{Actual Date}-{June 9, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{11/89}


FishyCat24 has entered the room.
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RaveMaster4321: i hope pacashe starts showing up
ecukid1983: yeah me too
blksurferdude: yeah
thesavvyguy9: yeah... I wonder if he can get out of the 50% participation
FishyCat24: i fith that
ecukid1983: if he shows up for all of next week he can


ecukid1983: well all our challenges have been close except the first one. maybe since all the dead weight is gone now we will start winning challenges. we still have one semi disposable person on the tribe but i know pas is a strong asset so i hope he shows.
FishyCat24: as long as we are a tight tribe is all good for now
ecukid1983: gambluh ask too many question
ecukid1983: s
FishyCat24: i am sure our host will surprise us with a tribe switch before we see a merge
blksurferdude: i six that
blksurferdude: i hate gam
blksurferdude: he was like i am going home
blksurferdude: bye blk
blksurferdude: he thinks eevry1 hates me
thesavvyguy9: we need to make Koror lose some players now
thesavvyguy9: I'm sick of them
ecukid1983: i 2nd that
FishyCat24: i third it
ecukid1983: lol fish
Cards39: me too
ecukid1983: all in unison
blksurferdude: yeah
blksurferdude: brb
FishyCat24: so is only day six
FishyCat24: i was like its seems like is been 2 weeks
FishyCat24: u think we will meet over the wekend?
FishyCat24: i want to work OverTime
RaveMaster4321: lmao
RaveMaster4321: yeah
ecukid1983: actually its been two weeks for us
FishyCat24: i dont mind
FishyCat24: i think he wants to make it like the real survivor
FishyCat24: every thursday someone goes home
FishyCat24: so far is been mmx
RaveMaster4321: prolly
FishyCat24: and i forget who else
ecukid1983: yeah dampe
FishyCat24: yep dampe
thesavvyguy9: you guys wonder if Guy is going to follow the real show and keep us in our tribes for 2 more vote offs... then do the double TC twist?
thesavvyguy9: that's what happened in Palau
FishyCat24: we need to win the next 2 challenges for immunity
FishyCat24: so we are even
thesavvyguy9: yeah... to catch up
Cards39: for sure
ecukid1983: most definitely
FishyCat24: :-)
ecukid1983: awesome
RaveMaster4321: yeah
ecukid1983: great
Cards39: i'm gonna go to bed guys
ecukid1983: ok ttyl
Cards39: ttyl
FishyCat24: nite
ecukid1983: have a good night
ecukid1983: quiet in here
FishyCat24: lol
FishyCat24: si
RaveMaster4321: sry im working on my spanish class lol
ecukid1983: oh thats cool
FishyCat24: guess everyone is tired
ecukid1983: haha yeah
RaveMaster4321: yeah
ecukid1983: j/w
RaveMaster4321: well im gonna go so ill tlk to u guys later
ecukid1983: ok bye
FishyCat24: bye
thesavvyguy9: bye Rave
RaveMaster4321: gnighty my fellow tribe mates
ecukid1983: later dude
FishyCat24: im out
ecukid1983: ok fishy
FishyCat24: u can im me if u want
FishyCat24: :-D
thesavvyguy9: same for me
ecukid1983: lol ok
thesavvyguy9: see ya guys
ecukid1983: laater
ecukid1983: everyones going to bed
ecukid1983: just about to go bye