{Actual Date}-{June 6, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{8/89}


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blksurferdude: god they piss me off
blksurferdude: hey guys Startgey
thesavvyguy9: oh well you guys... we'll get them at the Immunity challenge
RaveMaster4321: yeah
thesavvyguy9: who cares if they get to read one of our chats
RaveMaster4321: are we having a TC tonitwe
blksurferdude: lets pull somthing on the psy
RaveMaster4321: tonite?
thesavvyguy9: no it was for a copy of one of our chats
pacashe109: 4 minutes until i am gone tonight
thesavvyguy9: not immunity
FishyCat24: guys we really chaged from our last challenge
blksurferdude: yeah
RaveMaster4321: yeah
FishyCat24: thanks cards and everyone else cause did a great job tonite
blksurferdude: i was tryiong to do my stargey
RaveMaster4321: strategy
blksurferdude: and every1 wanted me to do other stuff
RaveMaster4321: i didnt
Cards39: you guys did good
blksurferdude: u did great
RaveMaster4321: u did very well cards
Cards39: i gotta go guys
blksurferdude: brb making em a salad
Cards39: ttyl
RaveMaster4321: bye
Cards39: thanks
thesavvyguy9: way to go Cards
blksurferdude: I think cards whould be capatian
blksurferdude: what a perfomance
RaveMaster4321: so is the reward challenge all we have tonite
blksurferdude: very good job
blksurferdude: yeah
blksurferdude: thats all we have
thesavvyguy9: I know we will win the next IC
RaveMaster4321: yea
blksurferdude: Cards u really stepped up and that was a leader performance right there anyoen elese
RaveMaster4321: i agree
blksurferdude: I really think we should name him Tribal leader
FishyCat24: wheres the spy?
blksurferdude: i think he is the camarea guy
blksurferdude: not sure
Cards39: bye guys
blksurferdude: But reall good job cards
FishyCat24: bye
blksurferdude: later Mon
RaveMaster4321: bye
blksurferdude: Gam is a freaking joke artist dude
blksurferdude: every1 elese is like cool
pacashe109: clear is to clear and it pisses me off lol
blksurferdude: LOL
pacashe109: so if we lose who we all voting lol
thesavvyguy9: that would be difficult
pacashe109: should we roll dice lowest number?
thesavvyguy9: we all are active and good teammates
blksurferdude: yeah
pacashe109: i call going 3rd
pacashe109: ok well im gonna roll now cus i gtg
pacashe109: /roll
OnlineHost: pacashe109 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 5
pacashe109: no 6 lol
OnlineHost: thesavvyguy9 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 3
pacashe109: whew
blksurferdude: /roll
thesavvyguy9: lol that sucks
pacashe109: "//roll"
blksurferdude: roll
OnlineHost: blksurferdude rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 6
blksurferdude: yes
FishyCat24: what are we rolling?
pacashe109: rave
blksurferdude: i got a 11
thesavvyguy9: are we seriously doing this for real?
pacashe109: yeah
blksurferdude: i am not going
thesavvyguy9: well I'm gone
RaveMaster4321: thats stupid
blksurferdude: not yet
blksurferdude: rave roll
FishyCat24: what are we rolling for?
RaveMaster4321: wtf
blksurferdude: to see who goes home
RaveMaster4321: OMG
RaveMaster4321: R U SERIOUS
blksurferdude: savy ahs the lowest with 5
thesavvyguy9: it looks like me...
FishyCat24: what are u talking about this was a reward
FishyCat24: not immunity
RaveMaster4321: for real
blksurferdude: for next time
RaveMaster4321: NO
OnlineHost: blksurferdude rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 3
FishyCat24: no way i dont agree with that
pacashe109: i was joking lol
OnlineHost: blksurferdude rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 6
RaveMaster4321: neither do i
OnlineHost: blksurferdude rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 1
pacashe109: but anyways i gtg
FishyCat24: well blk takes things very seriously
blksurferdude: i am glater guys
thesavvyguy9: whew... I didn't want to get voted out
pacashe109: we were kidding well i was atleast
thesavvyguy9: lol
blksurferdude: i thought we were serious
pacashe109: u should saw ur self savvyu
pacashe109: well peace
blksurferdude: lol
RaveMaster4321: why would we do that
blksurferdude: i dont know
RaveMaster4321: do u guys think were gonna lose tomorrow
blksurferdude: why wouldnt we
blksurferdude: i dont
FishyCat24: no
thesavvyguy9: we'll try our best like we always do
RaveMaster4321: ok then
RaveMaster4321: but rollinga die is beligerent
FishyCat24: and crazy
blksurferdude: i think i already know who i am voting for
mmxsuperfan: v.v
OnlineHost: blksurferdude rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 6
blksurferdude: 11 again
blksurferdude: this si fun
OnlineHost: blksurferdude rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 6
thesavvyguy9: lol it isn't fun when you roll a five and everyone is serious about it
blksurferdude: lol
thesavvyguy9: this will be funny if this is what they get for their reward... this chat
thesavvyguy9: lol
FishyCat24: well i think any chat we send the host
blksurferdude: lol
FishyCat24: might be sent to the other team
RaveMaster4321: ttyl
thesavvyguy9: bye
blksurferdude: hey guys lets kick *** tomorrow
thesavvyguy9: lol
FishyCat24: see u guys later
thesavvyguy9: definately
blksurferdude: later fishy
blksurferdude: later guys
thesavvyguy9: bye
thesavvyguy9: just us two left
mmxsuperfan: Hm
mmxsuperfan: Who do you think should go
thesavvyguy9: I'm not sure
mmxsuperfan: Well right now, who do you think. Off the top of your head
thesavvyguy9: Ecukid didn't show up
thesavvyguy9: and blksurferdude is a little crazy and I can see him sometimes being
detrimental to have in certain challenges
mmxsuperfan: Yea, I don't really like him
thesavvyguy9: well since we are being honest now... do you and Rave have a deal?
thesavvyguy9: the only reason I ask is because didn't he give you Immunity?
mmxsuperfan: We have no deal. I have no deals with anyone
thesavvyguy9: thats cool
thesavvyguy9: same goes with me
mmxsuperfan: Everytime I make deals I'm screwed
thesavvyguy9: We should probably keep each other informed if we hear something
about TC
mmxsuperfan: Okay
thesavvyguy9: since it looks like we were a little late to jump on the alliance
thesavvyguy9: lol
mmxsuperfan: Heh
thesavvyguy9: so what other seasons have you been in?
mmxsuperfan: 3,4,5,6,8,9,10
thesavvyguy9: wow... your an all star and then some
thesavvyguy9: lol
mmxsuperfan: heh
thesavvyguy9: I was in 9
thesavvyguy9: Yasur
thesavvyguy9: were you Lopevi?
mmxsuperfan: no
thesavvyguy9: omg we were on the same tribe in 9 and I didn't realize it
thesavvyguy9: lol shows you how good I was in that season
mmxsuperfan: heh
thesavvyguy9: I was the one who got eliminated
thesavvyguy9: I had lifeguarding cl***es during most of guy's meetings
thesavvyguy9: good thing that is over
mmxsuperfan: I have Baseball
thesavvyguy9: I totally understand... I get busy with school and stuff and sometimes it
is a pain doing this.
thesavvyguy9: lol
mmxsuperfan: heh
thesavvyguy9: I like sticking around after everyone else has left... it seems so
mmxsuperfan: Except for that annoying cameraman
thesavvyguy9: you know this is going to be in bold print in Ep2 of this
thesavvyguy9: lol
mmxsuperfan: lol
thesavvyguy9: so what do you think of Rave?
mmxsuperfan: I don't know
mmxsuperfan: Talking to him now
thesavvyguy9: I think he is one of our better players
mmxsuperfan: Yea
thesavvyguy9: him and Fishy seem very smart
thesavvyguy9: which will be good for the challenges
thesavvyguy9: too bad I can't say the same for PA and blksurfer
thesavvyguy9: lol
mmxsuperfan: I don't like blk
thesavvyguy9: he is definately the village idiot in this tribe
thesavvyguy9: lol
mmxsuperfan: XD
thesavvyguy9: I'm going to go watch the Inferno 2 now
thesavvyguy9: I'll ttyl though
mmxsuperfan: later
thesavvyguy9: this has been an... interesting chat
thesavvyguy9: lol
mmxsuperfan: very
mmxsuperfan: XD
thesavvyguy9: hey
FishyCat24: hi
thesavvyguy9: I finally got mmx outta here so we can chat
thesavvyguy9: :-)
thesavvyguy9: so... what happens if we lose tomorrow?
FishyCat24: i dont know
thesavvyguy9: well we know blksurferdude is going after mmx
thesavvyguy9: if we join in... that would be 3
FishyCat24: what do u want to do
thesavvyguy9: so blk, me and you vote for mmx... then mmx, rave, cards, and ecu
still have votes
thesavvyguy9: we would have 3/7
FishyCat24: i have to go for a bit i will talk withu later
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thesavvyguy9: back so soon?
thesavvyguy9: lol
FishyCat24: lol i have a few more mins
thesavvyguy9: aright lets get down to business... I think we should make an alliance
thesavvyguy9: what do you say?
FishyCat24: i dont think anyone else has one
thesavvyguy9: you don't want one?
FishyCat24: its to soon top have an alliance
FishyCat24: I'm shocked you would even ask me for an alliance before getting to know
thesavvyguy9: Well if that's how it is then fine! If your not with me your against me.
FishyCat24: what
FishyCat24: lol i just said get to know me
thesavvyguy9: Next chance I get I'm going to vote you out!
thesavvyguy9: ***hole


thesavvyguy9: we were talking about what might happen if we lose a challenge
thesavvyguy9: Rave has apparently been plotting to get me out
thesavvyguy9: I think he might approach you guys about it sometime... but I think we should just stick to the plan and vote out the most inactive player
FishyCat24: so then we tell rave ok and do something else?
thesavvyguy9: if he askes you if your interested in voting me out... just tell him yes
thesavvyguy9: if you all tell him no he will panick and cause more problems
thesavvyguy9: the way I see it... we have 4 sure votes for mmx here right?
FishyCat24: ill vote mmx
thesavvyguy9: okay cool
thesavvyguy9: so the worst that could happen is that we tie
thesavvyguy9: 4-4
Cards39: and superfan has more votes
thesavvyguy9: that's right
thesavvyguy9: but if you want my honest opinion... we won't need to worry about this for awhile
thesavvyguy9: we are going to try our best tomorrow... and beat Koror
Cards39: we almost had them today too
thesavvyguy9: gosh I hate how arrogant they get at challenges
thesavvyguy9: YES! Pharoh was trying to IM people from our team when it was their turn to answer a trivia question!
thesavvyguy9: that isn't good gamesmanship
blksurferdude: i know
thesavvyguy9: well they must have figured that they coudn't have beaten us without cheating
FishyCat24: silly poops that they are
thesavvyguy9: Cards... you were on a role
Cards39: i had a brain splurge for that challenge haha
thesavvyguy9: I loved it when I said that there was a new Penguin, and he is on Ulong
thesavvyguy9: he HATED that
thesavvyguy9: I could tell
thesavvyguy9: he'll be one to watch out for if he makes the merge
Cards39: i agree
blksurferdude: yeah
thesavvyguy9: I can already tell there is not going to be much love at the merger... I want to see all of them gone
Cards39: they all seem so arrogant
thesavvyguy9: I know!
thesavvyguy9: it's like cut us a break
blksurferdude: we need to win some challenges
FishyCat24: we will clean the floor with them at tomms challenge
Cards39: definitely