{Actual Date}-{June 15, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{17/89}


Clearwater88 has entered the room.
Dogdude84 has entered the room.
JohnFatty has entered the room.
Gambluh2007 has entered the room.
iamalwaysthemole has entered the room.
JohnFatty: what happened?
Dogdude84: sorry guys, if i hadn't been eliminated we coulda won
Gambluh2007: dog i knocked out bri, dont worry bout it
iamalwaysthemole: and then I was by myself
Clearwater88: Sorry for being pissy and not active
Clearwater88: I have exams this week
JohnFatty: no excuse actually.
JohnFatty: we need to be a TEAM Clear.
lil evil BRIAN has entered the room.
lil evil BRIAN: Everyone.
lil evil BRIAN: I'm going to talk to you all at once and let you know.
lil evil BRIAN: That so everyone can survivor Tribal, just vote me out.
Gambluh2007: why?
Dogdude84: why!?
lil evil BRIAN: Because, in a few weeks i will be going on vacation, though I told Guy I could go on computer over there, which i probally can
lil evil BRIAN: There can be times I cant come, and that can hold us back
lil evil BRIAN: and cause annoying problems of me being inactive.
Dogdude84: but will vote out an inactive
iamalwaysthemole: that isn't for a few weeks
Dogdude84: and not you
lil evil BRIAN: I leave on July 3
lil evil BRIAN: I come back on August 16
JohnFatty: so stay until you have to leave. stupid to get rid of you now.
iamalwaysthemole: oh
Dogdude84: brb
Gambluh2007: Can everyone do me a favor if its possible
JohnFatty: what's up?
lil evil BRIAN: My mom is also really excited about it, and she hates how im on computer.
lil evil BRIAN: if im over there...
lil evil BRIAN: bleh.
Gambluh2007: If you get an IM from Blk, just warn him till you cant no more?
Clearwater88: John
Clearwater88: stop being so hostile.
Clearwater88: I am not the reason you suck, thanks.
JohnFatty: i'm not. i'm being realistic.
Clearwater88: You were eliminated.
Clearwater88: if anyone PLAYING complained
Clearwater88: I would care.
JohnFatty: and honestly, i'm not picking a fight so i'll take the high road and not saying anything else.
Clearwater88: good.
Gambluh2007: Remember if we fight, then we lower ourselves to Ulongs level
lil evil BRIAN: Ulong sucks
lil evil BRIAN: we dont want to suck
Clearwater88: bbl
Gambluh2007: They one the first out of like 6 challanges, let them feed on one
Dogdude84: hey all
lil evil BRIAN has left the room.
Dogdude84 has left the room.
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