{Actual Date}-{June 27, 2005}
{Actual Day}-{29/89}






iamalwaysthemole: hopefully you guys think that my comments are funny instead of stupid and annoying lol



I waited since day one to do this to you and i'm so happy and proud to say "get out!"

Dogdude84: whee my first vote *takes a polaroid*
Ppenguin757: its not tho is it?
Ppenguin757: want it in OLS 4?
Dogdude84: i meant in 10
Ppenguin757: oh lol
Dogdude84: but yeah my first was in 4



Ppenguin757: I rmemeber my first vote was for...
Ppenguin757: wait...
Ppenguin757: wait
Ppenguin757: wait
Ppenguin757: it's coming
Dogdude84: lol you seem constipated
Ppenguin757: it's there
Dogdude84: yay all better
Ppenguin757: S...
Ppenguin757: something



Pharaoh, I have been cautious of you since day one. I thought you were Prince, as did some other people. You blabbed to Gambluh about me thinking about giving the ax to John, which WAS my plan tonight. I can't believe I actually voted to suspend this rule, and if it screws me over...well I'm a dumbass. Hopefully, people will keep their word. This vote will show a lot about the tribe. Let's just call you the sacrificial sheep, the lab rat, to see how this plays out. Sorry :-(. And if you were Prince...HA! Scumbag. If not, sorry and disreagard that. <3



Survivor Guy 886: I'LL GO TALLY THE VOTES