did
blksurferdude: i am finshed
FishyCat24: ok
RaveMaster4321: whatever
pacashe109: oh yeah sry for the X thing got a lil carried away

blksurferdude: rave thinks he is leader
thesavvyguy9: yep
blksurferdude: i swear
blksurferdude: i mean he told me to shut up
blksurferdude: who is he
thesavvyguy9: I don't know... but he yelled at me for wanting to go with Trivia
blksurferdude: i wont be surprised if he gets voted out
thesavvyguy9: definately
blksurferdude: So i say we get rid of inactivness
FishyCat24: is ok
ecukid1983: so which two of the inactives should go
blksurferdude: dampe or mmx
pacashe109: mmx
thesavvyguy9: has anyone spoken with either of the two at all?
RaveMaster4321: no
Cards39: i havent
blksurferdude: i say mmx
FishyCat24: nope
blksurferdude: i have spoke to dampe
blksurferdude: he is really cool
pacashe109: i have spoken to mmx and he said he wouldnt mind getting voted off
blksurferdude: also did good in previouis games
FishyCat24: i say mmx cause i think dampe was on last night
thesavvyguy9: I agree with MMX
ecukid1983: im down with that
Cards39: alright
blksurferdude: mmx i agree
Cards39: me too
ecukid1983: ok cool
FishyCat24: rave what do u think
RaveMaster4321: i dont mind
FishyCat24: ok well mmx i guess
ecukid1983: alright cool
FishyCat24: :-)
ecukid1983: cool beans OnlineHost: pacashe109 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 1
ecukid1983: so whose steph on our tribe
ecukid1983: lol
FishyCat24: we have a girl?
ecukid1983: no
FishyCat24: oh sorry
FishyCat24: now i get it
ecukid1983: but i was just picking characters
ecukid1983: ill be james since im kinda a redneck OnlineHost: RaveMaster4321 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 6
thesavvyguy9: lol I'll be Bobby Jon "the manimal"
ecukid1983: i have a country accent
pacashe109: im ibe
blksurferdude: i will be steph
blksurferdude: So if this is real ulong i will be victorious
blksurferdude: lol
pacashe109: lol
pacashe109: it feels like we are
blksurferdude: i will be ibrhiem
pacashe109: im ibe lol
blksurferdude: he look guys i am a model
blksurferdude: lol
FishyCat24: were did rave go
blksurferdude: he is here
FishyCat24: oh ok
FishyCat24: when is the next challenge sat?
Cards39: he hasnt sent it out yet
pacashe109: have no clue
FishyCat24: oh ok
FishyCat24: anyone else play with this host before?
pacashe109: nope
FishyCat24: well let me rephrase that ANYONE casue i havent
Cards39: me either
FishyCat24: i am just curious if all hallenges are live then they probably are all going to be like tonights
pacashe109: ya all challenges are live
FishyCat24: oh ok
thesavvyguy9: I was in the last season
pacashe109: what place u come in?
FishyCat24: i am just curious how did the challenges differ
thesavvyguy9: I was on Yasur... I got disqualified because I had lifeguarding practice and couldn't make the meetings
pacashe109: oooo
FishyCat24: i once tried to be a lifeguard
FishyCat24: but it was to much work
thesavvyguy9: lol it was easy for me
FishyCat24: actually
FishyCat24: the practice was to much work
FishyCat24: i couldnt just sit there all day
FishyCat24: i would be listining to my ipod and playing gameboy
thesavvyguy9: I failed first AID and CPR, so if I'm ever lifeguarding don't get hurt! LOL I had to take the alternate test in order to become certified.
pacashe109: lol
thesavvyguy9: sad, isn't it?
thesavvyguy9: lol
RaveMaster4321: gtg guys l8r RaveMaster4321 has left the room.
FishyCat24: bye
pacashe109: k
FishyCat24: :-)
FishyCat24: so guys say something
ecukid1983: im here
FishyCat24: whast mmx name
Cards39: superfan lol
ecukid1983: lol
ecukid1983: ghetto supa star
ecukid1983: that is what u are
FishyCat24: so blk how are u
pacashe109: im good u
FishyCat24: lol
pacashe109: lol
FishyCat24: surfer aint here
ecukid1983: must have steped away
FishyCat24: probably
ecukid1983: i gotta talk in my southern accent
ecukid1983: how yall doing
FishyCat24: just fine and dandy
FishyCat24: anyone here live in NY
Cards39: not me
thesavvyguy9: me 8-)
FishyCat24: the city though savvy
thesavvyguy9: good ol' Schenectady
thesavvyguy9: lol I'm not from the city
pacashe109: i live in NY
thesavvyguy9: NYC?
pacashe109: ya
thesavvyguy9: that's so cool
pacashe109: no thats a lie
ecukid1983: take out the Y and u got my state
pacashe109: but it would be cool if i did right
ecukid1983: lol
ecukid1983: NC
pacashe109: lol
FishyCat24: where i live i dont have any mountains or snow
Cards39: where do you live?
FishyCat24: only the man made ones at disney
FishyCat24: orlando
thesavvyguy9: people usually don't "live" in the city anymore unless they have a dinky apartment. Over the years the standard of living has become so high that it is almost impossible to live in the city.
Cards39: ohh, thats cool
thesavvyguy9: even long island has become expencive to live
thesavvyguy9: my best friend's family moved here from Long Island b/c they couldn't afford it down there

thesavvyguy9: we all sucked
thesavvyguy9: but heck we fought for it and that's all that matters
ecukid1983: yeah true. just hope this isnt a trend
thesavvyguy9: I know... or else we will really be Ulonged
thesavvyguy9: that would be horrible
ecukid1983: yes it would

Cards39: We picked tribes tonight, I made sure i chose the opposite tribe than whatever tribe Penguin chose even though that means I'll be going to like every TC lol. So I'm on Ulong with a bunch of people who arent the brightest but whatever. Tonight we decided to vote Superfan because hes inactive but I might be in trouble.
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