{Actual Date}-{June 6, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{8/89}


Gambluh2007: how is everyone?
Dogdude84: excited
Gambluh2007: bout?
Dogdude84: this?
Dogdude84: lol
PharaohTH: lol
Ppenguin757: yep lol
Gambluh2007: arnt we all!?
Dogdude84: yepp
Ppenguin757: holla. dat yo.
Gambluh2007: fo sho
Ppenguin757: omg who took sat 2s on saturday?
Dogdude84: fo ShIzZlE
Dogdude84: sat 2s?
Gambluh2007: ma nizzle
Ppenguin757: sat subject tests
Dogdude84: oh
PharaohTH: what did you get on your regular sats david?
Dogdude84: <---college
Gambluh2007: <---- 10th grade
Ppenguin757: well i took them this year
PharaohTH: <----grad student
Ppenguin757: and got a 2270
PharaohTH: uh, ok
Dogdude84: is 2270 good?
Ppenguin757: out of 2400
PharaohTH: Oh.
Dogdude84: oh, good job
Ppenguin757: like on the actual portion i got a 1520
Ppenguin757: damn writing ....
Dogdude84: wow, great job, actually lol
PharaohTH: lol
Ppenguin757: lol
Ppenguin757: thx
Gambluh2007: so how was everyones weekend?
PharaohTH: guess the good ol' days of 1600s is over
Dogdude84: on my SATs i couldn't break 1200 >.<
PharaohTH: i got 1300
Dogdude84: (1600 scale)
Dogdude84: nice
Clearwater88: I don't take SATS.
PharaohTH: i had to piss really bad too
Ppenguin757: i took the sat 2 chem on saturday
PharaohTH: which is why i scored low
Dogdude84: lmao
Ppenguin757: yeah that sucked
PharaohTH: yes, thats why
Dogdude84: sheldon...small bladder?
Ppenguin757: LOL
PharaohTH: yes :-[
Dogdude84: lol
PharaohTH: i piss on things all the time, it's horrible
Dogdude84: hahaha, hope you're joking
PharaohTH: i'm like a skunk marking off its territories
Ppenguin757: lol
PharaohTH: i am
iamalwaysthemole: what?
PharaohTH: that'd be sad if it were true
Dogdude84: yeah
iamalwaysthemole: oh, nevermind
Dogdude84: sheldon pees to mark his territory, pay attention
iamalwaysthemole: tree mail guys
Ppenguin757: YAYAY

iamalwaysthemole: {KEEP YOUR MIND SHARP}
iamalwaysthemole: {WHEN MAKING THIS RUN}
iamalwaysthemole: YOUR RIVALS WILL SEEK}
iamalwaysthemole: {TO SPOIL YOUR FUN}
iamalwaysthemole: {YOU'LL TOO HAVE A CHANCE}
iamalwaysthemole: {TO MAKE YOUR OPPONENTS CRY}
iamalwaysthemole: {JUST STAY ON THE BOARD}
iamalwaysthemole: {AND WIN THE ABILITY TO SPY}

Ppenguin757: what if we were to replace cry...
Ppenguin757: with die? :-)
PharaohTH: oooo, spy
Dogdude84: ooh it's reward
Ppenguin757: or spy
iamalwaysthemole: yay! tribal spy
Ppenguin757: whatever floats your boat >_>
Dogdude84: we're doing some sort of maze or puzzle on a grid, probably
PharaohTH: haha
Dogdude84: lol, make you're opponents die?
Dogdude84: your*
Ppenguin757: sure
Ppenguin757: why not?
Dogdude84: lol, it'd sure cut down on players
PharaohTH: why kill them, they are ulong
PharaohTH: they'll never win anyway
Dogdude84: good point
Ppenguin757: true
Gambluh2007: LO
Ppenguin757: except they might win a reward
Dogdude84: they will suffer the fate as on the show
Ppenguin757: but we get to eat stew in front of their face
Dogdude84: oh yeah, ulong did get 1 reward
iamalwaysthemole: if both tribes play the same way as last challenge, we'll win
Dogdude84: lol
Dogdude84: yes
Ppenguin757: thats not an "if:
Ppenguin757: its a fact >_>
Dogdude84: yes, optimism is key
iamalwaysthemole: then it will make us look like we are cocky
Dogdude84: cocky is ok
PharaohTH: nothing wrong with being cocky if we back it up
iamalwaysthemole: but we aren't cause we're Koror
Dogdude84: do you know that beadles in London don't let you whistle?
PharaohTH: i do now
Dogdude84: haha
PharaohTH: lol
Dogdude84: it's cuz thieves used to whistle to give signals to their buddies
Clearwater88: what is a beadle?
Dogdude84: london cop
lil evil BRIAN: Back
Dogdude84: wb
PharaohTH: wb brian
Clearwater88: are you from London? wb.
Ppenguin757: wb :-)
Dogdude84: nope, i saw a show on tv about it
Clearwater88: You aren't interesting anymroe.
Clearwater88: more*
PharaohTH: lol
Dogdude84: lmao
Clearwater88: ah.. spelling nazi.
Dogdude84: yes you are the speliang natzsi
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